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Tuesday 01 Jan 2002
One of my favorite computing environments was my Amiga 1000…
Spam Note
Roast a Pig!
Wednesday 02 Jan 2002
New Lab Item:
Ava South emailed me some kind comments recently…
For no reason in particular:
Fun facts!
How Islam Lost Its Way:
Thursday 03 Jan 2002
For San Diegans: Residential Electronics Recycling Day is this Saturday
For Screenwriters:
Mage: The Movie?
For Geeks:
Griffith Observatory will get a massive refit!
Embed a time capsule in cockroach DNA…
Saturday 05 Jan 2002
Spellpunk and Family Ties
Sunday 06 Jan 2002
That felt good.
Monday 07 Jan 2002
Re: Apple Hype
Quote of the Day:
Neat rumors about a third version of Blade Runner…
Tuesday 08 Jan 2002
Silly Scrollbars:
Cookie Monster:
Powerpoint Makes A Difference!
Quote of the Day
Pranzo con Kynn a Filippi’s
Mr. Ché
Wednesday 09 Jan 2002
Alton Brown Grab Bag!
Thursday 10 Jan 2002
Book Review from Salon of Dot…
Lyrics of the Day: Cheepnis and Village of the Sun
Friday 11 Jan 2002
Saturday 12 Jan 2002
Who doesn’t love a cheesy mustache?
She’s Crafty
Why haven’t I been to San Diego’s Apple Store yet?
A history of weblogs…
Scott Shaw!’s ODDBALL COMICS is cool…
Sunday 13 Jan 2002
From crazy Sassy: VBScript API listing Script…
The GPS Personal Locator for Children is straight out of Bruce Sterling…
Ancient JavaScript Drawing Experiments
Ancient DTD Hacking
Monday 14 Jan 2002
Tuesday 15 Jan 2002
Continuous Quality Improvement:
Wednesday 16 Jan 2002
Salt Lake City Olympics Website Accessibility: Oops.
Was up too late last night…
Google in Person! Jealous?
Thursday 17 Jan 2002
Representations of Paths in Time and Space
My Beard Is Blue
Friday 18 Jan 2002
My Beard Is Blue 2: Electric Boogaloo
Nervous Energy Galore: document.getElementById
Saturday 19 Jan 2002
Dead AirPort
Sunday 20 Jan 2002
Live from Apple Store San Diego
Ronny Vardy Fan Site
They’re not booing…
Monday 21 Jan 2002
My page for Jennifer gets a makeover this morning…
Don’t be a passive media consumer, be active!
Tuesday 22 Jan 2002
Time management. Do as I say not as I do
Wednesday 23 Jan 2002
me so sleepy. me program long time.
Opera Issue Licked!
Friday 25 Jan 2002
Racquetball Championships on ESPN in February
iSwitch …
Tom Tomorrow, blogging
Saturday 26 Jan 2002
It just don’t get any better than this
Tamales Ancira’s
Sunday 27 Jan 2002
Search Engine Upgrade to ht://Dig
Monday 28 Jan 2002
Surveillance State
Mr. President, Help Me Understand
Sinus Bushycardia
Tuesday 29 Jan 2002
Music Mutations
Wednesday 30 Jan 2002
Splash, Header, Sleep
Tamales Ancira Contact Information
Thursday 31 Jan 2002
Fun Fact
Friday 01 Feb 2002
Talking Heads, Live
Our Cold war legacy…
VersionTracker for Windows
Saturday 02 Feb 2002
MSN Slate on Enron
Christina’s New Piercing…
Lyrics of the Day
Thanks for the Bug Reports!
Sunday 03 Feb 2002
San Diego Blog
Zeldman asks:
Monday 04 Feb 2002
Libro de Kynn
BeOS meets OSX
Tuesday 05 Feb 2002
Racquetball Update
Wednesday 06 Feb 2002
Lunch/Stew/Mechanical Ventilation/Dark Knight 2/San Diego Bloggers
Open Source TextAds
Thursday 07 Feb 2002
Hello I Must Be Going!
