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  • And now, the good news
    The new Mandy Moore record, Coverage (kids love it when I call CDs “records”) is really wonderful. Great choices on covers. The Elton John, Waterboys and Joan Armatrading covers rock. Heck, almost all of them rock.
  • Suicide
    So there’s another pop suicide: Elliot Smith. I’m no fan of suicide, in fact my cousin Eddie’s death by his own hand is heavy marker on my map of life and how to live it. Some words from Stew on the Negro Problem Mailing list: for many of us this terribly sad info will come…
  • Digging the Samurai Groove
    The other day I mentioned I dig Samurai, and then a few days later I was reminded of this lyric from Barenaked Ladies, the song, “One Week”: Like Kurasawa I make mad films Okay, I don’t make films But if I did they’d have a Samurai