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  • Update; Comics

    Jennifer came over last night. Picked up some stray mail. Visited the cat. We spoke a little. No definitive word on counseling. It was emotionally draining to be around her. But luckily, I presently get support from some serendipitous places. Phone calls can be wondrous. Later, I made this (and other things) but I’m only…

  • Phoenix

    One of the things I picked up this weekend was a manga called Phoenix: A Story of the Future. I finished it yesterday. According to this review/history, it’s only a small part of a much, much larger saga by Osamu Tezuka — thousands of pages of a work encompassing decades. I enjoy getting into artists…

  • Inbound

    I made it to this bookmark list. And check out this new inbound link — from Hugh — Hot Feet: the ramblings of a web geek. Worth a look.