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  • Word of the Day

    kakistocracy: “Government by the least qualified or most unprincipled citizens”

  • My Racquetball Grade

    Remind me to check my grade at Student Web Services Online. What’s up with the system not being online in the middle of the night?

  • I have 2 subscribers!

    Share Your OPML: Who subscribes to… … woo hoo!

  • Most Succinct Post on the iPod Mini : The iPod Mini: “$249 seems like too much money to pay for the iPod Mini.”

  • Quote of the Day, and More Bruce Sterling

    From Bruce Sterling: When you get to the future there’s just more future ahead of it. From the audio interview at Massive Change. More: On the WELL and always on his blog.

  • Citations

    Naladahc and Chuck linked to me for the Simpsons thing. Glad ya liked it guys! Also, Janece and Kynn have linked to me in the last while. And look at this, has appropriated my Flash Mind Reader thing at They’ve kept my copyright notice and everything. Hey, don’t steal my stuff! Time to…

  • Tree Salesman

    Read Leah’s Christmas Tree Salesman post. Totally true story.

  • I like the phrase…

    Economic Democracy: Towards a Democratic Economic System and Media — I intend to read this.

  • USA Today Likes Stew

    USA Today reviews Something Deeper Than These Changes: Stew, Something Deeper Than These Changes (***) On his solo outings, of which this is the third, the lead singer of L.A. pop eccentrics the Negro Problem is frequently compared to Burt Bacharach. I find his sinuous melodic twists and articulate but sometimes-oblique lyrics (“lunch box mind”)…