I'm working harder, and, you know, you put more value on every minute, you do. I always thought I kind of did that, I really always enjoyed myself. but it's more valuable now. you're reminded to
enjoy every sandwich
and every minute of playing with the guys, and being with the kids
· Warren Zevon [+] [+]

Things I Do Not Like Out In The World2002Nov05

For no particular reason, in no particular order.

Winnie the Pooh.
Pink Floyd.
Forcefully dumb TV (Tom Green, Jackass, Man Show, etc.).
Nuclear Weapons.
Nuclear Power (as it’s deployed).
The Moody Blues.
Soap Operas.
HTML Email.
Sensational Local TV News.
Candy Corn.
Encroaching Surveillance.
Eroding Civil Liberties.
People Who Don’t Vote.
Urban Sprawl.
Paid-off Politicians.

(( Things I don’t like about myself will be covered another time. That’s probably a longer list anyway. ))

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