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  • Super Bowl Prediction

    So back on Thursday I couldn’t get parking in the Gaslamp Quarter, right? Right. Madness. That was only Thursday. Yesterday after a great BBQ with friends old and new we went and saw the Largest Fireworks Show in San Diego History – from Point Loma. I didn’t take pictures, but it was tres impressive. But…

  • What happened to the HTML Writer’s Guild?

    This is an appalling story of (alleged) mismanagement and malfeasance. Wow.

  • Internet Health Report

    Check out Internet Health Report… The Internet Health Report delivers data about network performance (latency) between major United States Internet backbones. The measurement agents selected for the Internet Health Report have direct, single homed connections to a backbone so their connectivity is unambiguous. Each measurement agent connects to every other agent every 15 minutes and…

  • DMZ is back!

    The Digital Militarized Zone is back online at Go DMZ! (Very silly)