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  • Jenny Updates Journal!

    Jenny has updated her journal. And yes, it’s true. We’ve been seeing more of each other. It’s a peculiar situation, but it’s been friendly. Not romantic. But very pleasant. At the core of it, we are excellent friends. Worst Case Scenario is that we had 5 out of 6 happy years in our committed relationship….

  • Rumi

    Rumi is very interesting. Check out this site for more of his poetry. (via a friend)

  • Steve & Natty’s Excellent Adventure

    Steve K, who I worked with at EduPoint, is taking a year off to travel the nation with his girlfriend Natty – they’ve customized a van and are having an amazing time – check them and their walkabout out at

  • Comics and the Law

    At Comic Con, I saw Michael L. Lovitz give several presentations on comics and intellectual property law. He also has a comic book called The Trademark & Copyright Book.

  • Two Comics I Intend to Get At Some Point But Which I Did Not See At Comic-Con

      ·  Wonder Woman: The Hiketeia   ·  League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

  • Ron Zeno has a blog on HCI/usability…

    Ron Zeno has a blog on HCI/usability. Ron is a smart fellow. I know him via SanDCHI.

  • The Food Timeline …

    The Food Timeline — a History of Food