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Alone In The Night 2002 Aug 15

Alone In The Night by joe

it has to be okay
to be alone in the night
the emptiness
of aloneness

could be interpreted
as an opportunity
for independence
for self-sufficiency

but sometimes
the aloneness
just feels hollow
and the result is sorrow
and the result is sadness
and the result is despair
and the result is insomnia
and the result is pain
and the result is crying
and the result is intractable
and the result is ugly
and the result tortures me

but i must learn
to be alone in the night
to not depend on another person
or even an audience
for comfort

blogged this at 12:54am in 2002 in August. The 15th was a Thursday. You are reading this 17 years later. Comment. There is one comment Tweet. Send email. It has no hastags.

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