Soup and Salad and Movie and Health 2003 Jan 02

So the new year came yesterday. I spent it with Leah. We went and got lunch at a local Souplantation using the gift certificates Leah got for Christmas, and then we went and saw The Two Towers with the movie gift certificates I got for Christmas. We were an hour and a half early for the movie, but we passed the time like it was nothing by playing hangman and the dot game. It remains astonishing how easy it is to pass the time with Leah. There’s a complete sense of calm in our interactions — and even when we disagree or have conflicts it is suffused with a comfort level I have never known. We also found in our conversations that we agree completely about most homeopathic medicines and the placebo effect. The mind has a powerful effect on our health. We cannot depend on it to cure everything, but a positive attitude does wonders for health. I was a little surprised by our similarity, but I suppose it makes sense given that both of our fathers are physicians. We have heard tell, both of us, that most illnesses simply need to be endured, and that most of what are thought of as cures are simply palliative care to help us ride out the hard part of illness while our body does the work. That said, when you need to get, say, surgery, or that suspicious spot removed, you don’t rely on your mind, you go to a pro.
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