April 2003 - Belmont Park - Mission Beach

Baseball 2003 Jun 05

Got some free tickets to see the San Diego Padres tonight with friend David and Leah. It was pretty cool, actually. Though San Diego lost. We left when the Tigers pulled ahead.

I’m tired and irritable. Too many irons in too many fires or something.

It’s important to remember when I feel like this to try and put things in perspective, to identify where the feelings come from, feel them, and get to the business at hand when I can. Life can be so tiring sometimes.

Then again, if life were easy, what would be the point?

Okay, nite nite. Onward.

blogged this at 12:08am in 2003 in June. The 5th was a Thursday. You are reading this 17 years later. Comment. There are no comments Tweet. Send email. It has no hastags.

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