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2002: 666 posts.

  • One of my favorite computing environments was my Amiga 1000…

    One of my favorite computing environments was my Amiga 1000, which was purchased by my father back in around 1985 — while I was still in high school. I can now engage in nostalgia for that more innocent time by looking at this page. Collected there are many screenshots from the various iterations of Workbench….

  • Spam Note

    Spam is out of control these days. I cribbed the phrases below from a slashdot thread on battling spam. Add these to your mail filters / rules so that they get looked for in the body of incoming mail. You can then have them moved for a folder for review. Here are the phrases: to…

  • Roast a Pig!

    Jenny and I missed out on Noche Buena (Cuban Christmas Eve) in 2001. Maybe we’ll make it in 2002. The big tradition is a pig roast. Not familiar with the concept, and have a hankering to roast a 70-120 pound (30-55kg) pig? Learn how to roast a Noche Buena pig!

  • New Lab Item:

    New Lab Item: Outbound Link Confirmation

  • Ava South emailed me some kind comments recently…

    Ava South emailed me some kind comments recently, and has a journal that’s worth a read. Check her out.

  • For no reason in particular:

    Origin of the phrase “since hector was a pup”

  • Fun facts!

    Fun facts! Origin of the term “spam” to mean net abuse

  • How Islam Lost Its Way:

    How Islam Lost Its Way: {well worth a read} For nearly four months now, leaders of the Muslim community in the United States, and even President Bush, have routinely asserted that Islam is a religion of peace that was hijacked by fanatics on Sept. 11. These two assertions are simply untrue. First, Islam — like…

  • For San Diegans: Residential Electronics Recycling Day is this Saturday

    For San Diegans: Residential Electronics Recycling Day is this Saturday This is such a good idea. Nobody has any idea what to do what that damn old MacII or 386, and what’s more disposing of them improperly lets all kinds of nasty toxics into our landfills. So for goodness sake, recycle and dispose of electronics…

  • For Screenwriters: looks like a neat resource for screenwriters.

  • Mage: The Movie?

    Mage: The Movie? One of my favorite comics from the 1980’s was Matt Wagner’s original Mage: The Hero Discovered. I have thought that it would make a great movie for years. At one point even Kevin Smith was talking about doing something with it. I think the motion picture industry has caught up with the…

  • For Geeks:

    webdav in two minutes. And that’s exactly how much time I have to spend on it!

  • Evoltament!

    I want one of these special Christmas ornaments for Festivus 2002! Evolt is smurfy.

  • Griffith Observatory will get a massive refit!

    Griffith Observatory will get a massive refit! It’s going to take 3 years, but that’s good timing since I’m not in L.A. now. Heh. I’m a sucker for Griffith Observatory. When I was a kid, maybe 6 or 7 years old I saw a planetarium show there that included a bit on constellations, and speculated…

  • Embed a time capsule in cockroach DNA…

    Embed a time capsule in cockroach DNA. Cool idea. How will people know to look?

  • Spellpunk and Family Ties

    Captain Cursor coins the term Spellpunk …. I like the coinage! It seems to me that with Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings being the rage that I’m noticing fantasy fandom out there. In other genre news, I bought the new Buckaroo Banzai DVD today. I don’t usually frequent The Wherehouse, but the one…

  • That felt good.

    In attempting to reinvigorate myself, the site, or both, the home page has been replaced with something like a splash page, and there’s a new header to match it here in the blog. I don’t know if it will stick, but it feels great to play. As Bruce Sterling exhorts: Follow Your Weird!

  • Re: Apple Hype

    It’s a new iMac. Small and nifty. [ via macintouch ] The actual announcement will be in a few hours. I’m an Apple fan, have been since Amiga went down the tubes, and I always enjoy the Apple Hype. They do well for themselves making creative products and working the hype even better than Microsoft….

  • Quote of the Day:

    “Without music to decorate it, time is just a bunch of boring production deadlines or dates by which bills must be paid.” – Frank Zappa

  • Neat rumors about a third version of Blade Runner…

    Neat rumors about a third version of Blade Runner. Blade Runner is one of my favorite movies, so this is tasty news.

  • Silly Scrollbars:

    MSIE on Windows demonstration of a wild scrollbar effect. Silly, but neat in its’ own way.

  • Cookie Monster:

    Seems like several times in the past few weeks I’ve seen questions on web405 and websandiego about the rules for cookie and cookie origin — and how those were pretty much plugged holes. Well, The most modern and current versions of Windows IE 5.5 and 6 apparently are taking us back a few years when…

  • Powerpoint Makes A Difference!

    Followup from A Good Use Of MS PowerPoint from

  • Quote of the Day

    More and more, with the rise of the computer and the Internet, people tend to think mechanistically and digitally: “If it can’t be encoded as data, then it ain’t worth sh*t. It ain’t anything that we should be worried about.” They tend to think of life as a decision tree, a hierarchy, some kind of…

  • Pranzo con Kynn a Filippi’s

    Today was unremarkable save that I had an enjoyable lunch with Kynn at local Pizza joint Filippis’s Pizza Grotto. There is no electronic substitute for good company, conversation, and food. There are not many people on the planet who I can keep up with and can keep up with me while: eating antipasto and pizza;…

  • Mr. Ché

    In keeping with the reorganization theme… Even my cat’s web page has been updated.

  • Reorg-O-Mania!

    I’ve reorganized the directory structure of my viridian design contest entries — and made a hub for (my) things Viridian: Viridian Design Movement / Joe’s Viridian Contest Entries.

  • Alton Brown Grab Bag!

    I’m not a Food Network fan per se. Jenny digs many of their shows. Me, I only like Alton Brown. His show is like the best old public television – This Old House or Victory Garden. TOH and VG were great shows (still are) even if you didn’t care about home improvement or gardening. It’s…

  • Book Review from Salon of Dot…

    Book Review from Salon of Dot.con: The Greatest Story Ever Sold: Once it became possible to float a profitless company on the NASDAQ and, with the proceeds, buy your way to respectability (as AOL did most spectacularly in its purchase of Time Warner), you might feel like a loser for not trying yourself. This dread…

  • Lyrics of the Day: Cheepnis and Village of the Sun

    Lyrics of the Day: Cheepnis and Village of the Sun The National Guard has formed up at the base of the mountain And is attempting to lure the enormous poodle towards the cave Where they hope to destroy it with napalm A thousand of the troopers are now lined up and are calling to the…

  • evolt-o-rama!

    As I have mentioned before, is cool. And they only improve with age and time. I have not written any articles (I have one news item, and that was back in 1999), but I have a fair share of <tip>’s which I posted to thelist. They also have implemented fancier user pages — here’s…

  • Who doesn’t love a cheesy mustache?

    Who doesn’t love a cheesy mustache? More reorgs and changes making the site more modular under the hood. The bio page was updated to include some new links and formatting as well as a link to me in a cheesy mustache. I also made some small changes to to jenny’s pages on Fun fact:…

  • She’s Crafty

    Question – Are you a chick? – in the San Diego area? – into fiber arts? If this sounds like you, check out Stitch & Bitch

  • Why haven’t I been to San Diego’s Apple Store yet?

    Why haven’t I been to San Diego’s Apple Store yet? Lazy or busy or both.

  • A history of weblogs…

    A history of weblogs, interesting.

  • Scott Shaw!’s ODDBALL COMICS is cool…

    Scott Shaw!’s ODDBALL COMICS is cool.

  • From crazy Sassy: VBScript API listing Script…

    From crazy Sassy: VBScript API listing Script. I had only a tiny part of that magnifico little script. Matt is the MAN. Regular expressions are fun!

  • The GPS Personal Locator for Children is straight out of Bruce Sterling…

    The GPS Personal Locator for Children is straight out of Bruce Sterling. Of course, just because you know where your child is, does not mean you know they are safe. And Dori, it’s cool AND creepy. This is the modern age. Jet planes take me thousands of miles to where my parents live, and they…

  • Ancient JavaScript Drawing Experiments

    I remember doing lots of experiments with JavaScript when I was first learning it. One I had forgotten about was a drawing program I started in 1999. However, I wanted too high a resolution for what machines could handle then. It would always end up crashing browsers. In 2001 I dialed it back, and made…

  • Ancient DTD Hacking

    In 1999 I was inspired by the lack of the ability to validate code with things like the <nobr> tag, to write my own DTD – Document Type Definition. [see code] I think this article at Web Design Group was the thing that did it. If I remember correctly, their their validator actually listens to…

  • Chewie!

    Alwin nails the straight dope on the Presidential fainting spell perfectly. Who better than a CCU nurse to tell you about vagal response? — Bush “Vagals” Himself, Film At Eleven. Edutainment Blogging! Also, CHEW YOUR FOOD!

  • Continuous Quality Improvement:

    Whew. Adding and refurbishing this site like crazy. The upper navigation has had the colophon added to it ( previously mentioned ); as well as a site index. Additionally, the portfolio is getting a substantial refit in an attempt to make it less confusing. Still not finished, but until then you can look at 10…

  • Salt Lake City Olympics Website Accessibility: Oops.

    B+R points out that the Salt Lake City olympics website is not accessible. Deja vu all over again. Why do so few web developers take the time to understand accessibility? For a high profile, general interest, information-rich site like one for the Olympics, you’d think someone would be paying attention. Why must this be an…

  • Was up too late last night…

    Was up too late last night. Working on a big project for work. Fun but tiring. Of course, it’s nothing compared to my co-workers who’ve been hip-deep in it for months. Time to go to work!

  • Google in Person! Jealous?

    Google in Person! Jealous? Mark Holmes of Nutshell Digital went to the San Diego Internet Marketers Association meeting last night. The featured speakers were folks from the esteemed Google, and I’m sorry I missed it. Mark posted a wrap up which is worth a read. ( via the mailing list )

  • Representations of Paths in Time and Space

    Graphing lifelines is an interesting information design concept. I grew up all over the place and have been wanting to have a proper geographical map / timeline (a timeline is just a “map of time.” yes?) of all the places I’ve lived. I know I find it useful in conversation to know more about the…

  • My Beard Is Blue

    The home page / splash page has been changed. Check it out if you like. It’s xhtml compliant, and was a blast to do. Time for bed now.

  • My Beard Is Blue 2: Electric Boogaloo

    And for the blog header too. Permalink here, previous header was this. View all the old headers here. Time for work now.

  • Nervous Energy Galore: document.getElementById

    In a fit of nervous energy, I made a new lab item: modify the box! a dhtml experiment. Useless, but an excellent exercise. I sat down and wrote this in about an hour and a half. I definitely am feeling better about my confidence with dynamic html – which is where client-side scripting ( commonly…

  • Dead AirPort

    Dead AirPortJoe Calls Apple Tech SupportHe Shoots He Scores! So my trustyworthy AirPort Base Station which I have had and loved for a few years now is not responding. I’m currently on hold …. er …no I’m on the phone now…. just a sec… … Well, I went through the same troubleshooting with the amiable…

  • Live from Apple Store San Diego

    Scoping the hardware, the sexy new iMac, the TiBooks and whatnot here at the Fashion Valley Apple Store — I’m here with crazy Matt Lee– I’m kicking myself that I didn’t bring a camera. Lots of luscious stuff here. Apple sure knows how to put together a sexy retail experience.

  • Ronny Vardy Fan Site

    A few years ago at San Diego Comic Con I saw some of Ronny Vardy’s work in the gallery portion of the show. Her work was fresh, appealing, and fun. What’s not to love? When I had collected enough stuff, and managed to get some free time, well, here’s a web page! More Links »Ronny’s…

  • They’re not booing…

    They’re not booing, they’re saying LOUUUUU Want to know what I miss? Lou’s Records. when I worked up in Solana Beach at EduPoint, I really enjoyed taking a ride up to Lou’s Records in Encinitas and browsing / buying their excellent stock. It’s a store in two buildings – one side is all used, and…

  • My page for Jennifer gets a makeover this morning…

    My page for Jennifer gets a makeover this morning.

  • Don’t be a passive media consumer, be active!

    I saw Orange County today and Jack Black was amazing as usual. Some funny moments, but I find myself thinking much of it could have been left out. There’s only about 35 minutes of good movie lodged in that movie. Some cultural works require the full experience to get the right impact. But for some,…

  • Time management. Do as I say not as I do

    On 20 December 2001, Matthew Walden sent me some corrected text for his experiences making my Make an RTF Document with PHP work under IIS, and just now, a month later, I am putting said text in place. Matthew rocks, and I am tardy.

  • me so sleepy. me program long time.

    I meant to fricking go to bed early. But sadly, I did not. On the plus side, I have updated the dhtml part of the portfolio. It’s validating xhtml and css and everything, just like Jeffrey Zeldman would like. It works and was tested in MSIE5/Mac, IE6/Windows, Netscape 6.2/Windows. It renders well in Lynx as…

  • Opera Issue Licked!

    About the previous entry, I was using style.posTop and style.posLeft under the code block for document.all. This used to work, but no longer does. Nice to know that about Opera!

  • Racquetball Championships on ESPN in February

    U.S. OPEN BROADCAST DATE ! ESPN has announced that the 2001 Hilton U.S. OPEN broadcast will move to the network’s flagship channel — ESPN — and will air FRIDAY, February 8, 2002 at 1:00 pm EST ( How did it come to pass that I am interested in watching an organized sporting event? Bizarre. )

  • iSwitch …

    iSwitch — brilliant idea But a big part of the reluctance is the switching cost. People don’t want to have to fight with Windows to transfer all their old stuff over. Now imagine if Apple provided, with their new iMacs, an iSwitch software suite. After putting the new Mac on the home network, you put…

  • Rewrite!

    Joel on Software has a short piece on rewriting software called Rub a dub dub which I quite like. I’ve been doing it myself in the recent past. No, strike recent — I’ve been building and rebuilding since 1996!

  • Tom Tomorrow, blogging

    Yo! Tom Tomorrow has a new blog

  • It just don’t get any better than this

    Great joy can be simple. A satisfying game of intense cutthroat racquetball. Cheap taquitos, beans and rice.

  • Tamales Ancira’s

    Jenny picked some great tamales up. Ancira’s is running ads on the local cable company, and they’re good. She got two each of chicken, beef, and raisin and nut. Fresh tasting, excellent texture. There’s a definite trend of Mexican food today. And that’s fine by me.

  • Search Engine Upgrade to ht://Dig

    Last night and this morning I installed htdig as the new search engine for this site internally. Back in August I mentioned that I would start using google because the solution I was trying had stopped working with any reliability. ht://Dig is open source and originated here in San Diego at SDSU. Total time for…

  • Surveillance State

    The surveillance state is beginning. 1984 is no longer the relevant text. We need to look to how information flows in Cyberpunk novels like those of William Gibson and Bruce Sterling. Where having surveillance and databases out there in the aether don’t necessarily make anyone safer or happier or more secure. We must think carefully…

  • Mr. President, Help Me Understand

      » It’s a war   » But they’re not prisoners of war So which is it?

  • Sinus Bushycardia

    More background on the pretzel incident[ via owillis ]

  • Music Mutations

    These music mutations are genius. I love the Strokes / Christina Aguilera mishmash – A Stroke of Genie-us [mp3]. Jenny loves The Strokes, and I love Christina. And this is either the perfect blend or something to displease us both. Either way, sonic stimulation in spades. [ via metafilter ]

  • Splash, Header, Sleep

    New splash page up front, new header here on the blog. Fancy schmancy xhtml up front. Old school tables in here. Fun. The picture, by the way, is of me, age 5 or so. Rocking out.

  • Tamales Ancira Contact Information

    I’m (already!) starting to get hits from yahoo for searches for this Tamale joint. I blogged it a few days ago, and they have no website, so I get hits instead of them. Crazy! Here’s their info — it’s from their business card, transcribed 30 Feb 2002: They make these kinds of tamales: Chicken; Beef;…

  • Fun Fact

    For some people most everyone on the planet, black, crushed-velvet pants are a terrible idea.

  • Talking Heads, Live

    In stunning news, Talking Heads, who have been broken up for years will play two songs as a quartet at the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony. vh1 will air it. Previous news: msnbc story on the induction. [ via, a fan site ] When I was in high school (1983-1987), Talking…

  • Our Cold war legacy…

    Our Cold war legacy, just lying around. Alarming.

  • VersionTracker for Windows

    VersionTracker for Windows VersionTracker – which has been a great resource for Mac folk for several years, apparently also has listings for Windows now. What do they do? They maintain extensive lists of software, and the upgrades, fixes, and patches thereto. Super-useful.

  • MSN Slate on Enron

    At Slate, The Enron Blame Game (requires Flash) [link directly to popup]. Taking responsibility? No thanks, I’ll blame someone else.

  • Christina’s New Piercing…

    Christina’s New Piercing. I still think she’s cute. She makes many many many whacked out fashion choices, but she’s still cute.

  • ArtLungLinks

    Let me direct your attention for a moment to the giant-size list of links on this page. These are links to friends, folks I think are cool, folks who provide good news, and other interesting and useful stuff out there on the web. Do take a moment to look at them, as I recently updated…

  • Lyrics of the Day

    I belong to the blank generation and I can take it or leave it each time I belong to the ______ generation but I can take it or leave it each time

  • Thanks for the Bug Reports!

    Phil D. and Shelby B. noticed (both in the past 24 hours) that the lower link to Colophon was not working. The bug has been fixed. Very nice to get feedback, even if it’s word that things are broken. Bug reports make the site better. They’re an excellent way to keep my ego in check,…

  • San Diego Blog

    Do you have or know of a San Diego Blog? Visit

  • Zeldman asks:

    Is CSS design really ready for prime time? To which I reply. No, it’s not. It’s a little late to be asking this given that people have been pushing for xhtml+css for months. I’m not abandoning tables yet. And how can I? To give the best experience, to the most folk, I need to strike…

  • Libro de Kynn

    My pal Kynn is writing a book on CSS, it has a website. Cool.