Ronny Vardy Update
Friday 08 Feb 2002
New Splash
Mark Your Calendars
Saturday 09 Feb 2002
Lyrics of the Say…
Monday 11 Feb 2002
Over the weekend I did almost no blogging and got an amazing amount of crud done…
I’m checking out BlogApp on MacOS X…
Tuesday 12 Feb 2002
Phil Greenspun, Bad Examples, and the demise of ArsDigita
How Does Alwin Manage To Find Stuff That Tickles My Neurons?
Wednesday 13 Feb 2002
Sports Term of the Day
Screen Rulers! (native for MacOS X!)
Thursday 14 Feb 2002
Happy Birthday & Happy Valentine’s Day Jenny!
Friday 15 Feb 2002
You can’t make this stuff up.
We neither have, nor need, any stinking badges.
Sunday 17 Feb 2002
Irresistably Charming Photograph
Dare I step my toe into usenet?
Monday 18 Feb 2002
According to Macintouch…
The third person (besides me) using the San Diego Bloggers badge is nerd boy mikey…
On February 19…
Tuesday 19 Feb 2002
Wednesday 20 Feb 2002
Leavin’, on a jet plane.
It’s a badge morning!
Hoi Polloi Linking; Badge Update; More to Come.
Thursday 21 Feb 2002
Referers Madness
Civil Liberties Quote of the Day
Referer vs. Referrer, Part II.
My big ol’ head…
Preach it Brotha!
She’s Talking About Me!
Friday 22 Feb 2002
Terrorist -> Hippy
On a somber note.
Saturday 23 Feb 2002
Bebe Advertisements Site Updated and Moved.
The Long Con: Enron.
Sunday 24 Feb 2002
I have a Bacon number of 3.
My Favorite Characters from Fiction.
New Header
Monday 25 Feb 2002
Puzzles without Pictures
Tuesday 26 Feb 2002
From rini…
Mothers of Invention Ticket
Building a Giant Gameboy » Gameman!
AnswerBus is to AskJeeves as Google is to AltaVista?
Wednesday 27 Feb 2002
Happy Birthday Mike!
“A sufficiently advanced Google search is indistinguishable from magic.”
Friday 01 Mar 2002
Christina Wins Grammy, Looks Cute
Cool CF Variable I didn’t know about before today.
Enron Ethics Manual
Sunday 03 Mar 2002
Mix it up, Cartoon Network.
Bill Rini has a smart take on slashdot’s move to subscriptions.
New Bebe Ads Added
New Words
Tuesday 05 Mar 2002
Virtual Light
Read it. Learn it. Live it.
I’m not saying I told you so, but I told you so.
Wednesday 06 Mar 2002
New Silly Lab Item.
Thursday 07 Mar 2002
History of Flash
Friday 08 Mar 2002
San Diego Blog Update.
Sunday 10 Mar 2002
…the right of the people peaceably to assemble…
Monday 11 Mar 2002
What I passed along in April of last year…
Tuesday 12 Mar 2002
More on Moore in San Diego
This piece about Talking Heads and The Ramones made me a little weepy…
Boxes and Arrows…
Thursday 14 Mar 2002
Can’t do nuttin’ for ya man
Friday 15 Mar 2002
Old Home Weekend
Some Great Photos
Lab Update!
MacOS X from a Linux and OSS Perspective
It’s a Party!
Monday 18 Mar 2002
Left Las Vegas
Ronny Vardy Update!
Quoted in San Diego Daily Transcript; Note on Being a Resource
Tuesday 19 Mar 2002
Regional/City Blog Lists
Wednesday 20 Mar 2002
Useless Information About My B-Day
Friday 22 Mar 2002
New Header
Saturday 23 Mar 2002
Cavalcade of Cartoon Network Commentary.
Over-engineering = The Enemy
Sunday 24 Mar 2002
I am hard pressed to think of a more delightful application…
via Mark Martin…
New badge at san diego bloggers…
geek out!
