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Aches And A Lame Whine 2003 Sep 23

New blister on 4th toe or right foot. Still undefeated in my racquetball class. Tired but feeling good.

I have procured the signature to add the class. This time not in pencil, so when I take it to the Dean’s office they won’t look at me like an idiot when I look offended when they tell me the add form is an official document and needs to be in pen. Of course, nowhere on the form or in the instructions does it specify ink or anything.

I’m hoping I haven’t made any other errors with the add form.

Experiences like losing a lunch hour because something was signed in pencil and not pen make one surly. It leads me to think things like “when I am king, I will fire your inflexible, bureaucratic, rigid-minded, halfwitted asses!”

Whew. Got that off my chest.

Sorry for the language there Mom. Not called for, but it’s how I really felt. But moderation and calm have won the day, and I am falling in compliance with City College policies.

Time for bed now.

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