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So tonight Jenny and I are watching TV. 2001 Apr 22

So tonight Jenny and I are watching TV. It’s a special on PBS.

Quite good, and all about the human genome.

So they start talking about cystic fibrosis – a genetic disease which wreaks havoc on the lungs and body of those who have it. Very awful, and something I would occasionally deal with back when I was still a Respiratory Therapist.

Now, the interesting part comes when we hear the a person who has this disease of CF mention that she lost four pounds overnight. my wife hears this and tosses off a “I would love to lose four pounds overnight.”

My reply is, “no you don’t want to lose four pounds with…” and here I think. “CF” but when I say it out loud it is expanded to “Cold Fusion.” Cold Fusion is a web programming language.

This is the moment I realize that inhabiting my skull is no longer the brain of a Respiratory Therapist. It is now occupied full time by a Web Developer.

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