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The other day I watched Stop Making Sense 2001 May 21

The other day I watched Stop Making Sense [buy | learn about] on DVD.

I had not seen the movie in a while. I do have a VHS videocassette version, but have not whipped it out for maybe 2 years.

I was struck, on the additional commentary track, bu the naivete of the artists, and of Jonathan Demme, the Director. Perhaps they were indulging in nostalgia, but it sounds like a project that was fun to make. It was great to hear the thoughts of the participants, these many years later. It’s stunning to me that it’s 17 years old now. I can vividly remember being in my local Tower Records and wanting to buy it, but not having the money for it.

Talking Heads were a remarkable band, for their ingenuity and originality.

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