Summer 2003 / San Diego California

Mr. Crawford, We’re So Sorry This Happened2003Aug27

So I was so delighted that Cox had the cable here and working – both TV and cable modem – I thought finally, the cable companies get it right.

Well, turns out they’re idiots.

In addition to executing MY MONDAY ORDER to transfer service to me and my name for my new place; they executed another order.

The other was THE PREVIOUS TENANT’S ORDER to terminate their service.

Now, when I, diligent customer that I am, had them bring the property under my name, one would think that the person taking the order would say, “hey, there’s a stop order on that property, let’s not carry that out.”

Think again kids.

Someone had to come out because apparently they actually *cut cable* to terminate service on this property.

They’re crediting my account $20 and got it back up 24 hours later.

Nice of them, but — was this trip really necessary?

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