  • BeOS meets OSX

    If you have any interest in BeOS or Mac OSX, you will be very interested in Tales of a BeOS Refugee: From BeOS to OS X (by way of Windows and Linux). Which is a long and thorough article comparing the two operating systems at length from the point of view of a person who…

  • Racquetball Update

    I’ve been making references to racquetball since September (just search for racquetball on And I’m still enjoying it. I started playing every weekend, and now am playing basically twice a week – with family and friends. It’s a fast, fun game. It’s precisely the right game given that you are unaware of the exercise…

  • Lunch/Stew/Mechanical Ventilation/Dark Knight 2/San Diego Bloggers

    Today, no deep introspection, no thoughtful thoughts. In lieu, some quickies: – I’m going to Lunch with a big old crew of folks! Should be rockin’ cool. – Listen to Stew on KRCW [show in realaudio] – Learn something about critical care. Pay special attention to respiratory therapy and mechanical ventilation, that’s my old job!…

  • Open Source TextAds

    Open source TextAds from the irascible Bill Rini. Now that’s cool.

  • Hello I Must Be Going!

    Yesterday was busy like crazy. I went to work, lunch with a bunch of WebSanDiegans, then my Digital Design for Designers class in Point Loma, then I came home and troubleshooted (troubleshot?) my connection which was mysteriously down, then went to the SDLUG with Matt Lee, meeting featuring the enigmatic Michael Robertson of,…

  • Ronny Vardy Update

    My “for fun only” Ronny Vardy fansite’s url has changed to Also added are flyers for two events in the L.A. area which will feature her fun, sexy pinup work. If she had a website, I would point you there, but alas, she does not, and all there is is my fan site. Enjoy!

  • New Splash

    If you didn’t come through the front door, you might want to check it out. Some dhtml silliness and a very old charcoal drawing of mine. Hope you like it. Oi. Sleepy now.

  • Facelift

    The San Diego Bloggers page was given a complete facelift this morning.

  • Mark Your Calendars

    San Diego’s Taste of the Nation looks really good. A good cause and good food. It’ll be in May 2002.

  • Lyrics of the Say…

    Lyrics of the Say: Sing Your Life by Morrissey [ comment: a great song about the wonderful power of personal expression, I think. Nominally about “singing” – but really about being yourself. Yes, I’m feeling sappy this morning. ] Sing your life Any fool can think of words that rhyme Many others do Why don’t…

  • Over the weekend I did almost no blogging and got an amazing amount of crud done…

    Over the weekend I did almost no blogging and got an amazing amount of crud done. Maybe not crud, but stuff. I did Jenny’s and my taxes (woo hoo!) and because I had a more conventional job than in the past few years (1 full time gig) the taxes were much more clear-cut. No freelance…

  • I’m checking out BlogApp on MacOS X…

    I’m checking out BlogApp on MacOS X. It’s a trim shareware mechanism to post to a blogger acccount. (hipped to this by backupbrain)

  • MySQL-front

    MySQL-Front is a really nifty freeware MySQL SQL Server Enterprise Manager for MySQL. MySQL is getting more appealing as a database platform every day. It’s not a true RDBMS, but still massively useful. Thanks, Sassy

  • Phil Greenspun, Bad Examples, and the demise of ArsDigita

    I posted some thoughts and links on the demise of ArsDigita over on the list.

  • How Does Alwin Manage To Find Stuff That Tickles My Neurons?

    How Does Alwin Manage To Find Stuff That Tickles My Neurons? Here’s a cool site with an important-to-our-species’-survival message. Keep Antibiotics Working dot com. And from the “nifty!” department — Emacs for Mac OS X

  • Sports Term of the Day

    Cut-throat Racquetball (aka: Cutthroat Racquetball) — A variation of the game played by three players. The server plays against the other two players, with each player serving in turn. Racquetball last night was great. Up early now. Stuff to do.

  • Screen Rulers! (native for MacOS X!)

    FreeRuler looks to be just like the Screen Ruler that I’ve been using for years (on MacOS 7,8,9 and Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000) , but now available from a new author, for OSX. Why do you want a ruler on your screen? I’ll tell you why – so you can see how big a…

  • Quickies

    Joel strikes again! with great insights on what clients are looking at when they evaluate our software and web projects. As in lfe,we judge things based on surface aspects that are less important than their underpinnings. This is a great, funny, geeky cron anecdote. It made me laugh. (Requires some unix knowledge) I think I’m…

  • Happy Birthday & Happy Valentine’s Day Jenny!

    Happy Birthday & Happy Valentine’s Day Jenny!

  • You can’t make this stuff up.

    Even with lorem ipsum, you’re not immune to the literal-mindedness of clients. We were showing several designs to a roomful of people from many departments of the client’s organization. The designs all had the classic “greeked text” in them. One of the questions we fielded was: “the final site will be in English, right —…

  • We neither have, nor need, any stinking badges.

    The San Diego Bloggers page has grown to 35 links. Some I found myself via daypop and google. Some were emailed to me from folks on various lists I’m on – I asked, and they provided! And some folks just found it randomly, and asked to be added. Today I created a San Diego blogger…

  • Irresistably Charming Photograph

    I find this photo utterly charming Update: Ava asked me if this photo was related to me somehow. No, it’s not. That photo is of Dori Smith of backupbrain and her son Sean.

  • Inbound!

    Charles and Jenny are both using the san diego bloggers badge. And others are noticing and linking as well.

  • Dare I step my toe into usenet?

    Yes, I do. Perhaps you think me mad.

  • According to Macintouch…

    According to Macintouch, RealPlayer for MacOS X will be coming in April of this year.

  • The third person (besides me) using the San Diego Bloggers badge is nerd boy mikey…

    The third person (besides me) using the San Diego Bloggers badge is nerd boy mikey. Cool!

  • On February 19…

    On February 19, 2001 I started blogging. That makes it one year starting tomorrow. As it happens, the answer to my question is this: I can indeed keep up with the blogging. At least for a year. I think I’m able to keep it up because I think of it as many things – a…

  • Today…

    Today, this blog is one year old.

  • Leavin’, on a jet plane.

    Up early. Jennifer is leaving for Miami this morning. The cat and I will miss her.

  • It’s a badge morning!

    Full of stray energy, I created 4 badges today for my various and sundry hobby / obsession / popular sites … UPDATE: I do know how to count. That’s 5 banners. I made 4 this morning. The other one I made the other day. Though early in the morning I am less good at math…

  • Hoi Polloi Linking; Badge Update; More to Come.

    The infamous Cocky Bastard made a link to the San Diego Bloggers page and so, it’s getting lots of hits today. Very nifty. And hi neighbor! In other news, Vince Outlaw and 3ones and Airshare are all sporting those lovely badges. More changes and updates are coming on the SDBloggers page. This weekend I’ll build…

  • Referers Madness

    Last night and this morning I added a Referer tracker for the San Diego Bloggers page in PHP/MySQL. It’s cool to see how people are coming to that site. I’ll probably add something similar for my own blog as well. Any suggestions as to how to order the data? Other stuff to say, but not…

  • Heh.

    From Dear Johnny and Davezilla, some silliness. It’s not so much that it’s funny, as that I really dig the illustration accompanying it.

  • Civil Liberties Quote of the Day

    Civil Liberties Quote of the Day (source): When your government, employer, landlord, merchant, banker and local sports team gang up to picture, digitize and permanently record your every activity, you are placed under unprecedented control. This is not some alarmist Orwellian scenario; it is here, now, financed by $20 billion last year and $15 billion…

  • Referer vs. Referrer, Part II.

    Links inbound to this blog are now available.

  • My big ol’ head…

    on Update February 2010: Since Avencom is gone, here’s what that screen looked like back in 2002, thanks Internet Archive!:

  • Preach it Brotha!

    Scott Andrew speaks up for those who work the client side. Amen. I’m an odd case now, as I fit in both the server and client sides of the equation. But I like what he has to say about client-side experts. Lots of nuance on the client-side. It’s generally underestimated by those whose focus is…

  • She’s Talking About Me!

    (source) Baby boomers–the cohort for whom Golden Age authors evoke fond recollections of childhood–currently dominate sf production and consumption. This supersized slice of the demographic pie has exerted hegemony over the pace and direction of cultural change for decades, but the Age of the Internet and the New Economy have, it seems to me, begun…

  • Ennui

    Jenny’s third day away. The cat looks at me like a detective — “What have you done with her?” he seems to ask. He looks at the front door with circumspection. This will be a brief trip for Jenny, but her absence is definitely felt here in our humble household.. On the upside, I’m getting…

  • Terrorist -> Hippy

    E.T. The Extra Terrestrial’s questionable changes. No sir, I don’t like it. Clean the thing up. Don’t butcher it! What the hell are you thinking Steve?

  • On a somber note.

    Chuck Jones, masterful maestro of many merrie melodies — which is to say many Warner Bros. Cartoons — died today. He will be missed. May his work live on.

  • Bebe Advertisements Site Updated and Moved.

    One of the most searched for things on this site is for “Bebe Ads.” Some time ago I became, well, obsessed about the wonderful photography contained in bebe ads. I’ve added some new ones, notably of Yamila Diaz, Nina Brosh, and Isabeli Fontana. I’ve also given them a home under the “fansite” directory of this…

  • The Long Con: Enron.

    Enron Designed Fake Trading Floor – Former Employee Claims No Trades Transpired. ( via Tom Tomorrow ) See also: The Sting, The Grifters. Amazing and appalling behavior. The lesson? The bigger the lie, the more likely it will be believed.

  • I have a Bacon number of 3.

    I checked it with The Oracle of Bacon at Virginia. I was an extra in Up From the Depths (1979) with Sam Bottoms Sam Bottoms was in Gardens of Stone (1987) with Elias Koteas Elias Koteas was in Novocaine (2001) with Kevin Bacon Therefore, my Bacon number is 3. What’s this about?

  • My Favorite Characters from Fiction.

    For no particular reason, some of my favorite characters from fiction. Understand these choices of mine and it may help you understand me. Sefton (played by William Holden) / Stalag 17 Al Rockoff (played by John Malkovich) / Killing Fields Lt. Greenwald (played by José Ferrer) / Caine Mutiny Gaff (played by Edward James Olmos)…

  • Supposedly…

    Dark Knight Returns (DK2 #3) will come out on Wednesday. I’ve talked about this before. The themes in this latest series are of media manipulation, surveillance, coercion, and of the compromises made to be part of “the establishment.” I’m looking forward to this 3rd of 3 issues.

  • New Header

    It’s been a while since I did a new header. So here’s one now! –archived link. All headers here. The photograph was part of a larger AVENCOM shoot by Paul Bowers, excellent and wonderful San Diego photographer.

  • Puzzles without Pictures

    I’ve just spent the last two hours playing with Legos. It’s been several years since I got them out. I’m a 31 year old man and I had a terrific time just playing. I’m not sure whether Legos are like composing in Photoshop or that composing in Photoshop is like Legos. I get the same…

  • From rini…

    From — Chilling Reported by rini.irg, Chilling Effects Clearinghouse is a mechanism to empower web folk who get the scary, classic Cease and Desist notes. I’ve gotten one of these myself, back in 1997. You can still find the questionable items in the Flash part of my portfolio, because hey, it was an…

  • Mothers of Invention Ticket

    Steve passed this along to me a few years ago (March of 2000 by the timestamp on my copy of the file). I have it in my Zappa folder on my main computer, but I thought I’d add it to my Zappa Fan piece , and include it here in the blog. So here it…

  • Building a Giant Gameboy » Gameman!

    I love this a local guy is building a gigantic gameboy. Be sure to look at the construction photos! I can’t wait to see progress on this. (Aside: This is a big payoff for my San Diego Bloggers page, this is one of the journals I found in my searches for San Diego journals. Cool….

  • AnswerBus is to AskJeeves as Google is to AltaVista?

    Well … maybe. Check it out! AnswerBus — I find this pretty interesting. It’s simple, and provides a nice mechanism to change your question. I tried: “When was San Diego founded?” that got me some unrelated org – I changed it on the fly to: “When was the city of San Diego founded?” and got…

  • Happy Birthday Mike!

    Happy Birthday to ASP guru (yep, he’s for hire as far as I know) and all around cool neat geeky (there’s a skiing game written in assembly on his website) Mike Roufa! The guy also bakes! How’s that for a man-about-town?

  • “A sufficiently advanced Google search is indistinguishable from magic.”

    If you have any interest in weblogs and search algorithms, you must read Google Loves Blogs: How Weblogs Influence A Billion Google Searches A Week. I’ve been saying that without Google, I am not as smart as I am with it. Very often I will not so much know something as know where I have…

  • Christina Wins Grammy, Looks Cute

    Christina looked pretty cute, according to the pictures provided at I think she’s slowly learning to moderate her bad fashion choice habit. Can’t wait to hear her new album. I liked the thing she did at the Winter Olympics, Infatuation.

  • Next!

    Another San Diego Bloggers Badge user — Organized Anarchy — a cool blog by a local lawyer. Funny and insightful, that guy’s a class act. Current Badgers: see: 3 2 1. San Diego Bloggers is not really a community though. I’m pondering ways to bring bloggers together. I suppose I should notify some of those…

  • Cool CF Variable I didn’t know about before today.

    If you need to deal with a mystery Cold Fusion server and you need to find out what version of Cold Fusion they are running, make a test.cfm file and put this in it: <cfoutput>#server.coldfusion.productVersion#</cfoutput>. Then upload it to the server and view it. Voila!

  • Enron Ethics Manual

    The estimable ‘The Smoking Gun’ has made Enron’s Code of Ethics available online. You can’t beat the internet for document sharing. We live in an appalling time. Airline safety is broken. Energy policy is broken. The educational system is broken. The music industry is broken. Popular culture is broken. Corporate behavior is largely unchecked. Political…

  • Mix it up, Cartoon Network.

    Sign it. #556. (via mark martin)

  • Bill Rini has a smart take on slashdot’s move to subscriptions.

    Bill Rini has a smart take on slashdot’s move to subscriptions.

  • New Bebe Ads Added

    Even more bebe ads have been added to my bebe ads fansite. I particularly like the half dozen new Magdalena Wrobel images. Also added, two of James King, and one of Isabeli Fontana. The art directors and photographers of bebe do really nice work. The clothes rock too.

  • New Words, the Pitch is new article for my Words area. It’s a distillation of my notes from a presentation given by Michael Robertson, CEO of Lindows at the local San Diego Linux Users Group meeting last month.

  • Virtual Light

    I’m very pleased to see an article on augmented reality, which is something similar to what I’ve been hoping for since I read Virtual Light in 1993. Here’s a snippet where Sammy Sal is explaining to Chevette what they are:    “Those VL glasses. Virtual Light.”    She’d heard of it, but wasn’t sure what it was….

  • Read it. Learn it. Live it.

    My employer (AVENCOM) had a little incident, which has prompted me to post this new workplace policy.

  • I’m not saying I told you so, but I told you so.

    So Bruce Sterling is the flavor of the moment of the blogging set for his Austin Chronicle article called Information Wants To Be Worthless. As usual he’s smart, insightful, witty, and forces you to think. He’s able to generate hope and cynicism at the same time. I love the guy. I’ll just say that I’ve…

  • New Silly Lab Item.

    In the lab: camelCase <-> selector-case in JavaScript w/o Regular Expressions. Why? Because sometimes you gotta make stuff for no reason.

  • ¡Schnikes!

    Wow. A buncha new inbound links to here. The bombastic webertainer Oliver Willis and the very talented Ben Dyer have graciously added me to their sidebars. Thank you gentlemen! Also, folks are linking to my lindows article, which is nice. Thanks camworld, Volker Weber, and! Makes me feel not-so-bad to be missing SXSW this…

  • History of Flash

    “The story of Flash as told by its inventor Jonathan Gay” — kind of neat. At my first web job we did lots of Splash work, crazy crazy stuff. I have the old FutureSplash and Flash icons in my old resume (I’m not linking you to old resumes. Yuck. The brave and/or crazy may visit…

  • San Diego Blog Update.

    San Diego Bloggers page has been updated. The list is about a month old, some great blogs and journals on there. Updates: several new blogs, visit to check it out. Also, there are now indicators next to the blogs to show whether they include the badge, or a sidebar link. Also moved three links into…

  • …the right of the people peaceably to assemble…

    On Friday Jenny and I went to see Michael Moore on his book tour. He wrote Stupid White Men, which was nearly pulped, if not for the action of some stalwart librarians. Read about that on his site. There was an amazing turnout for conservative Navy town San Diego. The Middle School (auditorium? hall?) was…

  • What I passed along in April of last year…

    What I passed along in April of last year is closer to coming to pass with AOL client version 8.0, according to NewsForge: Exclusive: AOL embraces Linux and Mozilla, plans to drop MS Explorer So, if you’ve been Mozilla / Netscape6 / Gecko-phobic, time to step up to the plate and learn to code for…

  • More on Moore in San Diego

    Kynn has posted an article covering in depth the recent Michael Moore book tour event in San Diego, check it out: Michael Moore vs. The Police, I had mentioned it a few days ago, and Moore himself has written about this interesting incident: Mike’s Book Tour Diary: Police Raid, Shut Down My Book-signing in San…

  • This piece about Talking Heads and The Ramones made me a little weepy…

    This piece about Talking Heads and The Ramones made me a little weepy. Nostalgia sucks.

  • Boxes and Arrows…

    Boxes and Arrows, a magazing about Information Architecture and User Experience, has launched. I’ll be checking it out.


    Dog breath smells like dog breath.

  • Can’t do nuttin’ for ya man

    Based on the referrers this blog gets, I get a lot of hits from people wanting to find the Strokes / Christina Aguilera remix/mutation called “A Stroke of Genius” by the Freelance Hellraiser. The original thing I blogged in January is down. Unfortunately, you’re probably going to have to use Gnutella or something like it….

  • MMMMMMM, SQL Stuff.

    rudy “.ca” limeback points to some excellent SQL resources: a(n) SQL Validator and a list of SQL Reserved Words.

