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Greetings from Maui2002Jul19

I’m sitting in a rather lame internet kiosk which seems to only want to show me 50 of my email messages (typically I get 75 messages a day between lists and spam and mail I like). Given I’ve been gone 3 days, well, it adds up.

Today was awesome. Went snorkling off Lanai on a charter pontoon boat. Very wonderful time. I’m getting a lot of sun, but am staying practical enough that the sunblock is being used. No burn so far, thankfully.

The thing that stands out is the blueness of the water. The water is clear to an extreme. Many wonderful fish to see, and luminous coral to look at. My favorite fish (how touristy is that?) is clearly the Parrot Fish. Well, the male Parrot fish. They have amazing coloration. My words can’t do them justice.

My three bucks are winding up. Better go ahead and post. May post more. Sorry for being incommunicado.

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