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More on Moore in San Diego 2002 Mar 12

Kynn has posted an article covering in depth the recent Michael Moore book tour event in San Diego, check it out: Michael Moore vs. The Police, I had mentioned it a few days ago, and Moore himself has written about this interesting incident: Mike’s Book Tour Diary: Police Raid, Shut Down My Book-signing in San Diego.

Jenny and I stepped out at about 7:45pm, far before the Police got called. Read Kynn’s thing. I think the take-away for me is that in dissenting, we must take care to exercise good judgement. Tricky business, exercising our rights.

blogged this at 6:21am in 2002 in March. The 12th was a Tuesday. You are reading this 18 years later. Comment. There are no comments Tweet. Send email. It has hashtags→ .

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