  • Old Home Weekend

    I’ve been thinking about my old job, Jamison/Gold Interactive (no link, they got bought by a big IT Company and crumpled up and blew away) a lot lately. They were a boutique web outfit in Los Angeles, and did excellent Web/Interactive Design. Some news on some of the participants in that place: Brett Walker, Designer,…

  • Some Great Photos

    Bill Kelley has what look like some great photos available for sale from his site. The subject of the photos? Folks at Apple, especially Steve Jobs, circa 1977, demoing the Apple ][.

  • Lab Update!

    I’ve updated my Border Style Experiment in the lab. You can now tweak the width AND the style of the borders. Very fun to explore what the various style settings end up looking like. You can also cut and paste the source code. It would also be a nice way to text how the borders…

  • MacOS X from a Linux and OSS Perspective

    MacOS X from a Linux and OSS Perspective There’s a great article on LinuxJournal site about MacOSX. It’s by Doc Searls and Brent Simmons.

  • It’s a Party! will be 3 years old on Tuesday. Come to the party! In other news, I’ll be 32 on Wednesday.

  • Left Las Vegas

    I am happy to be back at home, and away from the hyper-world funhouse of Las Vegas. I think Jenny is glad to be back home as well. I found myself thinking of the “User Interface” of Las Vegas and casinos, and how they compare to other “created” environments. Los Angeles’ CityWalk and Disneyworld definitely…

  • Ronny Vardy Update!

    New Ronny Vardy Art! at Scarlet Letters. I updated the Ronny Vardy fansite with the link. Some good new stuff!

  • Quoted in San Diego Daily Transcript; Note on Being a Resource says ruling is first win in Microsoft battle (archived lynx dump), a story from the SDDT, includes a quote from my article on Lindows. To any reporters reading this: I’m happy to be a resource on stories, just drop me a line. I also know a great deal of technical San Diego folks, and…

  • Regional/City Blog Lists

    I wondered about local blog lists / associations — and found some interesting ones: Dallas/Fort-Worth Weblogs (thanks Ben!) and Austin Weblogs, there’s also Beltway Bloggers.

  • Useless Information About My B-Day

    Michael Rapaport, he of Mighty Aphrodite, and I share the same birthday — both date and year — March 20, 1970. Some other folks of note who were born on March 20th (but not in 1970) include: Spike Lee, Holly Hunter, William Hurt, Hal Linden, Tracy Chapman, and Carl Reiner. I used to be quite…

  • New Header

    Thanks to Charles I have an image for a new header [header permalink] for the blog. The goofy hat was made by jenny for the Third Birthday. Nifty and goofy. You can see a cooler image of Charles on 3ones right now. Trip the light fantastic! Editor’s Note: check the image out below, extracted…

  • Cavalcade of Cartoon Network Commentary.

    My favorite character on the animated show Powerpuff Girls is Miss Sara Bellum. She’s the smartest character on the show, or at least the character with the most common sense. She’s also very shapely, has a huge head of curly red hair. Interestingly, the creators made the decision to never show her face. There’s probably…

  • Over-engineering = The Enemy

    My theme lately at work has been to rail against over-engineering. What’s that, you ask? It’s overthinking the architecture and overdoing the planning phase of a project. This is not to say that application architecture has no place. Planning and design is critical. However, the propensity one has, when programming, to try and account for…

  • I am hard pressed to think of a more delightful application…

    I am hard pressed to think of a more delightful application of image recognition than the story Flo and her cat door. I present: Flo Control!

  • via Mark Martin…

    via Mark Martin: The Doings of Daffy and Dandy. Mark Martin makes me laugh.

  • New badge at san diego bloggers…

    New badge at san diego bloggers. Anyone want to contribute more?

  • Nostagiarific

    Jenny was playing The Best of Cat Stevens on the stereo last night. “Morning has broken” inspired this post. It sounded like the apartment when I was growing up in Alhambra, California. Other useless musical facts about me: I bought the Sergio Mendes Brasil ’66 CD (the one with “Waters of March”) and The Best…

  • geek out!

    this code is equivalent between postgresql and mysql: mysql: create table crawford_addresses ( id int(10) auto_increment primary key, … ); postgresql: create table “crawford_addresses” ( id serial , primary key (“id”), … );

  • Jamie Zawinski has an interesting take…

    Jamie Zawinski has an interesting take (as a coder and as a nightclub owner) on webcasting and the music industry. I’m not certain of all the numbers he runs, but his explanations of the rules around webcasting seem like very practical advice — Webcasting Legally: The issues of intellectual property, fair use, individual rights and…

  • Some time ago I asked about net libel and defamation…

    Some time ago I asked about net libel and defamation. the head lemur provided some great information: Libel “Libel and slander are legal claims for false statements of fact about a person that are printed, broadcast, spoken or otherwise communicated to others. Libel refers to statements in written or other permanent form, while slander refers…

  • I wonder…

    I wonder, does CAA, Talent Agency to the stars, have the briefest home page around? I think they might even qualify for the 5k contest.

  • The song most on my mind in the past 96 hours is…

    The song most on my mind in the past 96 hours is: Wild Love. Last month Flaming Moe’s suited me perfectly. Things are improving though. <obscure-reference>G-Guh!</obscure-reference>

  • San Diego Blogger Slashdotted!

    I had no idea that Jeff’s Loungespot had gotten slashdotted. I had mentioned it before that. But he’s back now, better than ever I think!

  • Geek Out Brain Dump!

    I’ve been collecting URLs as usual. And it’s gotten ahead of me. Time to release these into the wild. Great tutorials on Apache and OSX from O’Reilly: Apache Web Serving with MacOS X; and an overview of Open Source Databases, from Apple. Something on Cold Fusion: DeDup was a cold fusion function I found useful…

  • Have I mentioned that I think the show Samurai Jack is gorgeous?

    Have I mentioned that I think the show Samurai Jack is gorgeous?

  • San Diego Neighborhoods Map…

    San Diego Neighborhoods Map, from the City of San Diego. Useful. There seem to be more neighborhoods here in San Diego since the various times when I was growing up here.

  • Hmmm …

    Hmmm …. Chinese Bootlegged Star Wars Series DVDs. No thanks.

  • Information graphics do make a difference…

    Information graphics do make a difference, Tufte would be proud.

  • Betty Page…

    Betty Page: The Complete Interview CD, sounds really cool. Betty Page, a pinup queen from the 1950s and 1960s, was one of my earliest net.culture discoveries. I first came across her while browsing the net, then later went looking for books and other materials. She’s been completely unavailable for televised interviews, other than her voice….

  • Volunteer San Diego…

    Volunteer San Diego. Interesting. Sheesh, I have a lot of links lately. Building up I suppose.

  • User Interface Misunderstanding in Battle

    From WP: But the senior defense official explained yesterday that the Air Force combat controller was using a Precision Lightweight GPS Receiver, known to soldiers as a “plugger,” to calculate the Taliban’s coordinates for a B-52 attack. The controller did not realize that after he changed the device’s battery, the machine was programmed to automatically…

  • One of My Favorite Links to…

    One of My Favorite Links to is Gotta love inbound links in Chinese. I’ve often thought of maintaining a fully translated site. Perhaps be part of a network that maintains translations of personal sites and blogs. More readers is more readers, right? I wonder what such a network would look like.

  • a great simple design

    I really like this site’s design: c-level. The colors are fun and rich. The faux layers under Los Angeles make for a fun, easy to understand interface. Clean and nice. Gives me some ideas for future projects, certainly. (via Jeff’s Loungespot)

  • Excellent use of the web

    Sometimes simple is best. Here’s a great use of the web to expose multi-level marketing: Work From “Home”. ( via camworld). Lots of links to external sites and resources, plainspoken, photos documenting key points. One might even call this journalism.

  • If I biked:

    hokey spokes – have messages, designs, etc appear in your bike spokes. nifty, tiny technology.

  • Unsent mail, private thoughts.

    So yesterday was the 14 year anniversary of an event which changed my life immeasurably. I find myself wanting to share it with the world but in the end it was and is a private affair. Had it happened today perhaps the people involved would have blogged it, and there would be a record of…

  • This is an interesting story on teaching teenage criminals

    This is an interesting story on teaching teenage criminals, and their psychology and social structure.

  • Bowl Noodle

    Spicy bowl noodle = Noodle goodness.Nong Shim makes a lovely noodle bowl and has a great looking website in Korean. That is, the Korean website is lovely; the one in English is lame. I have been eating these for lunch lately, and they are great. Frankly, I think I’ve scared my co-workers with my obsession…

  • More Lindows

    I love how Microsoft sounds desperate in this news item: Microsoft Still Trying to Stop Windows. And hey kids, have you read my analysis of the pitch yet? Well you should.

  • Ramble about Vince

    Tomorrow morning my friend Vince will go in for surgery to address a tumor in his head near his pituitary gland. Vince is the fellow on the right in this picture. Vince was a big mentor to me in Respiratory School, and in some ways I was to him too. We have had many very…

  • Instant addition to the sidebar: ADVOGATO

    Dang. Ever have a moment of realization like “Where have I been to have missed this?” While I’ve been nattering on about about xhtml vs. html; tables vs. CSS for layout; PostGRE or MySQL or Oracle or SQL Server; Advogato has been discussing things of real importance. Check a few recent entries: Trust Metrics (which…

  • is a great response to, which has had so much drama of late.

  • Welcome Pixel Viewers!

    Howdy Pixelview readers! And thanks much to the head lemur for the opportunity to pontificate, and for providing a venue to such a neat array of web folk to talk about who they are and what they do.

  • Lines & Grauman’s & Unintended Consequences

    They’re lining up at Grauman’s Chinese For Star Wars 5, Er… Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones. Which reminds me of my Super Simple Countdown in PHP and of course my ancient R2. Fun fact: I was living in Alhambra California in 1977 with my parents. My Mom was pregnant with my sister….

  • Thanks For The Plugs!

    From camworld and clint l ( and meryl and of course the lemur.

  • Harry!

    Harry Shearer is the best. On Fresh Air, listen to him talk about his new movie Teddy Bear’s Picnic (a spoof of Bohemian Grove), The Oscars, Show Business, and the peculiar fact that current satirists usually end up flattering the satirized. He also gets in a tiny mention of Gene Simmons on Fresh (possibly-apocraphally infamous)….

  • The linkilicious Radical Bender’s…

    The linkilicious Radical Bender‘s “Message for Now” reminds me of something.

  • This nostalgic piece on the Amiga

    This nostalgic piece on the Amiga from the always interesting reminds me of my own.

  • I’ve updated the words section of the site.

    I’ve updated the words section of the site.

  •, via my Wife, and originally from my Grandmother from a Parade Magazine clipping. An interesting idea. Jenny has been knitting — and with great facility — in the past few months. She made me a gray scarf with burgundy stripes. For someone who is essentially self-taught, she does great work. She also made a…

  • What, Politics? Me?

    Oil and The Middle East: Why U.S. Foreign Policy Has To Change by Bill Christison is a great, matter-of-fact distillation of how we got to where we are in the Middle East since World War II. It mentions an agreement with the Saudi Royal family made by FDR which I had never heard of. It’s…

  • No Maps for These Territories

    No Maps for These Territories, a documentary about William Gibson is now out on DVD.

  • Housekeeping & Miscellany

    Some housekeeping here. Individually archived blog pages now have “next” and “previous” links to aid navigation and wayfinding. Yes, I said “navigation and wayfinding.” As if I can’t fancy up my nomenclature? Perish the thought! Also added a piece to words from November, Jenny helped me out with making it coherent. I originally wanted it…

  • only for Jenny…

    Happy Anniversary, Baby / got you on my mind. Can you believe it? …three years of Married adventures. Thanks for marrying me, honey.

  • Apple CEO Gil Amelio to speak in San Diego

    Apple CEO Gil Amelio to speak in San Diego — check for details. I’m going I’m pretty sure.

  • David Hasselhoff

    David Hasselhoff – Hooked on a Feeling. So bad, it’s bad. (via [] via SDBloggers )

  • Lindows Sneak Preview 2 is available.

    Lindows Sneak Preview 2 is available.

  • Gateway launches campaign for rights in digital music.

    Gateway launches campaign for rights in digital music. This is a good move. I hope other technology companies will take stands like this. Check this Starting Saturday, all 277 Gateway(R) stores will give away CD-R blanks (limit three per customer, while supplies last). This Saturday and Sunday at 4 p.m. local time, all Gateway stores…

  • Slideshow Plus is a new lab item. Enjoy!

    Slideshow Plus is a new lab item. Enjoy!

  • My DVD copy of the William Gibson documentary…

    My DVD copy of the William Gibson documentary No Maps for These Territories came yesterday. It’s nifty, and has lots more of Gibson chattering on about things like the future, Crack cocaine, the past, and drug gangs. Also more Bruce Sterling! I ordered it on Sunday when I blogged it Sunday. Nice UPS turnaround. I’ll…

  • Spinhead’s is shaping up

    Spinhead’s is shaping up as a great music blog. I added it to san diego bloggers as well.

  • Friday’s Useless Musings

    I’m listening to the song Son of Mr. Green Genes by Frank Zappa from Hot Rats and it sounds glorious. On the way home from worked I visited Jenny at work, went to the comic book store. Dark Knight Returns (DK2) #3 is still not out. I’ve been waiting for it patiently since February. I…

  • Lyric of the Day, From Mr. Zappa, 1973 or so.

    I’m gross and perverted I’m obsessed ‘n deranged I have existed for years But very little has changed I am the tool of the Government And industry too For I am destined to rule And regulate you I may be vile and pernicious But you can’t look away I make you think I’m delicious With…

  • Bebe Update!

    The Bebe Fansite has been updated with 5 new images of Isabeli Fontana. (They’re from a person who claims the blue/limo images are not Fontani. Decide for yourself. And ladies, if you are so inclined, go buy something on!

  • New Audio!

    I bought the new Stew record yesterday on my lunch hour, The Naked Dutch Painter & Other Songs. So far, it’s great. My favorite song is Punk Rock T-Shirt Melting, which has been renamed as North Bronx French Marie. Jenny and I have it from the Sweetboot official bootleg. Best lyric: Tonight I sleep with…

  • New Smorgasborg Item; Etc.

    I’ve been putting entirely random items into the Smorgasborg since at least early 1999. I don’t add them very often, because I have this blog. My rationale for the smorgasborg was This is a bunch of stuff I have no idea what to do with. So I figured: hey! I’ll put ’em up on the…

  • San Diego Jobs! Meet Anita!

    In San Diego, or Just looking for a job? Check this: Anita’s Recommended Job Websites. Anita’s a very important member of, and also has a blog, a business consultancy as a Search Engine Guru, and two eBooks.

  • it is a small world

    it is a small world It is indeed a small world. I’ve added Pleonasm and Ms. Hacker’s Hummina Hummina! to San Diego Bloggers. I found pleonasm via the SDBloggers Referers.

  • Another Stew Transcription!

    Can’t resist. Stew records never include lyrics, so it’s up to the fans. It’s not that they’re particularly profound, they just do the job. So here are the lyrics to The Naked Dutch Painter.

  • And yet more Stew!

    »A review from the L.A. Weekly »New live in-studio appearance on KCRW     (seriously worth a listen if you want to check out Stew) »Bio of Stew from Smile Records

  • Quotes of the Moment

    The point is, stop killing people  – Mitch Wagner If you don’t speak up and let yourself be heard, you lose the power to shape the debate  – Oliver Willis Mike says, “the equivocation and silence of the non war bloggers is deafening.” I fail to see equivocation in standing foursquare against killing. But I do agree…

  • How kooky is it that my San Diego Bloggers page is #4 in a google search for bloggers?

    How kooky is it that my San Diego Bloggers page is #4 in a google search for bloggers?

  • Quote of the Day

    “The fact that inhumanity is coupled with so much stupidity makes one feel almost optimistic in a dangerous way.”   – Erich Hecke

  • I’m watching Tammy Bruce (discussing her book)on C-SPAN

    I’m watching Tammy Bruce (discussing her book)on C-SPAN and she’s really good. I disagree with her a lot, but you have to love pro-gun pro-choice feminists who can count Dr. Laura as a colleage and friend. Her argument is excellent. She’s standing for individual, personal, civil liberties. She argues that if you have a cause,…

  • Random Thought Last Night:

    Random Thought Last Night: I was at the store and thinking that the key people to think of when trying to raise awareness as an online activist are Ralph Nader (consumer advocacy, serious research); Gandhi (tolerance, love for fellow man); and Edward Tufte (obsessive focus on communicating effectively). Site Tweaks: The Ronny Vardy Fansite was…

  • PMRC Too-Redux’d; Read More About It!

    Last night there was a thing on VH1 about the PMRC hearings called Warning: Parental Advisory. My hopes had been low for this, but I was hopeful that at least Frank Zappa might be characterized interestingly (I am a fan). But it was pretty much awful all around. It also made Dee Snider (who played…

  • In Brief

    Tired. Need to get up early. Why am I still up? Stupidity. Big pitch for work tomorrow. Wish us luck. And wish me good-night.

  • Splash Page Redesign!

    And it was very fun. I hope it works well for you. about the redesign, I use kottke’s silkscreen font. I also did work in Painter drawing with a virtual brush to do the lettering. The CSS and xhtml works well in Netscape 6/Windows and IE6/Windows, there will be inevitable tweaks when I check other…

  • Sign O’ The Times

    One of the funniest, saddest things I’ve seen in a while is Bill Rini’s photos from Internet World 2002 in Los Angeles.

  • Christina Update

    Longtime readers know that I’m a Christina Aguilera fan, and follow what’s up with this young popstar. This recent interview with Allure Magazine is a nice update. Nice to see her realizing that she got overexposed, and overworked last year. I remember for a while that any time she’d appear on TV she looked so…

  • I just realized I can do spellcheck in Pine

    I just realized I can do spellcheck in Pine, my unix mailer. How I managed to assume Pine could not do spellcheck for 4 years escapes me. I feel like a dunderhead.

  • Transcription-mania!

