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Instant Classic; Bloody Samurai 2003 Oct 20

Incidentally, some several days ago I saw School of Rock, and I laughed so so so hard. Leah and I saw it to “cleanse our palate” after being gored and stimulated to the redline while seeing Kill Bill Volume 1, which was quite a lot to take, and a movie I want to see again, but is also bloody with a capital “B.” The counterpoint to the bloodiness is that there’s a sense of humor and unreality behind it. It’s a kung-fu picture. the swordplay picture to end all swordplay pictures.

Until Volume 2, I guess.

But I love samurai stories. Ghost Dog. Samurai Jack. Lone Wolf and Cub. Ronin.

These are bloody stories. When one carries a sword, how can blood be avoided?

Something to ponder.

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