Jamie Zawinski has an interesting take…
Monday 25 Mar 2002
Some time ago I asked about net libel and defamation…
I wonder…
The song most on my mind in the past 96 hours is…
San Diego Blogger Slashdotted!
Wednesday 27 Mar 2002
Geek Out Brain Dump!
Thursday 28 Mar 2002
Have I mentioned that I think the show Samurai Jack is gorgeous?
San Diego Neighborhoods Map…
Hmmm …
Information graphics do make a difference…
Betty Page…
Volunteer San Diego…
User Interface Misunderstanding in Battle
Friday 29 Mar 2002
One of My Favorite Links to ArtLung.com…
Sunday 31 Mar 2002
a great simple design
Excellent use of the web
Tuesday 02 Apr 2002
If I biked:
Unsent mail, private thoughts.
Wednesday 03 Apr 2002
This is an interesting story on teaching teenage criminals
Bowl Noodle
More Lindows
Thursday 04 Apr 2002
Ramble about Vince
Instant addition to the sidebar: ADVOGATO
Friday 05 Apr 2002
Welcome Pixel Viewers!
Saturday 06 Apr 2002
Lines & Grauman’s & Unintended Consequences
Sunday 07 Apr 2002
Thanks For The Plugs!
The linkilicious Radical Bender’s…
This nostalgic piece on the Amiga
I’ve updated the words section of the site.
What, Politics? Me?
No Maps for These Territories
Tuesday 09 Apr 2002
Housekeeping & Miscellany
Wednesday 10 Apr 2002
only for Jenny…
Apple CEO Gil Amelio to speak in San Diego
David Hasselhoff
Lindows Sneak Preview 2 is available.
Gateway launches campaign for rights in digital music.
Thursday 11 Apr 2002
Slideshow Plus is a new lab item. Enjoy!
My DVD copy of the William Gibson documentary…
Spinhead’s egbdf.info is shaping up
Friday 12 Apr 2002
Friday’s Useless Musings
Sunday 14 Apr 2002
Lyric of the Day, From Mr. Zappa, 1973 or so.
Tuesday 16 Apr 2002
Bebe Update!
New Audio!
New Smorgasborg Item; Etc.
Friday 19 Apr 2002
San Diego Jobs! Meet Anita!
Saturday 20 Apr 2002
it is a small world
Another Stew Transcription!
And yet more Stew!
Sunday 21 Apr 2002
Quotes of the Moment
How kooky is it that my San Diego Bloggers page is #4 in a google search for bloggers?
Quote of the Day
I’m watching Tammy Bruce (discussing her book)on C-SPAN
Monday 22 Apr 2002
Random Thought Last Night:
PMRC Too-Redux’d; Read More About It!
Wednesday 24 Apr 2002
In Brief
Splash Page Redesign!
Thursday 25 Apr 2002
Sign O’ The Times
Friday 26 Apr 2002
Christina Update
I just realized I can do spellcheck in Pine
Saturday 27 Apr 2002
Sunday 28 Apr 2002
Can’t stop transcribin’:
Law & Order: Kaycee Nicole
Monday 29 Apr 2002
Lone Wolf and Cub
Something from an interview with Harry Shearer, from March 2002:
Mmm, SOAPy
Jenny’s New Shirt. Cute!
Tuesday 30 Apr 2002
John Dean…
Wednesday 01 May 2002
The word of the day for Monday was: cuckold.
Stray Lyrics, from Talking Heads:
Went to see Tenacious D and the Strokes tonight with Jenny and Ewon.
Whoa, cool
Oh that Rini!
Cool find of the day: adflip.com
Thursday 02 May 2002
Stakes is high.
Word of the Day:
Friday 03 May 2002
Chinese Search
Group Participation Time!
Lyric of the day, transcribed
Saturday 04 May 2002
Heavy Duty Judy
Monday 06 May 2002
separation; submerge into work; avoid sobbing
The efficiency of this call…
Some Stray Links On Avoiding Landmines In Sending Commercial Email
good article on politics and the internet:
Tuesday 07 May 2002
Some Mac Stuff
Update From Hell
Wednesday 08 May 2002
Losing it
In Brief
Thursday 09 May 2002
Why, that’s almost Zen!
