Summer 2003 / San Diego California

Move: COMPLETE 2003 Aug 31

The move is done. We have evermore boxes. I am extremely achy, but I feel good to have it done. I still have some services I need to transfer (renter’s insurance, home phone) but things are good. Leah rocks, and her kids are here this labor day weekend. All in all, the whole thing has gone about about as well as could be expected, as Wallace and Gomit would say.

And I got word today that a new Stew Record: Something Deeper Than These Changes will come out later this month. By the way, his lyrical nearly incoherent musings on craft vs. formula are there on his journal, stew sez.

So, when’s Stew going to come to San Diego again?

Other notes: I borrowed a car this weekend from a family member and it has worked out stunningly well.

Okay, more unpacking.

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