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  • My First Cease And Desist: 1997
    My first and only cease and desist letter was some time back. When I got this GTM had been defunct for some time. Never mind that I had had a verbal agreement with my supervisor at GTM for permission to show the logo as part of my portfolio online. They gave me “fine” business days…
  • First Positive Thing Bush Has Said?
    Aside from being a good leader as we mourned 911, I think very little of President Bush. But the contemplation of a return to the moon is something I can unreservedly get behind. Though I’m really beginning to think Dean has a shot to be the next President. The re-election of the President is not…
  • New Stew Review: Coming Home To You
    East Bay Express — Down in Front Brother, Who Art Thou? — A black man with an acoustic guitar is rare. But a guy like Stew is rarest.