Why My Sister Rocks, ’02
new badge wearer!
memory lane
Friday 10 May 2002
Sunday 12 May 2002
Things Are Tough; Stuff For Sale
Monday 13 May 2002
Occupying My Mind
Breaking The News
Wednesday 15 May 2002
Non-Depressing Stuff — Data Modelling With Rudy!
Bruce Sterling on Star Wars
Thursday 16 May 2002
Me, Now.
Friday 17 May 2002
According to Beth Hansen on 5/15/2002…
Psychosocial Update
Monday 20 May 2002
I want something I did last night to be understood.
Tuesday 21 May 2002
Tuesday 28 May 2002
Tomorrow’s Trip
Thursday 30 May 2002
Bowling for Columbine
Unsent Email
Meow. Mow? Rowr? Meowr! MOW!
Fellow Terrorist/Blogger/Webbie
Back to Work Today
Friday 31 May 2002
New News
Third Best Comic Book Store Ever
Sunday 02 Jun 2002
The Weekend Update
from the archives
Tuesday 04 Jun 2002
Comics Retailing Contender?
May pal Ewon sent me this link
Matt “Mr. Community” Haughey
Early to bed, early to rise? /or/ Decisions
More Archeology. A Baby Picture.
Wednesday 05 Jun 2002
A Typography Blog …
Biometrics: Just as hackable as other authentication
From The Dead Letter Department
Thursday 06 Jun 2002
More Archaeology
Saturday 08 Jun 2002
Bagels & Lox
Sunday 09 Jun 2002
Today’s Archaeology: Virtual World
Bleeding All Over The Place by Randy Newman
Sorting IP Addresses in SQL
Tuesday 11 Jun 2002
Update; Comics
Wednesday 12 Jun 2002
Archeology: 1996: When I was a Respiratory Therapist
Thursday 13 Jun 2002
Muse, warm and serene!
Friday 14 Jun 2002
Rediscovering how great Matthew Sweet’s Girlfriend is…
Saturday 15 Jun 2002
Sunday 16 Jun 2002
Today was a wonderful day.
Monday 17 Jun 2002
Letting Go Of The Cat
MSIE 5.2 for Macintosh
Lyric of the Day
Tuesday 18 Jun 2002
Gato has left the building
Thursday 20 Jun 2002
The lyrics to CAT PEOPLE [PUTTING OUT FIRE] are perfectly apt for yesterday night:
Java, Pascal Classes; Fall 1998; Becoming
The Word for Yesterday:
Friday 21 Jun 2002
Quote of the Day
Mixtape Moment
Saturday 22 Jun 2002
A Beautiful Day
Monday 24 Jun 2002
Tuesday 25 Jun 2002
Thursday 27 Jun 2002
Shoe Photoshop
the best blog on earth
Friday 28 Jun 2002
Summertime, and the living’s…
Tuesday 02 Jul 2002
Apple acquires eMagic
San Diego Bloggers – Big Update!
Goodbye, Ché
Thursday 04 Jul 2002
Something silly looking…
Sunday 07 Jul 2002
Dial-up in the morning
Tuesday 09 Jul 2002
Respiratory Things
Wednesday 10 Jul 2002
Quake for the Blind
Brief Personal Update
Thursday 11 Jul 2002
Even more new Blogs
Syd Mead News
Rudy’s Rules: Words to Live By
Hinting at the roiling boil of my life
Sunday 14 Jul 2002
Everything Has Changed. Topsy Turvydom.
From a friend.
Monday 15 Jul 2002
Tuesday 16 Jul 2002
Not sure whether to laugh or cry about this…
For Sassy
Testing. Testing. 1.2.3.
Another test…
Dirk is doing pre-show banter…
Being referred to now…
Wednesday 17 Jul 2002
The radio thing went well…
Radio Followup — Email | Phone | Web
Back in a few
Friday 19 Jul 2002
Greetings from Maui
Monday 22 Jul 2002
Hawai’i and Memories
Thursday 25 Jul 2002
Back. Tired.
