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  • Important Newsflash

    had more leftover enchiladas. they were good. over and out.

  • Offensiveness Today

    F*** Hip Hop: A Eulogy to Hip Hop by Pierre Bennu is an essay that got a lot of play on the nettime mailing list in the past month. It’s obvious of course, but it needs to be said, Hip Hop has grown old and useless as a vibrant voice. It’s simply a tool to…

  • More Clay Shirky

    Customer-owned Networks: ZapMail and the Telecommunications Industry is another great essay by Clay Shirky, one of many links on the side of this blog.

  • The Blind Watchmaker

    The Blind Watchmaker was recommended to me by Madhu.

  • Guaranteed to Offend Someone

    Religions (or lack thereof) cast in a very specific and irreverent metaphor.

  • High Hat and Mr. Hat: Separated At Birth

    So James “Kibo” Parry has unveiled an interesting development in educational toys and South Park. In his alt.religion.kibology post of January 3rd “It’s official. Now I hate ‘South Park’” he writes: DAMN YOU, “SOUTH PARK”! YOUR OPEN MOCKERY OF THAT EVIL PUPPET HAS GIVEN THEM THE IDEA TO START SELLING IT AGAIN TO PURGE THE…

  • Top 10 Vulnerabilities in Web Applications

    The Open Web Application Security Project

  • Benediction

    May we all have luck kicking the bad habits we scarcely understand.

  • Happy Birthday Leah!

    A belated Happy Birthday to Leah! for whom I made some enchiladas (based on my Mom’s great recipe) which she really liked.