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  • It’s a Party! will be 3 years old on Tuesday. Come to the party! In other news, I’ll be 32 on Wednesday.

  • MacOS X from a Linux and OSS Perspective

    MacOS X from a Linux and OSS Perspective There’s a great article on LinuxJournal site about MacOSX. It’s by Doc Searls and Brent Simmons.

  • Lab Update!

    I’ve updated my Border Style Experiment in the lab. You can now tweak the width AND the style of the borders. Very fun to explore what the various style settings end up looking like. You can also cut and paste the source code. It would also be a nice way to text how the borders…

  • Some Great Photos

    Bill Kelley has what look like some great photos available for sale from his site. The subject of the photos? Folks at Apple, especially Steve Jobs, circa 1977, demoing the Apple ][.

  • Old Home Weekend

    I’ve been thinking about my old job, Jamison/Gold Interactive (no link, they got bought by a big IT Company and crumpled up and blew away) a lot lately. They were a boutique web outfit in Los Angeles, and did excellent Web/Interactive Design. Some news on some of the participants in that place: Brett Walker, Designer,…