    I’ve posted my transcription of the song The Drug Suite (I Must’ve Been High / I’m Not On a Drug / Arlington Hill) from the latest Stew record. This makes 5 of the 9 (official) tracks. Usually when I get a record I find the lyrics have been posted somewhere and I can just let…

  • Can’t stop transcribin’:

    Can’t stop transcribin’: Re-hab by Stew. If I can’t find it on the net, I gotta put it up. Nyeah.

  • Law & Order: Kaycee Nicole

    Kind of interesting to see two of my pastimes intersect — blogging and Law & Order– tonight’s second Law & Order: Criminal Intent was about a teenage figure bearing a striking resemblance to the Kaycee Nicole Affair.

  • Lone Wolf and Cub

    Lone Wolf and Cub was an amazing comic book. It’s having a resurgence in a small, portable format, from Dark Horse comics. I have some of the original tranalations, done under the brand of First Comics, now out of business, and they’re really good. I’m glad to see Dark Horse revive this comic.

  • Something from an interview with Harry Shearer, from March 2002:

    Something from an interview with Harry Shearer, from March 2002: Let’s get back to politics. How about Dick Cheney having to hand over documents about his energy task force and policies? A step in the right direction? If you live long enough, one of the rewards is to get the privilege of seeing each political…

  • Mmm, SOAPy

    Lots of interesting chatter about SOAP, XML, APIs, and Web Services right now: Google’s Gaffe (this article asks if Google’s API is overly complicated by SOAP) SOAP Wars (the converse take) The always interesting Shirky with another take on Web Services/APIs SOAP vs. REST (Representational State Transfer) REST and Web Services Some interesting reading. Though…

  • Interesting.

    New Apple product – geared to education: Apple eMac

  • Jenny’s New Shirt. Cute!

    Jenny’s New Shirt. Cute!

  • John Dean…

    John Dean, of Watergate and Blind Ambition fame, will reveal the name of Deep Throat in June. Interesting.

  • The word of the day for Monday was: cuckold.

    The word of the day for Monday was: cuckold.

  • Stray Lyrics, from Talking Heads:

    Stray Lyrics, from Talking Heads: i can answer your questions if you won’t twist what i say please respect my opinions they will be respected some day because we don’t need love i believe that we don’t need love there’ll come a day when we won’t need love

  • Went to see Tenacious D and the Strokes tonight with Jenny and Ewon.

    Went to see Tenacious D and the Strokes tonight with Jenny and Ewon. It was pretty good. Not too much to say about that. Turns out, I’ve seen a lot of concerts in my life. I’d better hit the hay; it’s very late.

  • Whoa, cool

    Whoa, cool, MeFi and profiled! Usability: The Site Speaks for Itself. Two of the most significant independently created websites out there, MetaFilter and, are profiled in this new book, which I will definitely be picking up. It couldn’t happen to a nicer couple of sites. MeFi and the ‘volt are both examples of…

  • Oh that Rini!

    Open Letter to E*Trade, by Bill Rini. I highly recommend Mr. Rini for this position. (Can I be on the Board of Directors?)

  • Cool find of the day: – where I found this ad featuring Bill Cosby and my old computer, the TI-99 – which I’ve talked about before.

  • Stakes is high.

    Stakes is high.

  • Word of the Day:

          roach drumstick courtesy Sassy

  • Chinese Search

    about this search: … … previous entry where I get far too interested in a referrer, see: One of My Favorite Links to, March 2002.

  • Group Participation Time!

    I am quite displeased at the way Verisign is handling the domain hijacking. …spread the word…

  • Lyric of the day, transcribed

    by Stew from Guest Host — Cavity Brother Lazarus can you explain to me your return to city of the dead? He said On Fifth and Alvarado I feel no pain Nobody even noticed when I floated down Main And they say that I’m insane Out here in the rain New smorg items: Cavity, Stepford…

  • Fascinating?

    I’m not sure how I ended up on The Fascinating Links page of The em-bed Examiner, but I appear to have some very cool company.

  • Heavy Duty Judy

    Today was a serious day. I suspect there will be more in the near term. Jennifer and I are currently experiencing technical difficulties with our marital bliss. We have no lack of for worse, for poorer, and in sickness, it’s the good stuff we’re having trouble with now. The plan as it stands is for…

  • separation; submerge into work; avoid sobbing

    Jennifer is away now. To retain a release valve, I have thrown myself into activity – work – personal projects – household chores – errands. I find that when I let myself think about where I am in my personal life I tend to want to scream or sob, which is not socially acceptable outside…

  • The efficiency of this call…

    The efficiency of this call sounds about right to my rusty medical ears. Methodical, cautious, and does what it needs to. It brings terrible news in the way that a person can handle it.

  • Some Stray Links On Avoiding Landmines In Sending Commercial Email

    »Email Marketing from iMarketing News »How to Advertise Responsibly Using E-Mail and Newsgroups or – how NOT to $$$$$ MAKE ENEMIES FAST! $$$$$ »Help for Marketers from Fight Spam on the Internet! » »Spam news »This in particular is really on the mark: Advertisers Bulk email can be a powerful advertising medium. However it can…

  • good article on politics and the internet:

    good article on politics and the internet: “But the Internet is fundamentally changing politics, but in unflashy ways that parallel what has happened in the business world. After the dot-com crash, two types of businesses have principally thrived by using the ‘net: Businesses that do old things in new ways that rely on the Internet’s…

  • Some Mac Stuff

    RealPlayer for MacOS X did not ship in April, as previously noted. Real is late. This makes me unhappy because I’m an NPR junkie. In other news, I picked up a new AC Adaptor from CryWolf Consulting yesterday for my Clamshell iBook SE. The old one was worn out, and when there’s no juice, computers…

  • Update From Hell

    The incomprehensibility of my own current emotional state continues to surprise me. Things are bad. Separation feels terrible. How did this happen? Have I not been supportive and accepting? Where did i go wrong? Is this because of our age difference? How on earth do people manage to grow together? There are no answers to…

  • Losing it

    I’m losing it. But I love her. Must be something can be done. Problems which develop over years cannot be solved in a day — but how to get my foot in the door to talk these things over when she’s moved out, and I’ve basically lost my emotional balance? And I’m watching and I’m…

  • In Brief

    A few notes on the Current State of the (Marital) Union, and some on the State of my Psyche. Today was hard. I was on edge and feared breaking into tears several times. I have reached out to many people who I feel may have insight for me into how things got the way they…

  • Why, that’s almost Zen!

    Mike Roufa says: relationships are like playing jenga on the side of a hill I think he’s a wise man.

  • Why My Sister Rocks, ’02

    She read some previous entries in my blog and had this to say: As for sobbing. I think it’s healthy under the circumstances. Screaming in the car is good too, very punk rock. How cool is that?

  • new badge wearer!

    spinhead’s rocking music blog is now wearing a san diego blogger badge.

  • memory lane

    Cocoa Krispies Memory, and a Kite in Santa Monica.

  • Bowlinguist

    I’m married to — well — separated from — a linguist – but this is so cool! — Gadget converts woofs into words: The Bowlingual: If Dr Dolittle can’t make animals talk, perhaps Japanese toy maker Takara can. Now we need one for a cat!

  • Things Are Tough; Stuff For Sale

    Despite being occupied with going to the post office, racquetball, to see the great new documentary Dog Town and Z-Boys, yesterday was an intensely difficult day. I’m going to try to radically reform my life and figure out how I can be a better formed human being. Part of that is doing some de-pack-ratting. So…

  • Occupying My Mind

    Today has been full. I cleaned up some in the apartment. I threw away some junk. I made a pile of cool stuff that’s not wanted. I made a web page detailing same, and put them up for sale. I went to Kinko’s to get a color copy. I got a short haircut. I bought…

  • Breaking The News

    Tonight I went over to see my Grandmother to break the news about Jenny and me. I was terrified about how she would take it. And the whole ghoulish thing is just so horrible to tell. My Grandmother was wise, and wonderful, and hopeful that the best outcome would come from all this. She wishes…

  • Non-Depressing Stuff — Data Modelling With Rudy!

    Database diety rudy limeback has a very neat post on his site — Data Modelling, which talks a bit about how data modeling was done 30 years ago. Very, very, very cool.

  • Bruce Sterling on Star Wars

    Bruce Sterling on Star Wars A Very American Movie

  • Me, Now.

    Photo by Charles. On the right, Kelly:

  • According to Beth Hansen on 5/15/2002…

    According to Beth Hansen on 5/15/2002, my site is a blog for the web addict. At least that comment sounds like a compliment.

  • Psychosocial Update

    I’m feeling better. I’m less on edge. My sense of humor is returning. I still miss Jennifer. I have an appointment with a counselor today. Jenny is not coming, but I have (emotional) work enough to do on my own I suppose. I still think it would be helpful to get us to talk about…

  • I want something I did last night to be understood.

    I want something I did last night to be understood. Last night I made a phone call to the person Jenny said she was going to see romantically – Jeremy. I got the phone number from one of the phone bills, and I managed to figure out that that was the one. I left a…

  • Offline

    I need to go offline for a while. In need of serious reclamation project. The best advice I’ve gotten in the past few days is: ~ act as though jenny is irretrievably gone ~ the sooner you get into that mindset, the better ~ then if she comes back, that’s a plus, and if she…

  • Tomorrow’s Trip

    I have more to say than will fit in this space. In lieu of words, here is a picture of my trip tomorrow from Washington, D.C. to San Diego.:

  • Back

    I’m back in San Diego, but I’m still on east coast time. Upshot? If I were in EDT, I’d be up late. But it’s PDT, so I’m up early. As for the map in the previous entry, my flight actually went through Chicago, but you didn’t think the map in the previous entry was spot-on…

  • Bowling for Columbine

    Michael Moore’s Bowling for Columbine looks like it’s gonna be a heckuva a movie. I remember the impact Roger & Me had on me back in 1989. The empowerment of the little guy, and the crazy guts it takes to make a movie for nearly no money and lots of guts was compelling to my…

  • Unsent Email

    Last week, Friday, I drafted an email to Jenny. I ended up not sending it. But I sent it to myself just in case I wanted to re-send it another time. As I reread it I was so happy that it went to my dead letter office. Sometimes you want to talk, and it’s a…

  • Meow. Mow? Rowr? Meowr! MOW!

    From my good friend Ewon, kind of a bookend to the post about a Dog Translation device, Meanings of Meow: Cornell Researcher Seeks to Prove How Cats Manipulate People.

  • Fellow Terrorist/Blogger/Webbie

    I got a nice note from Kitty of BitchBlog – seems I’m not the only web designer/respiratory therapist/blogger out there! Though I believe Dori Smith made this connection years ago in the vfth discussion boards. Hi Kitty!

  • New News

    Not much new to report. Jennifer called late last night and left a message on my machine. We have administrative things to address, papers to sign, keys to turn over. She also asked how my trip was and wished me well. I’m having a hard time understanding how it is she still has any interest…

  • Third Best Comic Book Store Ever

    While I was visiting Washington D.C. last week, my sister and I wandered around Georgetown a bit. In so doing one of the places we went was a place my sister had never been — Big Planet Comics. Now, I’ve lived all over. And I’ve been to a lot of comic book stores. My compliment…

  • via the EFF… TINSEL TOWN CLUB!

    via the EFF… TINSEL TOWN CLUB! Senator Ernest Hollings and a powerful group of Hollywood entertainment interests are pushing Congress to pass an anti-consumer bill called the Consumer Broadband and Digital Television Promotion Act (CBDTPA) that may make it impossible to: ยป Play your CDs on your desktop computer ยป Create legal copies or mp3s…

  • The Weekend Update

    This has been a really full weekend. Where on earth to start? First off, for those of you with no patience, it was a good weekend. No donnybrooks. Saturday I started off by playing racquetball with Bob Sturm, who soundly kicked my butt this weekend. Enjoyable games, all, but I was not at 100%. Next…

  • from the archives

    a sketch I did into my journal/scrapbook on August 24, 1993. It’s of the New York skyline from the ferry which goes from Liberty Island to Ellis Island. It includes the World Trade Center, in silhouette. It’s funny, I remember drawing it, kind of quick and rough. 1993 was a long time ago. I’m going…

  • Comics Retailing Contender?

    In response to my post about comic book stores, Sassy the Comic Book Geek writes: You gotta visit Forbidden Planet in NYC: three floors of pure nerdly goodness! To which I reply: Yes, yes I do.

  • May pal Ewon sent me this link

    May pal Ewon sent me this link, which is indeed pretty funny — Worth a gander.

  • Matt “Mr. Community” Haughey

    Matt “Mr. Community” Haughey is profiled in the latest pixelview.

  • Early to bed, early to rise? /or/ Decisions

    I’ve always been a night person. Some of the best work I’ve done has been late at night or on overnight code and design sessions. So what can it mean that I went to bed at about 10pm last night? Or that I woke up at around 5am this morning? I think I’m going to…

  • More Archeology. A Baby Picture.

    The expression fits just as well today.

  • A Typography Blog …

    A Typography Blog — worth a look.

  • Biometrics: Just as hackable as other authentication

    Body Check: Biometric Access Protection Devices and their Programs Put to the Test, from the German c’t magazine.

  • From The Dead Letter Department

    I’m getting rid of lots of paper. Where I can, I put the nuggets of wisdom online. These minimal notes are from the two-day seminar given by Philip Greenspun at Caltech several years ago. He used the WimpyPoint system to do the slides. Looks like his slideshow is protected, so I can’t provide the real…

  • More Archaeology

    The poetry of the 22-23 year old me. Pining for someone I could not have anymore. When I write my memoirs, that will be an interesting chapter. Until then, look on my works ye mighty and despair! Well, actually, I’m going through old papers, and getting rid of lots of stuff. When something is interesting…

  • Bagels & Lox

    Today started with an early morning breakfast with my friend Steve E. at local deli D.Z. Akins. We talked of course about my current state of affairs, the separation, work, the web, search engines, the list. D.Z.A. is a great deli. Now, it’s not a Cantor’s or Carnegie Deli, but for San Diego, it rocks….

  • Today’s Archaeology: Virtual World

    More scrapbooking and archaeology. This is the membership card to Virtual World, which for a time in the early to mid 1990’s was a chain of networked game parlours. I remember that in the Pasadena branch they had a Mac there with an irc chat channel open, or was it an AOL chat window? Anyway,…

  • w/S.

    Walking. Chai. Bagel. Orange. Fuscia. Black. Grey. Commiseration. Release. Tales. Betrayals. Caring. Comfort. Sharing. Sesame seeds & cream cheese. Bursting strawberries. Talking. Smiles & tears. Ice/Sarah McLachlan. Friendship. Only two people will understand this post. But that’s okay.

  • Bleeding All Over The Place by Randy Newman

    Bleeding All Over The Place by Randy Newman Why don’t you love me like you used to do? Tell me, what I did I do wrong? Seems like you’re through with me I wasn’t through with you My love for you is still very strong.

  • Sorting IP Addresses in SQL

    Sorting IP Addresses in SQL SQL God Rudy Limeback has a solution on his SQL Page for sorting IP Addresses. Heckuva good read — for geeks. » Sorting substrings of different lengths numerically [Part 1] » Sorting substrings of different lengths numerically [Part 2] Mr. Limeback lives in Canada, and is interested in solving your…

  • Inbound

    I made it to this bookmark list. And check out this new inbound link — from Hugh — Hot Feet: the ramblings of a web geek. Worth a look.

  • Phoenix

    One of the things I picked up this weekend was a manga called Phoenix: A Story of the Future. I finished it yesterday. According to this review/history, it’s only a small part of a much, much larger saga by Osamu Tezuka — thousands of pages of a work encompassing decades. I enjoy getting into artists…

  • Update; Comics

    Jennifer came over last night. Picked up some stray mail. Visited the cat. We spoke a little. No definitive word on counseling. It was emotionally draining to be around her. But luckily, I presently get support from some serendipitous places. Phone calls can be wondrous. Later, I made this (and other things) but I’m only…

  • Archeology: 1996: When I was a Respiratory Therapist

    At the moment, there’s more to be said, and talked about than I can say and talk about. In the interim, another picture. Myself, 1996. I took this with a timer, after the night shift (1900-0730) at California Hospital Medical Center — the parking garage. I believe the white building in the distance behind me…

  • Muse, warm and serene!

    I’m rediscovering my poetic me. A few days ago I posted some decade old poems in words. I am doing other work in that realm now. Poetry and pictures flow from me now. Not public. Far too personal even for me, a shameless narcissist, to share here. There is a muse in my life. Warm,…

  • Rediscovering how great Matthew Sweet’s Girlfriend is…

    Rediscovering how great Matthew Sweet’s Girlfriend is… You Don’t Love Me what a beautiful moment the truth comes out at last once your heart would own me forever then this passed and what a beautiful moment as my head comes apart drunk and in a manner of saying wasted cause you don’t love me you…

  • Delights

    It’s a delight when you can talk to your father like a friend — when you can share every damn thing in your life with him, and he is accepting and wise, and offers constructive advice. It’s a delight when you can shoot pool and drink beer with your uncle and feel like a peer….

  • Today was a wonderful day.

    Today I got up early and did my laundry. Today I spoke to my Mom and sister for a good long talk. Today I went swimming for the first time in a long time. Today I helped build a prefab garden shed. Today I gave a copy of Understanding Comics away. Today I had crunchy…

  • Letting Go Of The Cat

    I think Jenny should take the cat. It’s time for me to let go. I have been so lucky these past weeks. So strengthened. I don’t need the cat. I think I was partially keeping him for selfish and antagonistic reasons. Only partially, but that’s stupid pettiness. I can’t use the cat as leverage. It’s…

  • MSIE 5.2 for Macintosh

    OS X only — Download IE 5.2 for Mac. Includes new rendering features. Worth a look.

  • Lyric of the Day

    I Feel You by Depeche Mode I feel you Your heart it sings I feel you The joy it brings Where heaven waits Those golden gates And back again You take me to And lead me through Oblivion This is the morning of our love It’s just the dawning of our love I feel you…

  • Burnt

    My sunburn, and other things, really hurt today. Must keep healing, working striving, learning. Onward.

