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From my pal John…

This is a simple way to cost spammers money!

1. go here:

2. search for “bulk email”

3. click on each of the top 10 – 20 links, costing each spammer 1 – 3 dollars per click!

4. smile!

My sister, on dating:

My sister and I were talking about dating. I’m seeing someone now who is (gasp!) my own age. A new change for me, I tend to date people who have more than 5 years difference to my age. Anyway, her line when talking about age was:

“For example, I think 23 is too young for anybody.”
– My Sister

Have I mentioned that I have what is maybe the best sister in the world?

Not Necessarily Ceasar

I really liked the timeliness and coherency of this quote from Julius Ceasar, until I learned that it is not a quote from Julius Ceasar.


I meant “Kahlua” not “Mocha” in the previous post. Thanks to the special reader who pointed out the misstatement. regrets the error.

Animals for Whom I House-Sat

Some cool pictures of the animals I took care of. Roxy. Scout. Sky. And also an action shot of Roxy and Scout playing monster truck wrestling. (Not pictured: Mocha. She was busy.)

New Beck

Beck’s new CD, Sea Change, which I bought with the income from a big job that just launched (not saying the url yet) is really wonderful. My favorite track is “Lost Cause.” The theme of the CD is, appropriately, breakups.

It’s funny to me though, it’s not “wallow in sorrow” music, it’s more like “the sadness is normal, there is hope” music.

If that makes any sense.

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