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me so sleepy. me program long time. 2002 Jan 23

I meant to fricking go to bed early. But sadly, I did not. On the plus side, I have updated the dhtml part of the portfolio. It’s validating xhtml and css and everything, just like Jeffrey Zeldman would like. It works and was tested in MSIE5/Mac, IE6/Windows, Netscape 6.2/Windows. It renders well in Lynx as well, which is nice. In Netscape 4.79 it looks and works fine as well. I can’t tell, but apparently it’s the vogue to make your site terribly ugly in Netscape 4. Ho hum. It’s less attractive and less functional, sure. But something in me makes me consider Netscape 4. I can’t take pride in a site that breaks terribly in my old pal Netscape 4. Opera 5 for Mac is a bit funky with it. I dynamically assign locations to <div>s, but Opera is grommeting them to the upper left corner of the browser. I’m not sure if it’s my bug or theirs.

Anyway…the take home message is this: New and Improved, Joe’s qualifications rendered in validating dynamic html ! And not a single <table> in sight. Kind of neat to see a design of mine not change when I run the Table-ize bookmarklet.

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