Welcome Black
Amazon.com Web Services
A Picture Of Me From Waikoloa
Friday 26 Jul 2002
Radio Appearance Posted!
Saturday 27 Jul 2002
Something for the RT in Me
An Excellent Observation on Airlines
Sunday 28 Jul 2002
Blog Notes Dump
Monday 29 Jul 2002
Putting the Game Face On
Monday 05 Aug 2002
Depression; Comic-Con Wrap Up
Tuesday 06 Aug 2002
Rock & Roll!
From the “Ugh, This is Disheatening” Department
Bruce Sterling Ranting at OSCon…
Radio, Radio
More on the San Diego and La Jolla Squids…
Last week I cancelled call waiting…
From My Mom
Weight Loss
This is interesting – a civil flag…
This article about deep breathing is good for relaxation …
Wednesday 07 Aug 2002
The Food Timeline …
Ron Zeno has a blog on HCI/usability…
Two Comics I Intend to Get At Some Point But Which I Did Not See At Comic-Con
Comics and the Law
Steve & Natty’s Excellent Adventure
Jenny Updates Journal!
Thursday 08 Aug 2002
Civil Flag Update
When people say M$…
Joan describes me as…
From Gail…
FBI laptops and guns go missing…
From Steve E…
The EFF has created a page to voice your opposition to the Berman Bill…
Friday 09 Aug 2002
Nervous Horse Metaphor
Cyber Cafe in Pacific Beach
Quote of the Day
SDAI: San Diego Art Institute: Computer Arts Program
I like this shirt…
Saturday 10 Aug 2002
song of the weekend
read someone else’s blog for a second
Monday 12 Aug 2002
Whew! Long Lost Geyser Picture
Bill Maudlin needs help…
Here are some good quotes on truth and honesty…
I think Alanis Morrisette’s video for So Pure is rad…
From Steve E…
JavaScript Cheat Sheets
My Nutty Pal Kynn
Lyric of the Day
Tuesday 13 Aug 2002
ASP and SQL Tricks
Wednesday 14 Aug 2002
Thursday 15 Aug 2002
Alone In The Night
New Lab Item, but Offsite:
Friday 16 Aug 2002
Should You Be Worried About Joe? Big Update
Sunday 18 Aug 2002
Seventh Annual Bourbon Street Wine Tasting- Cabaret Noir on Thursday…
For PHP Geeks
The Kid
Monkey makes fabulous sorbet in a sack is genius…
Camille Paglia speaks on all and sundry!
Sour Experience
I’d Pretend, That I Was A Billboard
Monday 19 Aug 2002
Smartest Thing Written on Yahoo and China
Moz. Realtime.
Male Answer Syndrome
what does war mean today?
Tuesday 20 Aug 2002
Monday Recap
Alyson Hannigan (from Buffy The Vampire Slayer) sure is cute…
Rules of the House of God
Read about my two of my favorite musical artists these days:
Wednesday 21 Aug 2002
Blog Meetup San Diego is Today
Huzzah Me!
Thursday 22 Aug 2002
Maxim’s Insight?
Blog Meetup Recap
Friday 23 Aug 2002
From The My-Readers-Make-Me-Laugh-Too! Department
xplane’s xblog has redesigned…
Power and Weakness by Robert Kagan
This is how to get people to do things…
Geek Activism?
Live from the Apple Store Fashion Valley
Saturday 24 Aug 2002
Here’s a good reason to respect Larry Lessig…
New Tom Tom Club News
Lyric of the Day
Brunch y Libros de Los Angeles y OSX.2 (Jaguar)
Sunday 25 Aug 2002
Here’s A Long Los Angeles Recap
Tuesday 27 Aug 2002
San Diego Bloggers – Changes July – August!