  • Gato has left the building

    Jenny and I have now been separated 6 1/2 weeks. The cat has been a great comfort to me in that time. A companion through my tears and angst and sorrows — and a bringer of laughter, because he is, at the heart of it, a real ham. As this new life, this separated life…

  • The lyrics to CAT PEOPLE [PUTTING OUT FIRE] are perfectly apt for yesterday night:

    The lyrics to CAT PEOPLE [PUTTING OUT FIRE] are perfectly apt for yesterday night: See these eyes so red Red like jungle burning bright Those who feel me near Pull the blinds and change their minds It’s been so long Still this pulsing night A plague I call a heartbeat Just be still with me…

  • Java, Pascal Classes; Fall 1998; Becoming

    In the Fall of 1998 I started to take classes in Pascal and Java at Santa Monica College – the Pascal class was interesting for a while, but I dropped it. My own reading at the time was doing what I needed. At the time the only programming I was doing was some Perl and…

  • The Word for Yesterday:

    The Word for Yesterday: Yummy.

  • Archaeology

    So I’m continuing to go through all the posessions here. Getting rid of books and posters and decades of accumulated stuff. Some of it I’m so glad I kept. I was going through old sketches and drawings and found some gems. I listened to some old tapes tonight which had been locked in boxes. I…

  • Quote of the Day

    “Vision without execution is Hallucination” -Steve Case

  • Mixtape Moment

    So I’m listening to one of my mix tapes from 1990, and LL Cool J’s “Around the Way Girl” comes on. One of the lyrics is “Want to eat you like a cookie when I see you walk” — only I had taped it from MTV, and the word “eat” is not there, it’s audio-photoshopped…

  • Obfuscatiorama

    The term for the day last Wednesday was dry run.

  • A Beautiful Day

    Today was entirely productive, and entirely pleasant. I woke up early, as usual. I dropped off the rent check (post-dated for July 1), and mailed some bills. Then I took the latest load of stray-stuff-I-have-decided-someone-else-can-use at Goodwill. Then I went to the local Whole Foods and bought some celery, green onions, tiger’s milk bars, and…

  • Brief

    Yesterday was cool, but I didn’t blog about it. Well, I’m blogging about it now. Hrm. I’ll sum it up by saying that secret plans; making macaroni salad; seeing friends; grilled salmon; krab; and the will edwards band are all cool. Today, I’m thinking about a cowgirl. And I got contacted by two reporters today,…

  • Shoe Photoshop

    Yesterday I got up very early. I went to a continental breakfast thing about learning to deal with the media. It was mostly for Public Relations people, but I deal with the press rather often these days, and knowing how to approach and not approach them is a valuable skill. So anyway, that was productive….

  • the best blog on earth

    yes, artlung: the best blog on earth, here’s the proof! (click that link while you can, because I probably won’t be able to keep that top google spot for long).

  • Summertime, and the living’s…

    …well, not easy, but good. Had a good day yesterday. Work good. Progress being made vis-a-vis “understanding the separation.” Great racquetball. Danged if the shoeshine I mentioned doesn’t still look good. My clothes are fitting better, as I continue to lose weight at a rapid pace (the secret? not eating very much, and walking). In…

  • July!

    Things are moving quickly for me. July will see some trips, and some visits from family, and at least once concert. I’ll be seeing Norah Jones with a good friend at the end of the month. I’ve been rediscovering the power of friendship lately. I think for a long time I’ve kept my friends at…

  • Apple acquires eMagic

    Apple acquires eMagic — does this indicate that we’re going to see an iMusician product?

  • San Diego Bloggers – Big Update!

    Many changes on San Diego Bloggers. I went through the links and updated urls which had changed, and added 2 new badges from nerdboymikey. I also added a link/graphic to the meetup for blogs, specifically the San Diego Blog Meetup — though I don’t think I can attend. Additionally, I added a bookmarklet for Internet…

  • Goodbye, Ché

    I gave Ché back to Jenny on June 18th. That morning, I made a picture: Goodbye, Ché

  • Something silly looking…

    Something silly looking, but heartfelt. My sister got into town today. Things are nice. I am a lucky man. Happy Birthday USA

  • Dial-up in the morning

    On Friday, my parents came into town. I’ve been terrifically busy since then. Yesterday we did family racquetball, and then down to Pacific Beach, and then to a Baseball game of my 10 year old cousin Michael. After that we went to Mexican food at Marieta’s in Santee. A very busy day, and I got…

  • Respiratory Things

    I renewed my membership with the NBRC a few weeks back. Not strictly necessary to maintain my CRTT and RRT credentials, but a symbolic gesture. That link to CRTT is a link to “CRT,” which means since I became “certified” they’ve changed the name of the entry level Respiratory Therapy credential. The thing that matters…

  • Nifty

    One of my daily reads, BackupBrain, has redesigned.

  • Chris!

    My buddy Chris Greazel is part of a newish venture called Antares Paint, and I’m so proud of the man. He’s seriously talented.

  • Quake for the Blind

    This article on Quake for the Blind pushes into my mind that intersection between accessibility and usability/HCI — Quake for the Blind. The creators talk about the challenges of “translating” Quake into something a blind person can use, and even play. I’ve been interested in accessibility for a long time (turned onto it by Kynn),…

  • Brief Personal Update

    Things are good for me. Jenny and I have been to counseling twice and will again next week. The sessions have been productive in helping us understand what we’ve been doing for the past 6 years. The good and the bad too. We both need to learn from the past. My folks are still in…

  • Even more new Blogs

    San Diego Bloggers has even more new blogs on it. So check for the pink pound signs and enjoy! I’m looking forward to the San Diego Blog Meetup on the 18th of this Month.

  • Syd Mead News

    From an email from For anyone interested in Syd Mead, Cars and/or Toys check out the latest model released by MATTEL Inc. HOTWHEELS Collector NO. 054 This 1/64th HOTWHEELS model “SYD MEAD’S SENTINEL 400 LIMO” is number 42 of the 42 new models release this year for the 2002 series. Available everywhere HOTWHEELS cars…

  • Rudy’s Rules: Words to Live By

    rudy was talking about childrearing on a list I’m on. he mentioned his kids… > did i ever mention my “three rules” that i taught them? > > 1. don’t give up > 2. no whining > 3. be nice to everybody > > every religious precept i’ve ever run across > can be slotted…

  • Hinting at the roiling boil of my life

    If I don’t have an answer to a question, then I don’t have an answer to a question. It’s as simple as that. Lots of stuff being asked of me right now. I do not have any answers, but I’m willing to keep talking. But boundaries are there for a reason, and they must respected….

  • Everything Has Changed. Topsy Turvydom.

    Turnarounds in every aspect of my life are occurring. For the better. For the worst. For a change. I feel very much like a cork on the surface of a turbulent sea. Hurled from place to place, bounced and flipped by the sea. But alive, and surviving. I am now on a leave of absence…

  • From a friend.

    Running from problems is a sure way of running into problems.

  • Ben-Der!

    Ben Dyer secured the domain name for his blog, Radical Bender. Nice coup!

  • Outline!

    Omnioutliner, for OSX, appears to be an impressive piece of software. Reminds me of “Flow” from my Amiga days. Supposedly, “Inspiration” is also a good outliner — though not available natively for OSX.

  • Not sure whether to laugh or cry about this…

    Not sure whether to laugh or cry about this: Five Dumbest Things on Wall Street this Week.

  • For Sassy

    For Sassy Open Source Content Management System List


    They say you better listen to the voice of reason But they don’t give you any choice ’cause they think that it’s treason So you had better do as you are told You better listen to the radio [+] TONIGHT ONLY. I’ll be on the radio. San Diego NPR station KPBS on the show The…

  • Testing. Testing. 1.2.3.

    Going to try and blog this live.

  • Another test…

    Blogger is not behaving.

  • Dirk is doing pre-show banter…

    Dirk is doing pre-show banter. Here with Lester and with Mitch and with the host of The Lounge, Dirk. He’s doing the intro now.

  • Being referred to now…

    Being referred to now. Scary. Mitch is talking with erudition. Nice. Lester now. He’s rad. Being asked about coming ‘out.’ Big questions. It’s evolving. Doing some updates in emacs. Dirk looking over my shoulder as I update. Cool. bak from the break. Lots of personal questions. (squirm). But it was cool. Dirk asks good questions….

  • The radio thing went well…

    The radio thing went well. I’m sleepy now. Will blog the responses I got tomorrow.

  • Radio Followup — Email | Phone | Web

    Got a bunch of little notes during and after the radio show last night. Let’s attempt to address them, shall we? Matt Haughey thought it was pretty cool, a high compliment considering he’s the Philosopher King of Metafilter (and a nice guy too). And about the question of whether I am the real me in…

  • Back in a few

    Off to Hawaii. Back next week. Drop me a line.

  • Greetings from Maui

    I’m sitting in a rather lame internet kiosk which seems to only want to show me 50 of my email messages (typically I get 75 messages a day between lists and spam and mail I like). Given I’ve been gone 3 days, well, it adds up. Today was awesome. Went snorkling off Lanai on a…

  • Hawai’i and Memories

    Well, this is a bit better. Since I last typed, I jumped off a 40 foot lava rock a few times, swam with 3 honest-to-goodness sea turtles, had some bagels and lox, flew from Maui to Hawai’i (the locals write it out that way. Hawaiian is not a written language, it’s about the sound, and…

  • Back. Tired.

    I’m tired, but feel wonderful. Back in the box. There’s something really great about listening to Steely Dan when you’re tired and have stuff to do. More as the day progresses and I get my bearings.

  • Welcome Black

    A new Negro Problem disc, called Welcome Black will be out in September. Yeehah!

  • Web Services

    I’ve been an Amazon associate for several years — and this here: Web Services — makes me want to play with it more. Ideas percolating, but must stay focused on what can pay the rent first. Playtime-Tech must come second. Priorities.

  • Radio Appearance Posted!

    The radio show I was on back on the 16th has now been ripped to RealAudio and can now be listened to if you have RealAudio. Ready to listen? Okay, here is the KPBS show The Lounge from July 16, 2002. The posting done during the show is here. Comments or questions? Gimme a holler….

  • Funkburger

    Just feeling a little bit funky now. Not exactly sad. Not exactly happy. Not exactly lonely. But a little funkburger. I think the time change from Hawaii has caught up with me. Also, there is lots of stuff happening with family (new skin issues for my Grandfather, nothing major, my Aunt just got in a…

  • Something for the RT in Me

    Something for the RT in Me When Seconds Count: Preparing Respiratory Therapists for Mass Casualty Incident Response prepared by Frank Rando for the AARC.

  • An Excellent Observation on Airlines

    … in a Longer, Interesting Speech from Bruce Sterling. Worth a read. Really worth your valuable time. If you’ve been in airports recently, I believe you are seeing a pretty apt, early version of Terrorspace. At any random moment, you can have your possessions rifled through by strangers. Your shoes are scanned, and various small…

  • Squids!

    One of my favorite places, La Jolla Cove, was covered in squid this weekend. Check out these squid photos!

  • Blog Notes Dump

    I made some cursory notes for myself prior to the radio show. Here are the broad strokes of what I had on my mind. Of course, Only pieces of these were mentioned by me. Ah well, next time. Blogs: – age of web? – age of internet? – diary of a nobody – rss, amphetadesk…

  • Putting the Game Face On

    Today, or rather Sunday, was kinda rough. The emptiness of the apartment I think was working on me. Sundays can be so long. Having some loneliness is no help. But anyway, I’ve been setting up online banking, and I’ve been capturing old cassettes to aiff, then to mp3 – so I can play and make…

  • Depression; Comic-Con Wrap Up

    So for the past several days I’ve been immersed in Comic-Con down at the San Diego Convention Center. I’ve been going to the Con off and on since 1985. I have some strange memories associated with the Con. I remember many years ago, when I was living in Los Angeles, and before I was working…

  • Rock & Roll!

    Rock & Roll! Lots happening. Work is in progress. Watch this space. Any of you worried about me based on the last post please don’t be so worried. The fact that I can say I’m depressed is a sign, to me, that I can conquer the beast. I’m rocking and rolling right now. And to…

  • From the “Ugh, This is Disheatening” Department

    Man hijacks al-Qaeda site for FBI use When Web operator Jon Messner gained control of one of al-Qaeda’s prime Internet communication sites, he offered it to the FBI to use it for disinformation and collecting data about sympathizers. What followed, he says, was a week of frustration. FBI agents struggled to find someone with enough…

  • Bruce Sterling Ranting at OSCon…

    Bruce Sterling Ranting at OSCon. Loopy. Be sure to read the part about the open source hippy girl. Truly cracked and entertaining.

  • Radio, Radio

    From Wired News: Almost all radio is ClearChannel these days in San Diego.

  • More on the San Diego and La Jolla Squids…

    More on the San Diego and La Jolla Squids, from CNN.

  • Last week I cancelled call waiting…

    Last week I cancelled call waiting. Call waiting irritates me. If I’m on the phone, I don’t want to be interrupted. I will save $3.23 per month. This is not revolutionary. But it may annoy some of the people who care about me. The intention is about focus.

  • From My Mom

    Why the Zone Works So Well by Jeanne Rhynsburger, RN

  • Weight Loss

    I don’t talk about my weight here, perhaps worrying that talking about it would jinx and embarrass me. But bottom line: I’ve lost 55 pounds since the separation started. Much of this was just grief-related / depression-related lack of interest in food (and a general lack of interest in ANYTHING). But since then I’ve also…

  • This is interesting – a civil flag…

    This is interesting – a civil flag: The Mystery of the Forgotten US Flag Revealed

  • This article about deep breathing is good for relaxation …

    This article about deep breathing is good for relaxation — and is actually close to meditation — or even prayer.

  • The Food Timeline …

    The Food Timeline — a History of Food

  • Ron Zeno has a blog on HCI/usability…

    Ron Zeno has a blog on HCI/usability. Ron is a smart fellow. I know him via SanDCHI.

  • Two Comics I Intend to Get At Some Point But Which I Did Not See At Comic-Con

      ·  Wonder Woman: The Hiketeia   ·  League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

  • Comics and the Law

    At Comic Con, I saw Michael L. Lovitz give several presentations on comics and intellectual property law. He also has a comic book called The Trademark & Copyright Book.

  • Steve & Natty’s Excellent Adventure

    Steve K, who I worked with at EduPoint, is taking a year off to travel the nation with his girlfriend Natty – they’ve customized a van and are having an amazing time – check them and their walkabout out at

  • Rumi

    Rumi is very interesting. Check out this site for more of his poetry. (via a friend)

  • Jenny Updates Journal!

    Jenny has updated her journal. And yes, it’s true. We’ve been seeing more of each other. It’s a peculiar situation, but it’s been friendly. Not romantic. But very pleasant. At the core of it, we are excellent friends. Worst Case Scenario is that we had 5 out of 6 happy years in our committed relationship….

  • Civil Flag Update

    From Kynn: more on the (mythical? fictional?) civil flag, which I mentioned before — U.S. Civilian Flag? and Flag Related Myths and Folklore (United States) / Civilian Flag.

  • When people say M$…

    When people say M$, I say this.

  • Joan describes me as…

    Joan describes me as: a piาa colada with chips and salsa. Before you know it you’ve wiped out the entire basket of chips, are asking for more salsa, and could we have an extra umbrella in the next drink? no idea what that means, but I kinda like it.

  • From Gail…

    From Gail: 2 art sites: and

  • FBI laptops and guns go missing…

    FBI laptops and guns go missing: The US Justice Department is left red-faced after an audit reveals the loss of 775 weapons and more than 400 computers — OUCH!

  • From Steve E…

    From Steve E.: Intelligent and thought-provoking take on the “music industry vs. Internet” battle. Written by Janis Ian of the 60s Society’s Child fame.:   ·  Fallout – a follow up to The Internet Debacle   ·  The Internet Debacle – an alternative view

  • The EFF has created a page to voice your opposition to the Berman Bill…

    The EFF has created a page to voice your opposition to the Berman Bill, (the Bill) would give copyright holders what amount to Letters of Marque, to hack and disable personal computers. From the comfort of your chair you can send your representative a letter in opposition to this bill which will only add more…

  • Nervous Horse Metaphor

    I was speaking with a dear friend tonight. What I want out of life is to be happy. I also want calmness. I’d like to be calm, more. A metaphor occured to me. The metaphor is this. I am a nervous horse in a stable. Jittery. Lumbering. There are people there with me. They are…

  • Cyber Cafe in Pacific Beach

    I picked up a flyer at Con about a new Cybercafe: Wired Cyber Cafe / Internet Access and PC Games / $3 per hour ($2 minimum) / Open Every Day 9:30am-10:30pm+ / 853 Hornblend St, Pacific Beach (Behind Long’s on Mission) The flyer lists a phone number of 858-490-8060. I’ve never been there. Perhaps sometime.

  • Quote of the Day

    If you’re going to be able to look back on something and laugh about it, you might as well laugh about it now. – Marie Osmond

  • SDAI: San Diego Art Institute: Computer Arts Program looks interesting.

  • I like this shirt…

    I like this shirt. The “clients” one is best.


    To those of you who dropped me notes about my horse metaphor, thank you. You’re very kind, and you have articulate and moving thoughts. They certainly put my thoughts to shame. You know who you are. Today was a good day. I’ll now get a little sappy and wish everyone out there a lovely weekend….

  • song of the weekend

    I remember the night        and the Tennessee Waltz And I knew        just how much I had lost Yes, I lost my little darlin’ the night they were playing The beautiful Tennessee Waltz The beautiful Tennessee Waltz

  • read someone else’s blog for a second

    the boy has to be smarter than the girl, my ASS. MY TAKE: damn the rules. the rules are for suckers. society makes all these rules about how we’re supposed to be, about what is permissible. of course some of them make sense. careful and cautious evaluation needs to be done. and in so doing,…

  • Whew! Long Lost Geyser Picture

    Too busy a weekend to talk about now. But I’m definitely gonna be talking about it! In the meantime, my sister sent me a picture from a long lost roll of 110 (remember those old cartridges?) film, and unearthed this picture of the two of us from sometime in the very early 1980s (I think…

  • Bill Maudlin needs help…

    Bill Maudlin needs help.

