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    To those of you who dropped me notes about my horse metaphor, thank you. You’re very kind, and you have articulate and moving thoughts. They certainly put my thoughts to shame. You know who you are. Today was a good day. I’ll now get a little sappy and wish everyone out there a lovely weekend….

  • I like this shirt…

    I like this shirt. The “clients” one is best.

  • SDAI: San Diego Art Institute: Computer Arts Program looks interesting.

  • Quote of the Day

    If you’re going to be able to look back on something and laugh about it, you might as well laugh about it now. – Marie Osmond

  • Cyber Cafe in Pacific Beach

    I picked up a flyer at Con about a new Cybercafe: Wired Cyber Cafe / Internet Access and PC Games / $3 per hour ($2 minimum) / Open Every Day 9:30am-10:30pm+ / 853 Hornblend St, Pacific Beach (Behind Long’s on Mission) The flyer lists a phone number of 858-490-8060. I’ve never been there. Perhaps sometime.

  • Nervous Horse Metaphor

    I was speaking with a dear friend tonight. What I want out of life is to be happy. I also want calmness. I’d like to be calm, more. A metaphor occured to me. The metaphor is this. I am a nervous horse in a stable. Jittery. Lumbering. There are people there with me. They are…