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  • Google in Person! Jealous?

    Google in Person! Jealous? Mark Holmes of Nutshell Digital went to the San Diego Internet Marketers Association meeting last night. The featured speakers were folks from the esteemed Google, and I’m sorry I missed it. Mark posted a wrap up which is worth a read. ( via the mailing list )

  • Was up too late last night…

    Was up too late last night. Working on a big project for work. Fun but tiring. Of course, it’s nothing compared to my co-workers who’ve been hip-deep in it for months. Time to go to work!

  • Salt Lake City Olympics Website Accessibility: Oops.

    B+R points out that the Salt Lake City olympics website is not accessible. Deja vu all over again. Why do so few web developers take the time to understand accessibility? For a high profile, general interest, information-rich site like one for the Olympics, you’d think someone would be paying attention. Why must this be an…