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little picture of me Before going any further, please read the FAQ.

Q:  What the heck does ArtLung mean?
A:  Artist + Respiratory Therapist = ArtLung

Q:  But you call yourself a web designer now?
A:  Indeed I do.

Q:  But then, shouldn't you change it to ArtWeb
      or something more appropriate?
A:  No, because I'm ArtLung.

I'm Joe Crawford, and this is my "home page." I can just hear you saying to yourself, "Great, just what the web needs: another page of a guy and a picture of his cat Fluffy, his bad love poetry and his kewl links!"

Get that out of your head. I have no cat. Well, technically a cat resides in my home, but it's not my cat per se. He's quite cute, I assure you, but you shan't see a picture of him here. You may encounter an extraterrestrial cat, but I don't count felinus alienis.

This is a presentation and communications space for me. A way to display my talents and skills. It's also a great way to meet strange and interesting people.

I know that for some of you, this is one of the first pages you've ever seen. (Note: This means members of my family). So here's a small primer on using web pages.

The menu in the upper left corner is the navigation, a means to get from place to place. Go ahead and click part of it. You can't break anything in here. These pages live on a computer connected to the internet. You are also using a computer connected to the internet. Very democratic, don't you think? Anyway, hit the "home" button to get back here at any time. Cool eh?

Here are the high points:

  • On your first visit, read the newcomer page. It'll tell you a bit more about how these pages came to be. It also includes some ranting about the web which you may find diverting.

  • Want to get personal? Check the biography page. I don't intend it to be narcissistic. I swear. Really. No, really. Hey, if you don't like it, put up your own page. It's easier than you think.

  • Favorite sites is very bookmarkable. Lots of links to worthwhile content. Interesting, useful, silly, fun. It's the only true exit from my Space Age Pupusería.

  • Offering me work? Check out the resume. Facts are simple and facts are straight.

  • My portfolio is fun, I hope. Lots to see. If there's any content here - it's on these pages.

  • I welcome comments, suggestions, insults, and tirades. Flaming is optional, as is whining.

    Send electronic mail to or artlung@earthlink.net. Don't be shy! I enjoy getting email.

So again, welcome, and please remember to keeps your hands and feet inside the car at all times!

An artist must breathe.

This site and all images contained herein are copyrighted.

©1997 Joe Crawford

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