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Housekeeping & Miscellany 2002 Apr 09

Some housekeeping here. Individually archived blog pages now have “next” and “previous” links to aid navigation and wayfinding. Yes, I said “navigation and wayfinding.” As if I can’t fancy up my nomenclature? Perish the thought!

Also added a piece to words from November, Jenny helped me out with making it coherent. I originally wanted it to be timely, but six months on, it’s a bit dated. Luckily, I have other more current ideas in my head, and I may even follow through on them.

And in yet another addition, the Referers page has been cleaned up a bit.

Oh, and in yet another note, the archives links in the lower left of the navigation are now driven by a php script, rather than by blogger – whose archive link pages are ugly, and due to some bug sometimes, at random, make some of the links disappear. My bespoke script works pretty well. If there’s interest I may put it into the lab part of the site, or just drop me a line.

Up early again. Today’s going to be busy at work. I also have several projects in the pipeline I’m behind on. Catching up as best I can.

blogged this at 7:24am in 2002 in April. The 9th was a Tuesday. You are reading this 18 years later. Comment. There are no comments Tweet. Send email. It has no hastags.

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