Summer 2003 / San Diego California

Some stray updates 2003 Sep 09

Went to a party on Saturday — that was boss.

Saw Step Into Liquid — that was moving (I cried!)

The house is coming along great

We’re going to have a garage sale Saturday

We’ve scheduled a housewarming party — choosing the invite list was fun — I know a lot of people, but I don’t want them all to come have a drink with me

I really like hot beef jerky — though I can’t say the same for my stomach

My folks are on their way to California by car — can’t wait to see them

Leah and I have A LOT of paintings and pictures — we’re deciding which ones go where

We really need to do laundry

I start a racquetball class tonight — that may be interesting

Walking onto the San Diego City College campus yesterday was a bit disorienting after 15 years

I was happy to see their processes seem to have improved

Thursday there’s a new webdesign meetup — should be great again

SUMMARY: things good, things busy, things fun, things best when one on one not taken too seriously


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