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Offline 2002 May 21

I need to go offline for a while. In need of serious reclamation project. The best advice I’ve gotten in the past few days is:

~ act as though jenny is irretrievably gone

~ the sooner you get into that mindset, the better

~ then if she comes back, that’s a plus, and if she doesn’t, well, you’re already in that mindset, right?

To which I reply – Thank you, rudy. This is excellent advice. No amount of shenanigans will win her back. Either she wants me back, or not. I have to learn to be in my own skin again.

Tomorrow I’m headed a few thousand miles to see my sister and recalibrate myself for this new world.


blogged this at 8:58am in 2002 in May. The 21st was a Tuesday. You are reading this 18 years later. Comment. There are no comments Tweet. Send email. It has no hastags.

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