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  • Ronny Vardy

    I’m going hiking early in the morning, so I’ll try and keep this brief. For the last several years, when one did a search for “ronny vardy” on google, like this, you got my fansite:, well, now that she has her own site at, you really should go there! I met her on…

  • Comic-Con Article and Photos

    My friend and colleague Pinguino has posted Pinguino’s ComiCon Adventure. She’s got pictures too!

  • Beachtime, Familytime

    So yesterday was a whirlwind of going to the beach at Coronado (bodysurfing!) and hanging out with my family. I’m very glad I took the first days of this week off — it gives me more time with my parents and sister. It’s a great week. My grandparents have a tetherball pole. Leah and I…