Happy Christmas 2003 from ArtLung

Snapshots of the Yuletide season2003Dec15

  • I gave blood today.
  • next time I give blood I’ll drink more beforehand.
  • I’m still loving Quicksilver.
  • I have purchased some Christmas gifts.
  • I have more to purchase.
  • Going to Mass tonight.
  • Going shopping tonight.
  • I’m wearing an ankle brace.
  • The weekend was great — Leah and I had her kids.
  • The cat is slowly recovering from the traffic levels.
  • Reflective heaters ROCK!
  • I prefer too hot to too cold.
  • I like the game Go.
  • itsyourturn.com is nifty.
  • My iBook is a useful, versatile tool.
  • I reorganized some books last night and found some mouse droppings. Old ones. The cat found them before I cleaned them up. I hope Bas understands to associate that smell with “KILL!”
  • I enjoy french toast.
  • The Ukes of Hazzard are charmingly funny and silly.
  • Leah makes tasty french toast.
  • Old Christmas Content on ArtLung.com: Merry Christmas in other languages.
  • Target during Christmastime is busy.
  • Possible plans for New Year’s include a trip to Utah.
  • More as it happens.

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