Joe’s Playlist Today
Wednesday 28 Aug 2002
B&N Blog
Lyrics of the Day
Thursday 29 Aug 2002
Lesson and Realization
New Poetry
Neat Stuff
Sunday 01 Sep 2002
Zappa Update
Steve and Natty’s Excellent Adventure, Updated
Quote of the Day
Tuesday 03 Sep 2002
Reader Feedback; What’s Up
I’ve Seen The Future
Wednesday 04 Sep 2002
Lyric of the Early Morning:
Via Chris Ford…
Do you know about 802…
Nukes? Not That Practically Useful
What’s Up… A Mouthful, But Not More Than I Can Chew
New Christina… Almost
Friday 06 Sep 2002
Non Entry
Thanks Janece!
WebSanDiego.org Update
Yes, I like Christina. No, not everything she does.
Sunday 08 Sep 2002
The Exhaustion Of Emotion; The Getting On With Life Of It All
Tuesday 10 Sep 2002
My pal rudy.ca’s blogs:
Fields of Lavender
Innovative Use Of Search Tools
Christina in the New York Times!
Joel talks about Platforms in the software business…
Stray Items (Lots of these today)
Quote of the Day
Wednesday 11 Sep 2002
I have no wisdom today.
Thursday 12 Sep 2002
Deli and Old Friends and Connections
Friday 13 Sep 2002
Site Bugfixes and Upgrades!
Kynn is going to go to the Middle East and be smart…
Header Memory Lane
Saturday 14 Sep 2002
A fun article about one of my favorite music artists…
The Panther Moderns had suits like these in Neuromancer…
Jenny sent me the page for This American Life Audio Archives…
A friend sent me Chinese-Art…
Blogging, meet the L.A. Times
Tired. Good. Weekend Goals.
Old Stuff!
Monday 16 Sep 2002
The word for the day early Monday morning was…
Tuesday 17 Sep 2002
Fun With Smart Playlists
Quote of the Day, From Monday
Wednesday 18 Sep 2002
This is today: 56 RSVPs So Far. See You There Fellow WebSanDiegans!
HH9. Awesome.
Friday 20 Sep 2002
Dead Dog Tired
Saturday 21 Sep 2002
Marital Brief
Sunday 22 Sep 2002
New Poetry
New Graphics!
Monday 23 Sep 2002
I still feel wonderful…
My Workspace
Morning Walk
Tuesday 24 Sep 2002
(a few of) yesterday’s terms
So have I mentioned I’m in the Market for Freelance Web Work?
There’s a fine line between fearless and stupid.
New Stuff – San Diego Spots!
Thursday 26 Sep 2002
The days are just packed
Friday 27 Sep 2002
Adams Avenue Street Fair
California Quarter – U-Design-It!
Lyric for the past week
Some JSP Tutorials For Me to Look At Later
House Sitting
Saturday 28 Sep 2002
CriticalMAS writes in…
Fake Logos
House Sitting
Sunday 29 Sep 2002
San Diego Bloggers page mentioned on MSNBC.com
New Beck
Animals for Whom I House-Sat
Monday 30 Sep 2002
In Our Name?
Not Necessarily Ceasar
Great Quote from Zappa [WARNING: PROFANITY]
My sister, on dating:
From my pal John…
Tuesday 01 Oct 2002
My Poetical Friend
Site Launch!
Thursday 03 Oct 2002
Quote of the Day
This may not make any sense. This post is only for me.
Saturday 05 Oct 2002
Monday 07 Oct 2002
Wednesday 09 Oct 2002
Food for Religious Thought
Gail suggests I look at C S Lewis’ book Mere Christianity…
Mrs. Crawford
Monday 14 Oct 2002
Tuesday 15 Oct 2002
Catch Up Ball: Miscellany
Friday 18 Oct 2002
I think Charles is back in business with his blog…
Congrats and Salutations!
