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  • Cat, Warshed

    So Bas got a little stinky, Leah let me know. So, I washed him! He was amenable to the process, and now smells of that wacky Dr Bronner’s Eucalyptus Castile Soap. He did not make a sound the whole time, but he was trying to leave the whole time. Luckily I know all about cat…

  • Arar: Traveled via USA, deported to Syria and Tortured

    Read this: Some more facts: Torture by proxy/How immigration threw a traveler to the wolves. a) Arar was not trying to enter the USA. He was just doing a plane change in NYC coming in from Europe and going on to Montreal. Since then the USA has cancelled the program that let you stay in…

  • Race to the bottom

    I was in Wal-Mart yesterday. The whole joint is a race to the bottom. How cheap can it be done. We don’t care where. We don’t care who. We don’t consider long term economic benefit or harm. We want the lowest price. So Sassy’s predictions, inasmuch as they focus on cheapness – eliminating staff, outsourcing…

  • I Love Audio

    Audio Reversal In Popular Culture is a neat web page all about instances where people reverse, somehow the sound in a song to dramatic effect, or just to be weird. Of course Zappa is included.

  • For a laugh:

    Subtly Simpsons made me laugh.