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  • Live from the Apple Store Fashion Valley

    So i’m geeking out with massive amounts of people here at the Fashion Valley Apple Store for their 10:20 Mac OS X Event tonight. It’s amazing what an overpriced upgrade can create in the Mac faithful. Lots of excitement. Okay. Gotta get outta here now.

  • Geek Activism?

    Via John: GeekPAC — GeekPAC is an organization created for the specific purpose of Lobbying Directly to Influence Elections and the passage of legislation that fits the goals of our organization. We are a “PRO” Information Technology, “PRO” Freedom of Information, “PRO” Equal Access, “PRO” Freedom of Innovation and “PRO” Free Enterprise organization. In essence…

  • This is how to get people to do things…

    This is how to get people to do things. You decide you’re going, and bring ’em along!

  • Power and Weakness by Robert Kagan

    There is a great deal of food for thought in Power and Weakness by Robert Kagan, from Policy Review. (via bruce sterling). It’s a long but good article. … The United States is a behemoth with a conscience. It is not Louis xiv’s France or George III’s England. Americans do not argue, even to themselves,…

  • xplane’s xblog has redesigned…

    xplane’s xblog has redesigned. Nice.

  • From The My-Readers-Make-Me-Laugh-Too! Department

    Tom Bickle writes: If you thought the handcuff exchange was funny, you’d love a similar back ‘n forth, early on in the movie “Ransom.”     Perp: “Oww! These cuffs are too tight!”     Cop (in a heavy Noo Yawk accent): “Oh yeah, dat’s because they’re new –         give ’em time, they’ll stretch.”