artlung. fall 2003. blessings abound.

Ye Update 2003 Oct 13

I’m still reading Quicksilver, and enjoying its excursion into 1600 and 1700s history. It’s illuminating and fascinating. I’m still only 150 pages in of the 900-some pages. I’m thinking of it as not cyberpunk, not steampunk, but rather, NaturalPhilosophyPunk.

In other news, in a month my divorce from Jennifer will be final. Time passeth..

This weekend Leah and I had a yard sale. We did awesome. Redistributing our non-useful and non-productive effects. We grossed $85 and had time with help from our friend Margot and some good weather. The balance of the stuff we took to Goodwill around the corner. We also had a visit from friends of Leah and their two kids. That was good fun. One cannot beat good company, really.

My ex-toaster oven was withheld from the sale, as it now has been seconded to the “kitchen” at my current employer. I hope it has many years of service.

I’m feeling good tonight. It was a good day, a productive day.

It’s a good life.

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