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  • Mouse.

    Leah and I have a mouse in the new place. Tuesday night I was going for a chocolate bar in a basket on the kitchen counter. And I notice there’s about a 1 inch by 1/4 inch chunk out of a corner — with the attendant aluminum foil wrapper also gone. When I say “gone,”…

  • San Jose

    Sassy’s post The Way, about Microsofttm‘s hokiness got me singing San Jose (The Way) (The Frankie Goes To Hollywood version). So of course I had to grab it via iTunes. Totally worth 99 cents. I’ve never done Karaoke. But I bet I could do that song. (Aside: only part of posting this is procrastination).

  • Some Bruce

    Bruce Sterling: Ten Technologies That Deserve to Die Technologies are habits. And it’s time to shed some bad ones. Re-hab even. I was blown away in the recent (September 2003) Harper’s Index that: Maximum number of miles that Ford’s most fuel-efficient 2003 car can drive on a gallon of gas : 36 Maximum number its…

  • Remind Me…

    To tell you about: Filled buses, mousetraps, chocolate, peanut butter, boysenberry shakes, AAA memberships, creditors, hard-boiled eggs, freelance work, blisters, racquetball class, Reg-e, Nisus Writer, Omnigraffle, custom doors, plants fall down go boom, and AdSense. No time to talk now.