  • Here are some good quotes on truth and honesty…

    Here are some good quotes on truth and honesty. These two words mean a great deal to me. Pondering these words these past weeks.

  • I think Alanis Morrisette’s video for So Pure is rad…

    I think Alanis Morrisette’s video for So Pure is rad. Check it out

  • From Steve E…

    From Steve E: Why Lindows Ultimately Won’t Matter. Lindows is less compelling to me as a concept now than when I wrote Lindows, The Pitch. The article is worth a read.

  • JavaScript Cheat Sheets

    Visibone has new cards featuring JavaScript. That is rad. Visibone makes wonderful stuff for web developers.

  • My Nutty Pal Kynn

    Kynn is busy lately — here he is being consulted as an expert on wired news and here he is being goofy (Kirby Dots!) in WWNKD: the comic strip. And have you bought his CSS Book yet?

  • Lyric of the Day

    No it isn’t very easy When you’re left on your own No it isn’t very easy When each road you take Is one more mistake There’s no-one to break your fall And lead you back home, yeah We all like to climb to the heights of love Where our fantasy world can be found But…

  • ASP and SQL Tricks

    I’m freelancing. Yes, freelancing. And yes, I’m for hire. Hire me or even just contact me. Anyway, today this article: How can I take the result of a SELECT…MULTIPLE or a group of same-named checkboxes and turn it into a query? That is, if the user selects 3 answers, how can I construct a query…

  • Mythinators!

    John V sends: purportal, a resource for debunking myths! Worth a bookmark. I also like for unearthing hoaxes and urban myths and such.

  • JaneceIsBlogging

    Janece C (former WebSanDiegan, current Seattleite) is blogging about running and about more than that. Check it!

  • Correction:

    Janece is a CURRENT WebSanDiegan. regrets the error. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Alone In The Night

    Alone In The Night by joe it has to be okay to be alone in the night the emptiness of aloneness could be interpreted as an opportunity for independence for self-sufficiency but sometimes the aloneness just feels hollow and the result is sorrow and the result is sadness and the result is despair and the…

  • Opus

    Sassy completed his magnum opus (which I think means “great work”) — the name of his great work is Typography for the Web of Information a few days ago. It’s thorough, and he put it together for school.

  • New Lab Item, but Offsite:

    Using Form.FieldNames to get every Form Field name/value pair in Cold Fusion. I’m proud of it. Not bad for an hour and fifteen minutes worth of research and code. Discrete coding demonstrations I like.

  • Should You Be Worried About Joe? Big Update

    The $50,000 question these days I find myself asking myself is this. Am I going to be okay? Do things really work themselves out? Does time heal all wounds? Will Batman escape the clutches of the nefarious Dr. Freeze? I am confronted more and more with my own optimism. It’s been more than 3 months…

  • Seventh Annual Bourbon Street Wine Tasting- Cabaret Noir on Thursday…

    Seventh Annual Bourbon Street Wine Tasting- Cabaret Noir on Thursday, August 29, 2002. Looks cool. Check out Mama’s Kitchen.

  • For PHP Geeks

    For PHP Geeks PDF Generation with PHP

  • The Kid

    The Kid Stays In the Picture is a wonderful movie. I saw it last weekend. It’s the documentary of the life in Hollywood of one Robert Evans. It’s based by his book of the same name. I really like the guy’s attitude. He is a can-do, jerk. But he seems to be forthright about what…

  • Monkey makes fabulous sorbet in a sack is genius…

    Monkey makes fabulous sorbet in a sack is genius. From cooking with monkey.

  • Camille Paglia speaks on all and sundry!

    Camille Paglia speaks on all and sundry! Worth a thorough read. She excoriates many in this piece, and writes from a historical perspective that gets missed in all the talk of a “War On Terror.” Check it… But as a chain of suicide bombers steadily blew up buses and restaurants in Israel over the past…

  • Sour Experience

    Sour Experience A Long Island mother is fuming that JFK Airport security guards forced her to drink her own breast milk in front of other passengers before boarding a flight – to prove she wasn’t carrying any dangerous fluid to wreak havoc.

  • I’d Pretend, That I Was A Billboard

    I used to view personal interplay as a chance to “put my best face forward” – and in so doing I shut myself off. There’s a line in a Talking Heads song – Nothing But Flowers— “Years ago, I was an angry young man, and I’d pretend, that I was a billboard” — and that’s…

  • Smartest Thing Written on Yahoo and China

    Personally I disagree with Yahoo, and IDC. Personally I find China’s ability to combine censorship, oppression and capitalism as frightening as Al Qaeda. But let’s not be blind to realities here. And it seems that the Post’s coverage is willfully blind to them. China means profits. Participating in the Chinese “opportunity” means colluding with the…

  • Moz. Realtime.

    I have 9 Morrissey CDs. They are enumerated below for no terribly good reason: » World of Morrissey » Southpaw Grammar » Beethoven was Deaf » Your Arsenal » Malajusted » Kill Uncle » Vauxhall and I » My Early Burglary Years » Viva Hate Wait. Where’s Bona Drag? » Bona Drag Correction. I have…

  • Male Answer Syndrome

    Male Answer Syndrome is the annoying tendency of most men to answer questions regardless of whether they actually know the answer. I’m pretty sure I read that somewhere. via Mark’s Very Large National Lampoon Site I am afflicted.

  • what does war mean today?

    Well, humans are very aggressive and scrappy, and go to war at the drop of a hat. However, a standard land war is no longer going to work as it is no longer technically possible. There are no fronts, the commanding headquarters of generals can be smashed instantly and are number-one targets, supply lines can…

  • Monday Recap

    So today I got a bunch of work done. Did some invoices for work already done. Did some work on a proposal for a project I may get to work on which may help me pay that darned rent. On a more depressing note, today I closed out the joint bank account Jenny and I…

  • Alyson Hannigan (from Buffy The Vampire Slayer) sure is cute…

    Alyson Hannigan (from Buffy The Vampire Slayer) sure is cute. You know, when I was in Los Angeles, I once interviewed with the company that developed and maintained the Buffy site for Fox. I didn’t get the gig, ended up at Jamison/Gold instead. Everything worked out for the best professionally.

  • Rules of the House of God


  • Read about my two of my favorite musical artists these days:

    » Stew (New York Times) Stew is witty, musical, and is backed by great musicians. If you’ve not heard the Negro Problem, or Stew, you owe it to yourself to check them out. has more information. » Norah Jones (Jambase) I saw Norah Jones a few weeks back and she is amazing. What a…

  • Misc…

    Helen Bannerman wrote the book Little Black Sambo. Interesting person. Venor Vinge and Ray Kurzweil chat about the Singularity I was watching some NYPD Blue during the day on Tuesday. Nice exchange between the Rick Schroeder policeman character and a woman under arrest:     Woman: “These cuffs are tight!”     Cop: “Yeah, they come like that from the factory.”…

  • Huzzah Me!

    Sent out a big proposal today for some work. I think I’ve done good due diligence as far as time and cost breakdowns. Hope it goes well! The proposal process is a painful one, but a necessary one. If the client and the developer (in this case me) don’t agree, there’s problems. So it’s best…

  • Maxim’s Insight?

    Maxim, with an honest-to-goodness insightful article on relationships. I think Maxim is a problematic magazine, really. But it sure does signify the culture of American maleness — at least these days. O-dub might be proud of this link. He’s said Maxim is is favorite magazine. (via bruce sterling)

  • Blog Meetup Recap

    I’m really glad I went to the Blog Meetup last night. I carpooled with the lovely and talented Tara, which was pretty cool unto itself. The location, Claire de Lune. I like that place – it was the site of the most successful Happy Hour — #6, which is 2 years ago now. But…

  • From The My-Readers-Make-Me-Laugh-Too! Department

    Tom Bickle writes: If you thought the handcuff exchange was funny, you’d love a similar back ‘n forth, early on in the movie “Ransom.”     Perp: “Oww! These cuffs are too tight!”     Cop (in a heavy Noo Yawk accent): “Oh yeah, dat’s because they’re new –         give ’em time, they’ll stretch.”

  • xplane’s xblog has redesigned…

    xplane’s xblog has redesigned. Nice.

  • Power and Weakness by Robert Kagan

    There is a great deal of food for thought in Power and Weakness by Robert Kagan, from Policy Review. (via bruce sterling). It’s a long but good article. … The United States is a behemoth with a conscience. It is not Louis xiv’s France or George III’s England. Americans do not argue, even to themselves,…

  • This is how to get people to do things…

    This is how to get people to do things. You decide you’re going, and bring ’em along!

  • Geek Activism?

    Via John: GeekPAC — GeekPAC is an organization created for the specific purpose of Lobbying Directly to Influence Elections and the passage of legislation that fits the goals of our organization. We are a “PRO” Information Technology, “PRO” Freedom of Information, “PRO” Equal Access, “PRO” Freedom of Innovation and “PRO” Free Enterprise organization. In essence…

  • Live from the Apple Store Fashion Valley

    So i’m geeking out with massive amounts of people here at the Fashion Valley Apple Store for their 10:20 Mac OS X Event tonight. It’s amazing what an overpriced upgrade can create in the Mac faithful. Lots of excitement. Okay. Gotta get outta here now.

  • Here’s a good reason to respect Larry Lessig…

    Here’s a good reason to respect Larry Lessig. He deals with (cantankerous, argumentative, trolling) Dave Winer with aplomb.

  • New Tom Tom Club News

    “Tom Tom Club in a Bootleg Style – Part 1” is the title of the brand new 80 minutes tour documentary released by Tom Tom Club. The DVD contains home video footage of the band in rehearsal, live recordings from the 2000 and 2001 US tours, as well as backstage meetings with a variety of…

  • Lyric of the Day

    Sing your life Any fool can think of words that rhyme Many others do Why don’t you? Do you want to? Oh Oh Sing your life Walk right up to the microphone and name All the things you love All the things that you loathe … Others sang your life But now is a chance…

  • Brunch y Libros de Los Angeles y OSX.2 (Jaguar)

    Today I’m headed to Los Angeles (pronounce the “g” with a hard “Guh” for that 1940’s effect) to have brunch at Du-Pars at Farmer’s Market. I’m going to try to hit my favorite L.A. bookstores after that: Opamp (technical books), Hennessey+Ingalls (art, design), Golden Apple (comics). I may try to hit Aron’s Records and the…

  • Here’s A Long Los Angeles Recap

    Phew. I had a great time in Los Angeles yesterday. I left at quarter of 9, and traffic started immediately. Luckily though, I was not late for the Web405 brunch at Du-Par’s. Excellent company and a lovely traditional breakfast (eggs over easy and turkey links). Good to see old colleagues and meet new friends too….

  • San Diego Bloggers – Changes July – August!

    In the past 2 months we’ve had a bunch more San Diego blogs (which is to say any blog in San Diego County – it could be Oceanside or Vista or El Cajon or Lakeside or Solana Beach) added to SDBloggers. It’s been really cool seeing this site evolve. Blogs come, they go. Lots of…

  • Joe’s Playlist Today

    Joe’s Playlist Today (this is the day of lists) Dirty Work: Steely Dan Loddy Doddy: Slick Rick Oh No: Mothers of Invention Sing Your Life: Morrissey Unsent: Alanis Morissette It Wasn’t Me: Shaggy Stink: John Lurie Screenwriters’s Blues: Soul Coughing Considering a Move To Memphis: Colorblind James Experience Angels: David Byrne I challenge you to…

  • B&N Blog

    MAS sent me this link, which Lura mentioned at blog meetup last week — it purports to be the blog of a Barnes and Noble store manager. And here it is: PITA: The Wacky Customer Archives — it’s pretty darn funny. I hope I’m not a customer like some of these customers!

  • Lyrics of the Day

    Lyrics to Considering a Move To Memphis by the Colorblind James Experience… Memphis is the kind of town That won’t feel like a trap Besides I kind of like the way It sits there on the map I’m considering a move to Memphis That’s Memphis, Tennessee It worked for Elvis Presley Why can’t it work…

  • Lesson and Realization

    Love != Sex Sex != Love And yet, these things are clearly, brightly related. But the simple equation I’ve had in my head for so long, that Sex=Love, is not a true one. In fact, it may not be as simple as a rational mathematical relationship. The complexity of my heart, and the vastness of…

  • New Poetry

    Part of the interesting thing about a public website is the utter latitude I have to post any old thing I like. Such is the power of self-publishing. Luckily, I don’t post absolutely everything I write and create. I create like mad, and I hope my internal editor makes good decisions about what I make…

  • Neat Stuff

    I like Norah Jones’ music a lot. I like Frank Zappa a lot. I ordered a CD many months ago that just arrived. FZ:OZ. It’s great. Cashflow while freelancing can be an adventure. Sometimes not a good adventure. I have good friends. It’s fun to have sleepovers. Mystery Science Theater 3000 was a great show,…

  • Zappa Update

    You can get FZ:OZ here (it’s from 1976, new, live, from Australia, and is great — I really like the version of “Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance” on this double CD — also, my name’s in the liner notes (middle page of the liner notes, lower right quadrant) because I preordered. In other…

  • Steve and Natty’s Excellent Adventure, Updated, mentioned before, have updated their amazing travelogue » Go there already!

  • half-jokingly…

    half-jokingly… I was joking around with a buddy of mine — looking at San Diego Reader Classifieds – particularly the personals. I drafted what my own personal ad would be. I would never actually put this up, but here’s what it would be. I post it here at my peril. ๐Ÿ™‚ eclectic man, 32, separated…

  • Quote of the Day

         I’m a complicated dude.           – Me

  • Reader Feedback; What’s Up

    Response to my would-be personal ad has been great, and critical. My Mom says I should be careful what I wish for. She also points out that Jennifer may meet the criteria I set as well. It’s interesting, last Friday I was talking with my Uncle and said that I thought Jenny and I would…

  • I’ve Seen The Future

    In the highest praise yet for Google, China (as in “great firewall of China”) appears to have begun blocking google. Dissident search engines. It must be the future.

  • Lyric of the Early Morning:

    Well, I keep on thinkin’ ’bout you,Sister Golden Hair surprise And I just can’t live without you;can’t you see it in my eyes? Now I been one poor correspondent,and I been too, too hard to find But it doesn’t meanyou ain’t been on my mind

  • Via Chris Ford…

    Via Chris Ford: a really cool gallery Flash app: PhotoSpace.

  • Do you know about 802.11b/Wi-Fi..

    Do you know about 802.11b/Wi-Fi? Do you know about wardriving? Have you heard about WarFlying? Read these. From here in San Diego no less: War Flying by Tracy R. Reed; War Flying by Delta Farce … via

  • Nukes? Not That Practically Useful

    But several countries have nuclear weapons, and none has found them very useful in making others do their bidding. Israel hasn’t been able to force its neighbors to accept its treatment of the Palestinians. India hasn’t coerced Pakistan to give up its claims to Kashmir. China hasn’t succeeded in reclaiming Taiwan. — from the Washington…

  • What’s Up… A Mouthful, But Not More Than I Can Chew

    Hey! Today, I’m really busy. Errands for this early morning. Then one project for this morning. Then lunch out. Then another project this afternoon. Then racquetball this evening. Then a draft of a thing for Time to leap into the day!

  • New Christina… Almost

    Christina Aguilera, who I often talk about, has a new single coming soon — Dirrty — I grabbed a copy taped from a station in New York off of Limewire. I think I like it. I can’t account for how the girl dresses, but it’s fun to be a fan of hers. If you want…

  • What’s Up… TODAY-UPDATE

    Today has gone flawlessly so far. Freelance work has gone well. Did some billable time. Got a greenlight on a nice-sized project. Feels nice. I saw Jenny for lunch, and that was great. I like her. She’s nifty. I feel lucky that I don’t feel ill will toward her. She’s a cool person to know….

  • Non Entry

    Word of the day yesterday: Kaizen. Too much to blog, so instead I will blog very little. But things are good. The blog will catch up with my life this weekend. I’m tired now.

  • Thanks Janece!

    Janece [blog], points out that my FAQ was telling people to go to hire me via my old job. Well sheesh, that’s not true. If you want to hire, just get in touch with me right here through the feedback page. Why Would You Hire Me? There’s no site to small, no task too trivial….

  • Update

    the websandiego site was updated recently, and is undergoing continuous quality improvement. visit, won’t you? among the changes — the resources page has been updated. Also changes to all the headers and footers. If you have a comment feel free to holler at me.

  • Yes, I like Christina. No, not everything she does.

    Several people have sent me this photo, or links to this photo. Basically asking me, because I am a fan, what I think. The answer is I think she looks goofy. I am a fan of Ms. Aguilera, but I will not defend her MTV VMA ensemble.

  • The Exhaustion Of Emotion; The Getting On With Life Of It All

    I’m exhausted. I feel good. It’s Sunday morning. Got up early, hoping to get a start to the day. But there’s nothing really to do today. But I’d like it to be mellow. That easy feeling has been something I’ve been after this past week. The wet weather has been a catalyst for some of…

  • My pal’s blogs:

    » Web Blog » Web Archive » SQL Archive

  • Fields of Lavender

    I’d like to go to this: — Welcome to The Lavender Fields, an organic lavender farm in the foothills of the Palomar mountains in northern San Diego county California, where we grow Lavandula x intermedia ‘Provence’, commonly referred to as ‘French Lavender’, known for its powerful, sweet fragrance and abundant display.

  • Christina in the New York Times!

    Christina Aguilera Returns, Her Image Remade

  • Joel talks about Platforms in the software business…

    Joel talks about Platforms in the software business. Interesting… As a platform vendor, you’re only as successful as the people who build on you. A more subtle problem is when platform vendors don’t think they have a platform, they think they have an application. Read the whole thing.

