Onward. September 2002.
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Tired. Good. Weekend Goals. 2002 Sep 14

Today started with racquetball. I enjoy the game. I’m very tired. After that, I came home and had some leftover Chinese food, Szechuan Beef and rice. This weekend needs to be mellow. I’ve been busy this week, and I’m hoping for mellow. Something I really need to do is update my resume. It’s terribly out of date, and I find people asking for it. I also need to update the portfolio. Also on the to do list is updating joecrawford.com. I intend to make that my elevator speech for the services I provide. Oi. And I need to print up some business cards too. Well, there’s a lot to do, but I can approach it with a mellow attitude. This is my goal for the weekend.

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