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  • No Maps for These Territories

    No Maps for These Territories, a documentary about William Gibson is now out on DVD.

  • What, Politics? Me?

    Oil and The Middle East: Why U.S. Foreign Policy Has To Change by Bill Christison is a great, matter-of-fact distillation of how we got to where we are in the Middle East since World War II. It mentions an agreement with the Saudi Royal family made by FDR which I had never heard of. It’s…

  •, via my Wife, and originally from my Grandmother from a Parade Magazine clipping. An interesting idea. Jenny has been knitting — and with great facility — in the past few months. She made me a gray scarf with burgundy stripes. For someone who is essentially self-taught, she does great work. She also made a…

  • I’ve updated the words section of the site.

    I’ve updated the words section of the site.

  • This nostalgic piece on the Amiga

    This nostalgic piece on the Amiga from the always interesting reminds me of my own.

  • The linkilicious Radical Bender’s…

    The linkilicious Radical Bender‘s “Message for Now” reminds me of something.

  • Harry!

    Harry Shearer is the best. On Fresh Air, listen to him talk about his new movie Teddy Bear’s Picnic (a spoof of Bohemian Grove), The Oscars, Show Business, and the peculiar fact that current satirists usually end up flattering the satirized. He also gets in a tiny mention of Gene Simmons on Fresh (possibly-apocraphally infamous)….

  • Thanks For The Plugs!

    From camworld and clint l ( and meryl and of course the lemur.