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The move is done. We have evermore boxes. I am extremely achy, but I feel good to have it done. I still have some services I need to transfer (renter’s insurance, home phone) but things are good. Leah rocks, and her kids are here this labor day weekend. All in all, the whole thing has gone about about as well as could be expected, as Wallace and Gomit would say.

And I got word today that a new Stew Record: Something Deeper Than These Changes will come out later this month. By the way, his lyrical nearly incoherent musings on craft vs. formula are there on his journal, stew sez.

So, when’s Stew going to come to San Diego again?

Other notes: I borrowed a car this weekend from a family member and it has worked out stunningly well.

Okay, more unpacking.


Leah’s kids are here for the weekend. The new place is surprisingly scalable for having them over.

I have more to do at the old place today. The last of the “stuff” to remove, many small boxes, plus cleaning of the kitchen and the bathroom needs to be done. And nails to remove.

It’s going to be a full day I think.

For Sassy: A Law & Order Coloring Book!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

A new high? Or a new low?

A mention on la casa de los jergs, eyunta.com.

My New AOL Journal

AOL Journals launches

here’s my test journal: http://journals.aol.com/artlung/thoughts/

simple layout
rss by default
comments enabled (can be disabled)
easy to edit
very friendly
can all be done via the web
can have more than one journal

love: post via AIM

limited customization
lots of AOL branding
slightly too long url

Moving Update

Still not entirely moved out of the old place

Love that we have an avocado tree in the back yard

Claw-foot tub

$1.07 shower curtain

Boxes galore

Scary crawlspace

High ceilings

Cool breezes

View of San Diego skyline

Big kitchen

No “designated” parking

Working-class neighborhood

Shared but good washing machines

Killer art room

Good fridge

Need more curtains

Loving it so far

16 minutes home from the time I get on the bus to the time I step in the door

Walking distance to Influx

Going there now


Mr. Crawford, We’re So Sorry This Happened

So I was so delighted that Cox had the cable here and working – both TV and cable modem – I thought finally, the cable companies get it right.

Well, turns out they’re idiots.

In addition to executing MY MONDAY ORDER to transfer service to me and my name for my new place; they executed another order.

The other was THE PREVIOUS TENANT’S ORDER to terminate their service.

Now, when I, diligent customer that I am, had them bring the property under my name, one would think that the person taking the order would say, “hey, there’s a stop order on that property, let’s not carry that out.”

Think again kids.

Someone had to come out because apparently they actually *cut cable* to terminate service on this property.

They’re crediting my account $20 and got it back up 24 hours later.

Nice of them, but — was this trip really necessary?

Bruce Sterling Stops Infinite Matrix Blog, Will Start Wired Blog

Bruce Sterling will start blogging for Wired Magazine.

Color me intrigued.

I supposed Wired should have been blogging years ago though.

Early Start

I’m up. I set up Airport/WiFi/802.11b just now. The technology works. We like it.

More moving today. Rock on.

Moving Continues.

There is internet here. I’m stunned. I am incredibly achy though. Even more moving tomorrow.

Everything I have is in boxes. My pal John helped out a lot today.

Leah’s stuff is all here.

Leah made pasta tonight.

Even though much of what is here is in boxes, it feels homey.

I love Leah. This is home. This is a big change, and I was very emotional earlier thinking about what a change this is.

I am much more serene now than I was this morning, too. I got a lot done, but I was buzzing with stress too. The stress of packing every single item in your life into a truck. Well, almost everything. More tomorrow.

But tonight, serenity.



Here I go.

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