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Representations of Paths in Time and Space2002Jan17

Graphing lifelines is an interesting information design concept. I grew up all over the place and have been wanting to have a proper geographical map / timeline (a timeline is just a “map of time.” yes?) of all the places I’ve lived.

I know I find it useful in conversation to know more about the background of people – so I can communicate more effectively. If you know where a person comes from you’re more likely to know what kind of metaphors are going to resonate with them. I’m a strong believer in metaphor as a mechanism to teach and communicate. To my detriment at times. My wife and friend ewon still make fun of my “salty pie” metaphor, which I guess got out of hand and became ridiculous.

I compared an experience to mistaking salt for sugar when baking — but realizing the mistake halfway through — overcompensating by adding more sugar to cover it up. Thus, salty pie.

It makes sense to me.


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