this is the website of joe crawford. code. occasional comics. toy robots. san diego.
  • Personal Brief

    The last few days I’ve been deep in thought. I haven’t been blogging all my deepest thoughts here though. I’m still having thoughts though. I have lots of thoughts: about divorce, weight loss, work, freelancing, work in respiratory therapy, girlfriends, old girlfriends, friendships, honesty, religion, faith, abstract emotions, love, mistakes, learning from mistakes, and much…

  • Culture [Warning, Adult Concepts Herein]

    On October 11th I saw Stew play music at Java Joe’s in Ocean Beach. He did something unusual for him as a solo artist, as even as part of his band The Negro Problem: he played a cover. The one he played was a song I had never heard before. A remarkable number from the…

  • Warms the Cockles of My Heart

    Asteroid Impact Could Have Led To Nuclear War (between Pakistan and India)

  • QuickBooks SDK

    A QuickBooks Software Development Kit is available. They’re encouraging developers to check it out.

  • Un-Copyright

    Jon Sullivan has a fascinating copyright policy for his website. It’s fascinating inasmuch as he claims no copyright whatsoever. Read his un-copyright policy.

  • Bad Design For Government Agencies 101

    Darpa’s Information Awareness Office has a logo which conspiracy theorists will love.

  • Distributed Disruptive Intelligence

    The idea of Smart Mobs is really intriguing to me. (Reminds me of the line Swarm! Swarm! from Rushmore.)

  • Interesting

    Mormon Temples and Temple Rituals

  • Oddball Comics

    Shaloman, the Isreali Super Hero! Pretty funny. What are Scott Shaw’s Oddball Comics?

  • For Geeks Who Build Web Applications

    A Guide To Building Secure Web Applications