this is the website of joe crawford. code. occasional comics. toy robots. san diego.

Joe Crawford

Hello there. Welcome to I’m Joe Crawford and this is my personal webspace. There’s lots to do and see. Much of what’s new you can look at on the blog. You could also follow me on instagram or twitter.

You can look at various work on my Portfolio. I also have a Resume here.

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Ancient history fun facts. In 1979 I was in a bad movie called Up From The Depths. In love the Amiga, particularly I loved DPaint. I did graphics by doing CALL CHAR() statements in TI-BASIC on my TI-99/4a. I can use any computer. Sometimes I have written, I’ve been interviewed and quoted and even been on the radio. I was in a book about a book about Flash. I have been working on my emotional intelligence for a long time and try to be a better communicator. I’m not a good communicator, but I know that year-over-year I’m a better communicator.

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