this is the website of joe crawford. code. occasional comics. toy robots. san diego.
  • Bloggers du San Diego
    Hm. I keep not blogging personal stuff. But I will I promise – things are positive and good. In the meantime… here are San Diego Bloggers page, in order of addition more or less. Links with + have badges Links with – have sidelinks or link pages San Diego Bloggers is now a year old….
  • Goldmine, Zappa, SQL Server
    Frank Zappa: Not just another artist from L.A. is a great article from Goldmine: The Collectors Record and Compact Disc marketplace. I’m doing housecleaning and wanted to find an online url for it. I was thinking of ditching the paper aticle and linking to it here. Unfortunately, their url currently bounces you to this:…
  • Some Stray Links
    Why Don’t They Make Stuff that Won’t Break? – design stinks The Music Business and the Big Flip – Clay Shirky gets it When the Wall Street Journal starts asking why are we invading Iraq, Bush is really in trouble. Master Key Copying Revealed Rush to Judgement: Jackass and Kids’ Life Lessons – thoughtful analysis…
  • Design, Urinals, Affordances
    Madhu Menon’s Fly UI is an interesting article on urinals and user interface design. It’s a great example of an “affordance” — described in Affordances and Design by Don Norman. Both are worth a read if you do design, any kind of design, for a living.
  • Zappa
    A Completist’s Guide to Regular Frank Zappa Records is astonishingly detailed. I’m a fan, but that level of detail is scary. Still, I enjoyed it.