  • “Coffee”

    So yesterday I chatted with Joanie, another San Diego Blogger. It was quite good conversation. She’s been reading my travails for some time, and had some interesting perspectives on it all. She herself is in the midst of a separation, and is having adventures of her own. She seems a genuine person to me. She’s…

  • Stray Items (Lots of these today)

    Hit Charade: The music industry’s self-inflicted wounds. Bud Plant: From the front lines at the 2002 San Diego Comic-Con (from August). Apple’s mysterious Marklar, OSX on x86. What is an otaku? On Sharing with a Partner: Share with me that you’re a human being. is the sentiment people want. (via a friend)

  • Quote of the Day

    QOTD: At one time, I wore bolo ties. (no other comment is necessary)

  • I have no wisdom today.

    Last year Jenny and I woke up to her Mom leaving this strange message on our answering machine to stay out of government buildings. We turned on CNN and the news was trickling in. I’d like to say at this point that nostalgia is stupid. No television show can encompass terrorism. It is folly to…

  • Deli and Old Friends and Connections

    Yesterday I had lunch with some friends from High School. I don’t keep up with people from High School. The way I think of my formative schooling years, I have almost no desire to be reminded of how I felt about myself. And more, how I took to heart the judgements of the great mass…

  • Site Bugfixes and Upgrades!

    Yesterday, Tom Bickle pointed out a bug in my site for Netscape 4.79. Yikes! And me of Mr. Super-clean-accessible code! Thanks a million Tom! In other news, yes, several very kind people have complimented me on the new site header. Thanks. I’m also making subtle changes all around the site. New imagery on the FAQ…

  • Kynn is going to go to the Middle East and be smart…

    Kynn is going to go to the Middle East and be smart. Cool!

  • Header Memory Lane

    There’s a new interface for the Headers page — and there are quite a few of them. Some highlights: see the old “pageboy” haircut from January 2000, and see when I got my haircut in August 2000, a great picture of Jenny and I in Washington State from our trip in March 2001, a great…

  • A fun article about one of my favorite music artists…

    A fun article about one of my favorite music artists, Stew / The Negro Problem.

  • The Panther Moderns had suits like these in Neuromancer…

    The Panther Moderns had suits like these in Neuromancer — invisibility cloaks!. Now the concept has been patented.

  • Jenny sent me the page for This American Life Audio Archives…

    Jenny sent me the page for This American Life Audio Archives. Bookmarkable!

  • A friend sent me Chinese-Art…

    A friend sent me They have lots of good articles, picture, and more. Feed your head.

  • Blogging, meet the L.A. Times

    Trouble in the L.A. blogging community: here’s the L.A. Times story that started it, as well as pushbacl — here’s one and here’s another. I found these via Doc Searls.

  • Tired. Good. Weekend Goals.

    Today started with racquetball. I enjoy the game. I’m very tired. After that, I came home and had some leftover Chinese food, Szechuan Beef and rice. This weekend needs to be mellow. I’ve been busy this week, and I’m hoping for mellow. Something I really need to do is update my resume. It’s terribly out…

  • Old Stuff!

    Old Splash pages, old headers, and old designs are available on the Archive page. It’s very much fun to see some of thes old splash pages and designs. There are even whole sites in there. There are more than 250 pages on this site. I suppose when one has been building web pages since 1996,…

  • Walkies

    It’s been a while since I had a proper walk. Yesterday afternon/evening I walked to dinner (well, supper, really), at abour 4pm. I had a Turkey dinner at local diner (open 24 hours!) Rudford’s. It was pretty good, though not great. The price was good though, and I got to read. I’m about one fourth…

  • The word for the day early Monday morning was…

    The word for the day early Monday morning was: rec·i·proc·i·ty    + A reciprocal condition or relationship.    + A mutual or cooperative interchange of favors or privileges, especially the exchange of rights or privileges of trade between nations    + a relation of mutual dependence or action or influence

  • Fun With Smart Playlists

    One of the cooler things about iTunes is that it allows you to make “Smart Playlists” – which are playlists based on criteria you can put in yourself. For example, I have smart playlists which include New Order/Electronic/Joy Division as well as for David Byrne/Tom Tom Club/Casual Gods/Talking Heads. I hadn’t thought to do this…

  • Quote of the Day, From Monday

    “I was just trying to get you to stop snoring.”

  • HH9. Awesome.

    Happy Hour 9 was great. Put some faces with names and email addresses. Met many very cool people. A good time was had by all. Today was great, did some good work for one client, and took a great meeting with a prospect I’ll be doing some consulting with. I also somehow managed to not…

  • Dead Dog Tired

    Today was SO busy, I can’t even describe how busy it was in a creative manner. Today I: ported a PHP nav script to ASP, downloaded some apps for my uncle and burned them, bought a new cheap monitor, did a pile of work on an ASP project, had a good lunch (sushi) with a…

  • Marital Brief

    Jennifer updates her journal, live and in person from my living room. I grieve, still, for what we lost. I’m exultant at what we have both gained. We’ve grown up. Her leaving may be the best thing that ever happened to me. I’ve come to understand so much. I’m learning every day. Trying to be…

  • New Poetry

    New Words: Two Ships. Now I’m going to go do laundry. I feel wonderful this morning.

  • New Graphics!

    Feeling inspired and excited today. Currently listening to Tom Tom Club’s Genius of Love. The result is new header graphics at the Colophon and at The Lab. Two pictures I took while doing my laundry this morning. I had coffee this morning. I rarely drink coffee. Are these new images the result of the stimulant…

  • I still feel wonderful…

    I still feel wonderful.

  • Wonderful.


  • Wonderful.


  • Wonderful.


  • My Workspace

    My workspace, such as it is, is featured here at’s workspaces. It’s really neat to see all the different spaces people work in.

  • Morning Walk

    About an hour ago, maybe longer, I got up and went down to the store. I rose early. I’m feeling so blissful. Walking on air. I was amazed at how many people are out and about in the five o’clock hour. I’d forgotten. The sun has come up now. I bought some soy milk. I…

  • (a few of) yesterday’s terms

    books to read three tattoos dishwashing seriousness messy floor phone calls john mayer exclusivity wonderful proposals openness questions lightness five days progress soy milk talking mango clients babies pasta work girls syd jac

  • So have I mentioned I’m in the Market for Freelance Web Work?

    Well, I am. Drop me a line if you have any projects or questions about web work.

  • G’morning

    So today I have some project work to work on. Some more proposal work. Should keep me busy. I’m feeling pretty wonderful, still. A word for the past few days might be “serendipity” or “luck” or “accident.” But for now I just feel good.

  • There’s a fine line between fearless and stupid.

    There’s a fine line between fearless and stupid.

  • New Stuff – San Diego Spots!

    New stuff here on — this is called San Diego Spots and features stray comments from my friends Jennifer (yes, that Jennifer) and Erin on cool stuff to do and see and eat in San Diego. It’s small, but excellent. I’m biased though. Also featured is Erin’s List of Things That Aren’t Here Anymore…

  • The days are just packed

    Busy these days with work and proposals, but it’s all all all good. In fact, I want more. Last night I exercised my art jones a bit. Felt really good. The “water pen” is a new one on me, but I dig it. Yesterday I used a coffeehouse as a place to do application design….

  • Correction:

    Correction: I meant “water brush”.

  • Don’t

    I think it’s important that folks not presume too much about the precise details of what I’m up to based on this blog. I share honestly here, but not terribly explicitly. It’s frankly not anyone’s business exactly what I’m doing moment to moment. I may hint at some things to be cute sometimes. But the…

  • Adams Avenue Street Fair

    The Adams Avenue Street Fair is this weekend. I hear from a friend that Lila Downs, musician, is really cool. Although I’m house-sitting, I may try and check it out.

  • CDONTS Mail

    Although it’s being deprecated, this article on CDONTS Mail is worth me mentioning so I can find it in the past.

  • California Quarter – U-Design-It!

    The Governor of California is soliciting designs for the California US Quarter Dollar at his website,

  • Lyric for the past week

    this wasn’t supposed to happen I was happy by myself accidentally you seduced me I’m in love again I lie in my bed totally still my eyes wide open I’m in rapture I don’t believe this I’m in love again

  • Some JSP Tutorials For Me to Look At Later

    Some JSP Tutorials For Me to Look At Later from Sassy

  • House Sitting

    Weeeee! I’m house sitting now. Some initial difficulties getting setup to work and compute, but it’s all good now. 2 big rambunctious dogs, one mellow cat and one 2 week old kitten. It’s nice to be alone and chill for a bit. I need some good chill time.

  • CriticalMAS writes in…

    CriticalMAS writes in… Here is another CDONTS article: It’s my personal favorite, cause I like the author. ๐Ÿ™‚ (to which I reply) Thanks MAS!

  • Fake Logos

    I have some old logo parodies/homages which have now been featured at – kinda fun!

  • House Sitting

    House sitting rocks. And pets are cool. Hey, sometimes brevity is cool.

  • San Diego Bloggers page mentioned on

    yikes! a page I created all by my lonesome got mentioned on the msnbc site. wacky!

  • Lovelorn?


  • New Beck

    Beck’s new CD, Sea Change, which I bought with the income from a big job that just launched (not saying the url yet) is really wonderful. My favorite track is “Lost Cause.” The theme of the CD is, appropriately, breakups. It’s funny to me though, it’s not “wallow in sorrow” music, it’s more like “the…

  • Animals for Whom I House-Sat

    Some cool pictures of the animals I took care of. Roxy. Scout. Sky. And also an action shot of Roxy and Scout playing monster truck wrestling. (Not pictured: Mocha. She was busy.)

  • Correction:

    I meant “Kahlua” not “Mocha” in the previous post. Thanks to the special reader who pointed out the misstatement. regrets the error.

  • In Our Name?

    Molly Ivins on our wrongheaded and un-American plans for war.

  • Not Necessarily Ceasar

    I really liked the timeliness and coherency of this quote from Julius Ceasar, until I learned that it is not a quote from Julius Ceasar.

  • Great Quote from Zappa [WARNING: PROFANITY]

    Few people who do anything excellent are ever heard of. You know why? Because excellence, pure excellence, terrifies the fuck out of Americans because they have been bred to appreciate the success of the mediocre. People don’t like to be reminded that lurking somewhere there are people who can do some shit that you can’t…

  • My sister, on dating:

    My sister and I were talking about dating. I’m seeing someone now who is (gasp!) my own age. A new change for me, I tend to date people who have more than 5 years difference to my age. Anyway, her line when talking about age was: “For example, I think 23 is too young for…

  • From my pal John…

    This is a simple way to cost spammers money! 1. go here: 2. search for “bulk email” 3. click on each of the top 10 – 20 links, costing each spammer 1 – 3 dollars per click! 4. smile!

  • My Poetical Friend

    Jennifer Simpson is a cool friend. Some of her poetry is really awesome. I went with her to take part in the Full Moon Poets in September and it was great. She had many many poems, and some of them were quite moving and witty and good. I myself read a version of Two Ships….

  • Site Launch!

    A site I worked on has been launched – – search engines, feel free to index it! Ready, set, google! Potential clients, check my clean code and hire me. No, really. Okay, proposals to work on that are very overdue. Back to work.

  • Quote of the Day

      Now, listen carefully:     path:       follow path;         gate:           open gate,             through gate,               close gate. – Dr. Stephen Falken, WarGames

  • This may not make any sense. This post is only for me.

    I am up late. I am contemplating a word. The word is “stench” and I am not explaining what I mean here. But know that I am in deep contemplation right now. I must now sleep. I am contemplating redemption right now. Many many thoughts in my head. More than I can possibly relate here….

  • Pax

    Sign Michael Moore’s Antiwar Petition, if you are so inclined.

  • Unprecedented

    So last night was really cool. I got to go have fondue and see a great movie with great people. A good time with good people is not unprecented. The fondue was really awesome. It was pricey, but awesome. We dipped bread and veggies and apples in a garlic-y cheese fondue pot as the first…

  • Religion

    Yesterday my girlfriend and I spoke at length on the subject of religion. I came to realizations about how I think and what I am about. I am not throwing any of this in any faces. This is what I feel, and what I believe for myself in how to live my life. She is…

  • Food for Religious Thought

    These were sent to me by my good friend Erin after my posting about Religion and freethought. These are excellent food for thought and have given me much to think about. I was raised Roman Catholic, and always have presumed that I would return to that sphere, IF I went back to religion in any…

  • Gail suggests I look at C S Lewis’ book Mere Christianity…

    Gail suggests I look at C S Lewis’ book Mere Christianity — and also here’s a website: The Mere Christianity Study Guide. More food for thought. Thanks to all who are reading and contributing!

  • Mrs. Crawford

    Jennifer has an interesting and good take on hers and my good relationship. Hey, the girl is cool. And yes, for a while we absolutely felt hatred and enmity. But you know what? Hatred stinks. Nothing but trouble it is. One interesting tidbit, or not very-interesting tidbit — she will likely keep the last name…


    I AM BEHIND Yes, this blog has not been updated. Patience, sil vous plait, por favor, bitte, please.

  • Catch Up Ball: Miscellany

    Belated! I missed Matt Haughey’s Birthday. Happy Belated Birthday Matt! If you are a regular reader of this blog (hi Mom!) you can blame Matt for turning me onto blogs some long time ago. Is it Live? New Cold Fusion code snippet on my evolt space: Between Times Example in Cold Fusion. This Herman Goering…

  • I think Charles is back in business with his blog…

    I think Charles is back in business with his blog. Go Charles!

  • Congrats and Salutations!

    Steve and Natty are engaged, and still adventuring around the country!

  • The Onion A/V Club asks notable folks…

    The Onion A/V Club asks notable folks: Is There a God? The Onion is satire, but these folks took the question pretty seriously. I’m not sure how I would answer that question right now, as I have indicated.

  • Photography

    Point and Shoot Tips (from

  • Some cool words:

    Some cool words: alas, oft, bereft.

  • For Web Geeks

    Is the Keywords meta tag dead? (via Janece)

  • Lura says…

    Lura says, about San Diego Blog Meetups: A popular person needs to organize this so as to draw from a larger base. Joe, I nominate you. Be our leader, our local hero. Please take these ideas as your own and make this whole thing work better. Let me think about it. If folks have ideas…

  • L…

    L.A. (Being A Recap Of Last Weekend’s Trip to Los Angeles): On Sunday Erin and Jenny and I went to Los Angeles. It was quite fun. On the way I some Wireless (WiFi aka 802.11b aka AirPort) Access Point scanning. Driving north on Interstate 5 (we call them “freeways” in California) I turned on my…

  • Other Geeky Stuff

    PHP Database Abstraction Layers: » PEAR::DB » PEAR::MDB » Metabase » AdoDB OS X O’Reilly Mac OS X Conference Report from the estimable TidBITS Mozilla Development The book Creating Applications with Mozilla is available online. .NET Alan Cooper on Dot Net Woz This Steve Wozniak article is worth a read. Woz was a prime mover…

  • Site Changes

    New Words Back in early September, Ben Forta, Cold Fusion guru spoke at UCSD on Cold Fusion MX and other things. I’ve (uh, finally) written up my notes and they may be of value to someone. Feel free to check them out at: Misc: Ben Forta Speaks. It may, perhaps, possibly, be of interest to…

  • San Diego Bloggers

    The San Diego Bloggers page has been modified a but more, including sidebars for Netscape 6-7/Mozilla, Macintosh Internet Explorer, and a bookmarklet for Windows Internet Explorer. The same old badges are there, and there are even more great San Diego area blogs to browse. Check them out now!

  • From the Faith Department

    Is “Freethinker” Synonymous with Nontheist? See also: Religion for previous thoughts on this.

  • This is New York (Sassy should like this one)

    This is New York (Sassy should like this one) This New York Primer makes me laugh.

  • Turn The Tables on Telemarketers

    Turn The Tables on Telemarketers The Direct Marketing sector regards the telephone as one of its most successful tools. Consumers experience telemarketing from a completely different point of view: more than 92% perceive commercial telephone calls as a violation of privacy. Telemarketers make use of a telescript – a guideline for a telephone conversation. This…

  • Free Photos

    The NOAA Photo Library has lots of great free clipart/stock photos. I think of stock photography and clip art interchangeably. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has so many cool images. Mmmmm, weather.

  • Poli Sci Lite

    Talking To Your Kids About Fascism

  • For Geeks Who Build Web Applications

    A Guide To Building Secure Web Applications

  • Oddball Comics

    Shaloman, the Isreali Super Hero! Pretty funny. What are Scott Shaw’s Oddball Comics?

  • Interesting

    Mormon Temples and Temple Rituals

  • Distributed Disruptive Intelligence

    The idea of Smart Mobs is really intriguing to me. (Reminds me of the line Swarm! Swarm! from Rushmore.)

  • Bad Design For Government Agencies 101

    Darpa’s Information Awareness Office has a logo which conspiracy theorists will love.

  • Un-Copyright

    Jon Sullivan has a fascinating copyright policy for his website. It’s fascinating inasmuch as he claims no copyright whatsoever. Read his un-copyright policy.

  • QuickBooks SDK

    A QuickBooks Software Development Kit is available. They’re encouraging developers to check it out.

  • Warms the Cockles of My Heart

    Asteroid Impact Could Have Led To Nuclear War (between Pakistan and India)

  • Culture [Warning, Adult Concepts Herein]

    On October 11th I saw Stew play music at Java Joe’s in Ocean Beach. He did something unusual for him as a solo artist, as even as part of his band The Negro Problem: he played a cover. The one he played was a song I had never heard before. A remarkable number from the…

  • Personal Brief

    The last few days I’ve been deep in thought. I haven’t been blogging all my deepest thoughts here though. I’m still having thoughts though. I have lots of thoughts: about divorce, weight loss, work, freelancing, work in respiratory therapy, girlfriends, old girlfriends, friendships, honesty, religion, faith, abstract emotions, love, mistakes, learning from mistakes, and much…

  • Quote of the Day

    Iris Gaines:     You know, I believe we have two lives. Roy Hobbs:     How … what do you mean? Iris Gaines:     The life we learn with and the life we live with after that.from The Natural

  • Cool Macromedia Secret Product On Deck?

