this is the website of joe crawford. code. occasional comics. toy robots. san diego.
  • Killer Notebook

    Savoir-Faire makes this great, small notebook that’s very small, about the size of a wallet or a box of cigarettes. I had bought one very early last year. I never really used it until Jennifer left, and I had need to keep phone numbers and random information as things were changing rapidly for me. It’s…

  • I’m out

    Got the call. She’s made it where she needs to be. I’m sleepy now. G’nite!

  • New Words

    Well, not new. Actually it’s from last August. Doing some spring cleaning right now. Leah is on a road trip to see family with her kids. A long drive that’s not through. And I’m waiting for the “I got in fine” phone call. In the interim, I’m doing the archeology thing: New poem in words…

  • lyrics never more apropos in my lifetime

    you make me shiver i feel so tender we make a pretty good team don’t get exhausted i’ll do some driving you oughta get you some sleep get your instructions follow directions, then you should change your address maybe tomorrow maybe the next day, whatever you think is best burned all my notebooks what good…