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Things About Utah 2004 Jan 20

Man, that ground is red.
Fry sauce.
Dial-up is slow.
It is bad to put cellular phones into washing machines.
I gave my copy of The Jefferson Bible to Leah’s parents.
I like dried papaya.
Many movies and TV shows have been shot in Kanab.
Driving through the area where the polygamists live is eerie.
Leah with her brothers and sisters: wonderful.
When going to LDS country, bring a white long-sleeve shirt with a collar.
And maybe a tie.
And perhaps a coat.
Sconecutters in St. George was pretty good.
It’s fun to joke about getting married in Vegas.
There ain’t nuthin’ in Baker, California. Though the bathrooms were clean and the gas was the cheapest in town.
The truck held up great — Thanks mom and dad!
The new regime begins today!
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