    Dori of BackupBrain writes: Macromedia’s got something cool in their pocket, but I had to sign an NDA. Keep an eye out for this one, folks. To which I think aloud: I saw and heard Ben Forta speak here in San Diego last month and he referred to a new Macromedia product in beta —…

  • Feel great, less filling

    I feel great today. The weather is a little gray. But I feel great today. More to come later…


    Check this: — “a company in San Diego, Pangea Intellectual Properties (PANIP LLC) is suing companies all across the country. They claim that if you use graphical and textural information on a video screen for purposes of making a sale, then you are infringing on their patent. US Patent No 5,576,951. And if you…

  • Random San Diego Blogger

    I’m still optimizing the code, but you can check out a Random San Diego Blogger from the San Diego Bloggers Page. Go now!

  • About Racquetball

    It’s the poor craftsman that blames his tools (or racquet). I’m playing this afternoon.

  • Ouch; Christina News (link from Erin). The new record by Christina Aguilera should be good. I’m going to pick it up when cashflow is a bit better. So far I’m actually impressed. Check out for current Xtina (yeah, that’s apparently her nickname) news. And yes, I think her fashion choices stink lately.

  • All Kinds of Lab Stuff

    All Kinds of Lab Stuff Articles and code snippets for web geeks: some new, some old, all have been enhanced lately. Bookmark it and tell your friends! » Change Form Input Direction » Auto-Calculator » Dropdown / Select Box Navigation with JavaScript » Onmouseover in a TR tag » Changing the color of a form…

  • RSS/XML Feed Updated

    The RSS Feed, the means by which I can syndicate the content here, has been upgraded. It also does validate.

  • San Diego Bloggers : RSS Feed

    And now there’s a SDB RSS Feed.

  • Enjoy Every Sandwich

    new header for the blog. yesterday was very rough. A good friend’s longtime boyfriend died in a horrible accident yesterday. I normally sleep like a log, but I actually woke up to a phone call at 4am Sunday morning. It was my friend. She had gotten the news, and had been talking with Crisis Intervention,…

  • Vote.


  • I voted.

    I voted.

  • Things I Do Not Like Out In The World

    For no particular reason, in no particular order. Winnie the Pooh. Pink Floyd. Forcefully dumb TV (Tom Green, Jackass, Man Show, etc.). Nuclear Weapons. Nuclear Power (as it’s deployed). The Moody Blues. Soap Operas. HTML Email. Sensational Local TV News. Candy Corn. Censorship. Encroaching Surveillance. Eroding Civil Liberties. People Who Don’t Vote. Spam. Urban Sprawl….

  • Site Launch –

    A side project recently completed —, the website of Leah Peterson. She’s an Artist with a capital ‘A’ and I had fun putting her site together. Really it’s just a shell to show off her paintings. She also has a blog.

  • About The Things I Don’t Like

    I got two pieces of mail about that post. One was from Jenny who had this to say: How bout a list of things you do like? eating corn from a can, raquetball, zappa, homemade enchiladas, etc. But you did forget one thing on your list of stuff you don’t like: sour cream within 50…

  • Great Links About Saturday Night Live

    If you’re a fan of the original SNL cast and show, read these: SNL Book Exerpt Part One | SNL Book Exerpt Part Two

  • Catch Chucknappers!

    The Chuck Jones Gallery in Old Town San Diego was robbed. That stinks. Can you help find the culprit or the art?

  • For Geeks

    The Law of Leaky Abstractions

  • Stan!

    The Comics Journal Blog weighs in on the Stan Lee / Spider-Man lawsuit.

  • Two CVS Links

    » Version Control with CVS on Mac OS X » Open Source Development with CVS (BBEdit 7 apparently has tight CVS integration)

  • Old Rocker On Dead Rocker

    Pete Townshend on Kurt Cobain’s Journals — I really like this because Pete is a smart fellow and great lyricist. Cobain and Nirvana signified a generation and a sound for a while, but ultimately I don’t think they matter any more than, say, The Eagles do to posterity. Cobain’s life sure was tragic though. I’m…

  • More Feedback On Things I Don’t Like (from Erin)…

    I have to agree with some of the stuff on yer list. I can’t believe you, of all people, don’t like even the A.A. Milne Winnie the Pooh character(s). Have you read the books? Why would you take so much time out of your busy schedule to single out Mr. Pooh when there are far…

  • House-Sitting and Other Things (Long)

    Yes, it has been a long time since I’ve blogged. It’s a lovely morning here in Encinitas California. I’ll be house-sitting for quite a while. The house is lovely, and I have two pets to take care of. There’s a cranky older black and white cat. And there’s a Tibetan Terrier who just love love…

  • Simpatico

    Allen is going through something similar to what I was going through in May (heartache / breakup), and for saw a simpatico with my entries from earlier this year. He linked to me and I appreciate it. I’m glad to have people read, and maybe even learn something. I don’t know if there is anything…

  • Another Record I Want: From Stew: Muddy Sweetboot

    Noted on the negro problem yahoogroup. Supposedly you can get it at a live at a Stew show, and sometime soon, online. Here’s the tracklist. Can’t hardly wait. xmas again (promo ep version) bleed the statue song (indoors again) giselle the stepford lives my damn butterfly movie of the weakness miss satan columbus boomy guitar…

  • Still House Sitting

    I’m still house-sitting. Been out of the loop on some things. In-the-loop on other things.

  • For Mac MarkUp Nerds

    Interesting article (somewhat inflammatory, sadly) on BBEdit’s HTML Syntax Checker and the W3C Validator — a reaction to Dori Smith’s comments at her BackupBrain blog. I weighed in, but John Gruber‘s comments are juicy and technical. I think the vociferousness of the debate shows how strongly people feel about BBEdit.

  • Observations on Flying Across The Country

    Morning flights are tolerable if the person who’s taking you to the airport is not tense. I got a ride from my girlfriend this morning and that went very nicely. But as a rule, I prefer to fly later in the day. You see, I’m a last-minute packer and tend to stay up too late…

  • In Brief

    Arrived in Virginia fine. My Mom washed my cheap military coat. My Mom taught me to make her salsa (yum!). I’ve installed WiFi at my folks house. I’ve traveled 100 miles to see some old friends. Here too I did some tech troubleshooting! I’m typing this from a dial-up connection. I feel good. Thanksgiving is…

  • Back In The Saddle Again

    I’m back in California after a long respite and several crises of various proportions. Luckily none of these have been fatal or long-lasting. However, I have had a good time recovering and am currently feeling pretty darn good. And now, the news: Roommate I have taken on a roommate here on the homestead. I live…

  • Synopsis Collected From Some Mailing List

    Basic business is material, process, product, and sales.

  • Joe & stethoscope 1991-2
    Archeology and Nostalgia

    (This was written on my Virginia/Thanksgiving Vacation) I’m still in Virginia and have utterly failed to maintain my correspondence properly whilst here. One of the things I’ve been up to is some archeology. I found some old photos, or rather my sister found some old photos. The photo at left is of me in my…

  • PHP Triad

    PHP Triad is interesting. It combines the “AMP” parts of “LAMP” into one easy installer for Windows. Idiot-proofing open source is a laudable goal. As installers get better, more people will use these tools in more ways. That has to be good.

  • Fun Fact About Mac OS X

    I’m no sure, but I think that the below indicates that if you hit the precise turning of the hour and you have the time in your shell config, you get to see “DING!” on the command line. [4:58pm][artlung@The-iBook:~]: [DING!][artlung@The-iBook:~]: I wonder if this is common to all unices? And I wonder if my interpretation…

  • Pittsburgh Adventures (written in the Pittsburgh AirPort, from December 5th)

    So as I write this, the flight crew for my flight back to San Diego is circling the Pittsburgh Airport. So we’re delayed as my ready-to-go plane awaits a pilot. Yesterday was harrowing. The snow came down in buckets starting at about 12 noon Eastern time in Roanoke. My flight out was scheduled for 6:30pm….

  • Strong Bad! (or to a lesser extent, Z’Nuf)

    Strong Bad makes me laugh out loud. Here are his tips on how to build a website!

  • Fresh Air Featuring Comix

    Robert Mankoff (editor of New Yorker toons) from November 27th and Frank Miller (Dark Knight, Dark Knight Returns, Give Me Liberty) from November 14th. Worth a listen!

  • New Joel On Software

    A quote… People who only know one world (of computer programming -Joe) get really smarmy, and every time they hear about the complications in the other world, it makes them think that their world doesn’t have complications. But they do. You’ve just moved beyond them because you are proficient in them. These worlds are just…

  • Lura Redesigned! redesigned. Looks good!

  • Bobby Fischer Really Is Nuts!

    At one time I was really into chess. And I am interested in the cult of celebrity around Bobby Fischer — the article Bobby Fischer’s Pathetic Endgame shows him to be paranoid, deluded, and nuts. Reading it is the same feeling as looking at unpleasant photos of an accident. You want to look away, but…

  • Tori Tori Tori

    Last night my roomie (Erin) and I went to see Tori Amos at UCSD’s RIMAC. I first saw Tori Amos back in 1991 or 1992 in Charlottesville. She remains a compelling performer, and she did not disappoint. The sound was a bit muddy, but she was great. Simple instrumentation – just her and her piano…

  • The Uncanny Valley

    The Uncanny Valley is an intiguing essay/project exploring why certain things that are very human-like are so creepy, but things that are somewhat less human-like are not.

  • Something I Saw on a Marquee in Roanoke; Go Watch …Say Anything

    I saw a note for a band with the name Lloyd Dobler Effect – a very cool name. Lloyd Dobler is the name of the John Cusack character in …say anything. If you have not seen that movie, you should. Read the quotes, particularly this one: The world is full of guys. Be a man….

  • Another Lovely Weekend

    I went to two parties this weekend. One a barbecue with some old friends (and some new) and then a work party with Miss Leah. At the BBQ I got to see Steve and Natty, who are back from their USA travels and they look terrific! At the Christmas (Holiday?) Party for Leah’s work I…

  • There Is A New Header

    It’s my reply to those on the west coast who complain about the California “lack of seasons” — bah — snow is highly overrated. See also my post on being waylaid by weather.

  • Books I Will Eventually Own

    Tomorrow Now, the new nonfiction work by Bruce Sterling, comes out today in the USA. Pattern Recogniton by William Gibson, comes out in February of 2003. Meanwhile, Quicksilver (Baroque Cycle, volume 1) by Neal Stephenson will come out next September.

  • Three New Lab Items

    » Miscellaneous Web Files » Fun Detagger Script in PHP » Undocumented Linklint JavaScript Feature

  • QUALCOMM’s BREW Considered Harmful?

    Colin Fahey’s J2ME Cell Phone Experience is one developers’ one-time experience with BREW, a mobile computing platform, which he contrasts with his experience developing with Java for mobile phones. He makes good points, though I wonder if he let his bias for open platforms affect him unduly.

  • David Brin is Cranky About Lord of the Rings

    J.R.R. Tolkien — enemy of progress — an excerpt: Obsession with either past or future can almost define a civilization. Worldwide, most cultures believed in some lost golden age when people knew more, mused loftier thoughts and were closer to the gods — but then fell from grace. Under this dour but recurrent worldview, men…

  • Great Signature Line I Stumbled On

    Dogs believe they are human. Cats believe they are God.

  • Creative Commons

    The Creative Commons project launched this month, and you should be aware of their activities to empower people to license their works in creative ways. I’ve not decided how I will license my own web works, but the items in the Lab have always been more or less public. I intend to license them more…

  • Racquetball Frequently Asked Questions

    This is cool — common questions about racquetball — with simply worded answers. Like How do I get more power from my backhand? and Can I let the ball hit the front wall TWICE before I hit it?.

  • Usability Standards

    Users Begin to Demand Software Usability Tests: Boeing requiring vendors to follow new usability standard for products. This is an interesting article. I like how the MS rep says “customers don’t ask for usability” – which of course rings true. But then customers are implicitly asking for usability when they can’t find what they need…

  • Someday we’ll find it, the Phish/Talking Heads Connection

    It’s here: Live Phish volume 15: The Omni in Atlanta Georgia. What’s the connection? Phish takes the whole Talking Heads record Remain In Light and covers it live on Disc 3 of Live Phish volume 15. I’ve heard Crosseyed and Painless as they do it. Fun! I don’t know much Phish, but I know some…

  • BBEdit PHP Glossary

    If you write PHP in BBEdit, you want the BBEdit PHP Glossary.

  • Random Stuff From Thanksgiving Roanoke (Just a list)

    Thanksgiving Veggie quiche Far from Heaven Seared Tuna and Wasabi Mashed Potatoes Angel Food Cake Buffy Marathon on FX Phone call with Leah Dad and Photoshop Elements Dueling Cats My Sister Laptoporama Salsa-making with my Mom “I’m sorry I didn’t tell you about the world” – A.I. Solaris Racquetball with my Dad

  • Counterattack = Vigilantism = Bad for Society

    Bruce Schneier’s Crypto-Gram newsletter this month says, among other things: Our society does not give us the right of revenge, and wouldn’t work very well if it did. Read the whole thing.

  • JavaScript: Don’t hate the playah, hate the game

    The Problem with JavaScript is a rather lukewarm article that talks about the fact that JavaScript itself is not evil, but the things people do with it are. It blames (rightly) browser and email client creators for enabling it to do malicious stuff. For an excellent history of JavaScript read Steve Champeon’s history of the…

  • Sad for Scientific Progress

    Computer Science does not learn from its past – three rants from smart folk: 1 · 2 · 3

  • TIA is a Bummer

    “Total Information Awareness” as a diagnosis problem (web.archive)

  • Some Fascinating Good Words

    1997 Rise of the Stupid Network 1998 The Dawn of the Stupid Network 2000 Worse Is Better 2002 The Paradox of the Best Network: The best network is the hardest one to make money running.

  • DMCA versus Librarians

    DMCA exemption sought to allow saving of PC software from decay Early PC software is about to decay and it is not clear we are allowed to save it. The anti-circumvention provisions of the DMCA may prevent libraries from saving some of the most creative works of the 20th century from being lost. via nettime

  • From My Medicine Days

    From My Medicine Days See one, do one, teach one.

  • NPACI Rocks Toolkit, or, Build Your own Cluster Supercomputer

    On Thursday I went to the ACM San Diego meeting. I even got a tour of San Diego Supercomputer Center. They have lots of computers and computing power. I got to see the gigantic (1.7 teraflops (a teraflop is a trillion floating-point operations per second) Blue Horizon machine. When I think about Moore’s law, and…

  • Outrage in Support of “National Security”

    Coffee, Tea, or Should We Feel Your Pregnant Wife’s Breasts Before Throwing You in a Cell at the Airport and Then Lying About Why We Put You There? is outrageous. If it’s even half true, be scared for your nation. This is not America to me.

  • Christmas Plans & Thoughts

    I have a lot of thoughts this Christmas. It’s been a heckuva year, that’s for sure. From separation to divorce. Job changes. Some freelance. Some botched opportunities on my part. Marital counseling. Counseling. New relationships. It’s all been a bit much. Sometimes I think I should just go lie down for a month or three….

  • Road Trip

    So Christmas was wonderful. I got so many great presents from my friends and family. I was not able to give all I would have liked, but I’m looking forward to a prosperous 2003. Christmas with the Crawford family was wonderful. My Uncle and his son played the guitar on Christmas day, and we all…

  • Back From Utah

    Pile of email. Lots to do. New Year’s Day Approaches.

  • attacks Microsoft on the word “Windows”

    Those cats over at are relentless. David and Goliath, I tell ya. To whit: Glass Panes and Software: Windows Name Is Challenged

  • From My Mom…

    Hi Joe, Hope you had a great trip to Utah. Just for your info the birth of Jesus is in the Gospel of Matthew and Luke. Ussally at Christmas they read from the Gospel of Luke Chapter 2 because it gives the full account of the good news. He appeared to the shepherds first. In…

  • SIGGRAPH 2003 – here in San Diego

    I had no idea. SIGGRAPH 2003 / SAN DIEGO. I went in 1986 in Los Angeles and got very fired up about the internet and computer graphics. It was a force motivating me to get into the web. I’m excited that it’s coming here to San Diego!

  • People Can Learn To Cold Read = Psychics Are Not Real

    I am a skeptic, ever after. And this article My Psychic Adventure by Kari Coleman details how one skeptical, non-psychic “fakes” it by simply paying attention to people – by paying attention to the facts that people reveal in any interaction. It’s remarkable, and I think would be food for thought for any of your…

  • Symposium / ITxpo San Diego

    In March, from Gartner – Gartner Symposium / ITxpo: Symposium/ITxpo 2003 is the single most valuable gathering of intelligence and advice. Calibrated for senior IT executives, Symposium/ITxpo is rich in content-both analyst-led strategy sessions focused on your most pressing issues and ITxpo, our interactive exhibit floor loaded with the latest technology solutions.

  • 20th Anniversary of TCP/IP

    January 1, 2003 will mark the 20th Anniversary of the Internet as we know it. What is TCP/IP? TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol) is the basic communication language or protocol of the Internet. It can also be used as a communications protocol in a private network (either an intranet or an extranet). When you are…

  • Quote of the Day

    We can do no great things; only small things with great love. – Mother Theresa

  • New Blogs in Q4 2002 for San Diego Bloggers

    New on the San Diego Bloggers Page from October to December: 12/31: B RICH 12/29: Monkeys In My Pants 12/26: 12/26: 12/26: reddoor.san.diego.happenings 12/26: 12/26: reddoor.editorials 12/26: reddoor.advertising 12/26: 1975: 12/26: Simplicity@toPointB[dot]org 12/26: Icbleu 10/24: 10/20: passepar2 blog 10/20: come ride my column 10/18: gleek words 10/15: split.personality 10/09: pinkified! 10/06:…

  • Incidentally

    Happy·New·Year! And may 2003 be better than 2002.