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Ten Hours to Tooth Extraction2003Mar18

In 10 hours or so I’ll have 4 teeth — wisdom teeth — removed. I can hardly wait. I intend to take it VERY easy. Thanks for all the well-wishes.

In 26 hours I’ll be 33 years old.

The idea here is that I’ll be back to functional in maybe 3 days.

Kynn says I had that done years ago. It’s not pleasant. Hope you like the taste of your own blood. — he actually means this in a good way. You have to know him.

Many others have offered words of support and commiseration. And I appreciate all the good thoughts. So wish me luck.

Not really certain when I’ll be blogging again. But I intend to have a computer at my bedside. “Adventures in Tooth Drama” or something. Writing. Reading. The Doc says to take it very easy, and I intend to do that.

In the meantime, go visit some of the sites in my sidebar over on the left. Some real good stuff there.

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