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Not great conditions. Got a right on the surf cam. Saw the Christmas tree. Lastly: saw a group of hippies playing guitar as their rooster on a leash cock-a-doodled. OB never disappoints.

Eddie Nuñez

I miss Ed sometimes.

He’s laid to rest at Glen Abbey Memorial Park & Cemetery and I keep meaning to get down there again.

I took a photo of it back in 2014 and forgot I did. But here it is in the blog. I was oblique about it, and didn’t include his name. I regret that, but I’m glad I took it to begin with.

And I had also forgotten that I wrote about it in 2005: Eddie & Comic-Con.

The world is a mess and things are hard for so many and I am so grateful to have Kelly in my life and we can steal away to Coronado for an afternoon along with Gwen.

Session where I see a surfing dog is a good session. #surfingdog #sandiego #obvibes

It’s a nice surprise to notice my dad’s features in my face.

Current Musical Obsession: Lawrence

The band Lawrence on heavy rotation for me. Why? I don’t know, really. I do like soul and funk. I do like a girl singer, and it has that in Gracie Lawrence. I dig the piano of Clyde Lawrence–maybe the sound reminds me of Billy Preston a bit? I’m not really smart about unpacking why something hits my ear and brain and heart in a particular way. The lead two players of Lawrence are brother and sister, which I think blunts the effect of of songs which are duets as necessarily romantic. They are more cooperative. Songs as “conversation,” maybe.

I’m no music critic.

I think their live (live and taped?) performances on YouTube–“Acoustic-ish”–are what sold me. Earnest, guileless, but somehow still smart. It’s absolutely a performance–and of course every performance is a contrivance by its nature–but the sometimes-Gospel-level intensity hits me in my heart.

Give a listen, have a watch:

23 / latest “single”


Don’t Lose Sight

deja vu / (Olivia Rodrigo cover)

i’m confident that i’m insecure / the one I saw first

And don’t lose sight, baby, don’t lose sight

Pre-rain, the sunset was good at OB.

PB lunchtime.

Today’s big wave session I grabbed a preview of last night.