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  • liking my life

    The wedding we (Leah and I) went to today went swimmingly. Later, we went and did laundry. I’m relaxed, and ready for a new week. New challenges and puzzlements, as per usual, but I am lucky. I like my life.

  • 1 Wedding Down, 1 To Go (This Weekend)

    Leah and I went to one wedding yesterday – a house party wedding northeast of Escondido. That was fun! Some impromptu dancing did occur. Today, another wedding, but this one closer to home. In other news, good racquetball yesterday morning. But in sadder news, my folks and sister flew back east after a very successful…

  • I Am Not Brett Jackson!

    Brett Jackson has a cool moblog: interests include color, typoraphy, and other oddities in Gotham: Brett is a kill Flash guy, visit his home, home on the web