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  • Links for a Monday Evening

    It’s amazing to me that Bill “Book of Virtues” Bennett is a chronic gambler According to Eternal Night, Bruce “Schism Matrix”Sterling is working on a book called The Zenith Angle, for Del Rey Books. He says it’s almost complete. Comic-Geeky: Blog of Galactus via Kynn Bob Edwards of NPR on Press Freedom Free Reference Books…

  • Web Programming as Cop Shows

    As my pal Matt Lee (Sassy) says: We are dorks. Read it

  • A Year Like No Other

    So it’s been a year since the separation began that shook my worldview to its foundations. I was not what I thought. Everything changed. My marriage collapsed. In that time I’ve lost 85 pounds. I’ve fallen in and out of love. I’ve discovered I am weaker than I thought I was. I’ve discovered I’m stronger…