The Onion A/V Club asks notable folks…
Some cool words:
For Web Geeks
Lura says…
Saturday 19 Oct 2002
Sunday 20 Oct 2002
Other Geeky Stuff
ArtLung.com Site Changes
Monday 21 Oct 2002
San Diego Bloggers
From the Faith Department
This is New York (Sassy should like this one)
Turn The Tables on Telemarketers
Free Photos
Tuesday 22 Oct 2002
Poli Sci Lite
For Geeks Who Build Web Applications
Oddball Comics
Distributed Disruptive Intelligence
Bad Design For Government Agencies 101
QuickBooks SDK
Warms the Cockles of My Heart
Culture [Warning, Adult Concepts Herein]
Personal Brief
Thursday 24 Oct 2002
Quote of the Day
Cool Macromedia Secret Product On Deck?
Tuesday 29 Oct 2002
Feel great, less filling
Wednesday 30 Oct 2002
Random San Diego Blogger
About Racquetball
Ouch; Christina News
All Kinds of Lab Stuff
RSS/XML Feed Updated
Thursday 31 Oct 2002
San Diego Bloggers : RSS Feed
Monday 04 Nov 2002
Enjoy Every Sandwich
Tuesday 05 Nov 2002
I voted.
Things I Do Not Like Out In The World
Wednesday 06 Nov 2002
Site Launch – Passepar2.com
About The Things I Don’t Like
Thursday 07 Nov 2002
Great Links About Saturday Night Live
Catch Chucknappers!
Wednesday 13 Nov 2002
For Geeks
Two CVS Links
Old Rocker On Dead Rocker
More Feedback On Things I Don’t Like (from Erin)…
House-Sitting and Other Things (Long)
Saturday 16 Nov 2002
Another Record I Want: From Stew: Muddy Sweetboot
Still House Sitting
For Mac MarkUp Nerds
Wednesday 20 Nov 2002
Observations on Flying Across The Country
Friday 22 Nov 2002
In Brief
Wednesday 11 Dec 2002
Back In The Saddle Again
Friday 13 Dec 2002
Synopsis Collected From Some Mailing List
Archeology and Nostalgia
PHP Triad
Fun Fact About Mac OS X
Pittsburgh Adventures (written in the Pittsburgh AirPort, from December 5th)
Saturday 14 Dec 2002
Strong Bad! (or to a lesser extent, Z’Nuf)
Fresh Air Featuring Comix
New Joel On Software
Lura Redesigned!
Bobby Fischer Really Is Nuts!
Tori Tori Tori
Monday 16 Dec 2002
The Uncanny Valley
Essay on Privacy/Surveillance I’m Meaning to Read
Something I Saw on a Marquee in Roanoke; Go Watch …Say Anything
Another Lovely Weekend
Tuesday 17 Dec 2002
There Is A New Header
Books I Will Eventually Own
Thursday 19 Dec 2002
Three New Lab Items
QUALCOMM’s BREW Considered Harmful?
David Brin is Cranky About Lord of the Rings
Friday 20 Dec 2002
Great Signature Line I Stumbled On
Saturday 21 Dec 2002
Creative Commons
Racquetball Frequently Asked Questions
Usability Standards
Someday we’ll find it, the Phish/Talking Heads Connection
BBEdit PHP Glossary
Random Stuff From Thanksgiving Roanoke (Just a list)
Counterattack = Vigilantism = Bad for Society
JavaScript: Don’t hate the playah, hate the game
Sad for Scientific Progress
TIA is a Bummer
Some Fascinating Good Words
Sunday 22 Dec 2002
DMCA versus Librarians
From My Medicine Days
NPACI Rocks Toolkit, or, Build Your own Cluster Supercomputer
Monday 23 Dec 2002
Outrage in Support of “National Security”
Christmas Plans & Thoughts
Friday 27 Dec 2002
Road Trip
Monday 30 Dec 2002
Back From Utah
Lindows.com attacks Microsoft on the word “Windows”
From My Mom…
SIGGRAPH 2003 – here in San Diego
People Can Learn To Cold Read = Psychics Are Not Real
Tuesday 31 Dec 2002
Symposium / ITxpo San Diego
20th Anniversary of TCP/IP
Quote of the Day
New Blogs in Q4 2002 for San Diego Bloggers