I picked something else up at Comic-Con. 2001 Jul 27

I picked something else up at Comic-Con. Something not sanctioned by Lucasfilm Ltd.

These three articles are hilarious. But they do not do The Star Wars Holiday Special justice. It’s much much worse.

As the credits rolled and Bea Arthur and Harvey Korman and Art Carney rolled, I started uncontrollably laughing at the thinking behind the special. Essentially they crammed The Star Wars Phenomenon into the 1970’s Variety Format. And the end result is long, disturbing, and just silly.

And I will not be accepting that Chewbacca has a son named Lumpy. Or that his father is named Itchy. This is not part of the Star Wars Canon.

Jenny and have watched about 40 minutes of it so far. We’re trying to pace ourselves. We feel prolonged exposure may result in health problems.

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