this is the website of joe crawford. code. occasional comics. toy robots. san diego.
  • House Sitting

    Weeeee! I’m house sitting now. Some initial difficulties getting setup to work and compute, but it’s all good now. 2 big rambunctious dogs, one mellow cat and one 2 week old kitten. It’s nice to be alone and chill for a bit. I need some good chill time.

  • Some JSP Tutorials For Me to Look At Later

    Some JSP Tutorials For Me to Look At Later from Sassy

  • Lyric for the past week

    this wasn’t supposed to happen I was happy by myself accidentally you seduced me I’m in love again I lie in my bed totally still my eyes wide open I’m in rapture I don’t believe this I’m in love again

  • California Quarter – U-Design-It!

    The Governor of California is soliciting designs for the California US Quarter Dollar at his website,

  • CDONTS Mail

    Although it’s being deprecated, this article on CDONTS Mail is worth me mentioning so I can find it in the past.

  • Adams Avenue Street Fair

    The Adams Avenue Street Fair is this weekend. I hear from a friend that Lila Downs, musician, is really cool. Although I’m house-sitting, I may try and check it out.