this is the website of joe crawford. code. occasional comics. toy robots. san diego.
  • San Diego Spots Domain

    San Diego Spots now has its own domain — san diego spots dot com. And the boards are open for business, still Though there are no posts except for 2 now. Perhaps it will grow with time? I certainly hope it will.

  • Sunset

    The other night Leah were several hundred miles away, but we did something together regardless. We decided to take a picture of the sunset. Here’s mine:

  • One of the Funniest Web Sites Ever

    Squirrel Fishing … ever seen it? Well, now you have. *chuckle* … Liftoff … heh.

  • Great Thoughts

    Mitch Wagner’s post about gay marriage and marriage in general gives voice to many of my own thoughts on the subject.

  • Marginalia

    New pictures area: Miscellany. Some fun stuff in there. Why? Well, it was stuck in other locations, and it needed to move. Today I’m doing what Leah calls puttering, not really work per se, but useful things nonetheless.